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Americans own tons of gold jewelry. Maybe you are one of these guys and probably you have already made plans to sell gold jewelry. Yes? Great!! is one of the best places to sell gold jewelry online. We offer you a very straight, convenient, and safe way to sell your items with us. We serve you with an experienced team of appraisers, patience and the highest purchase prices. Plus, you deal with very politely guys honoring that you offer your assets to us. We love gold jewelry and we appreciate that you probably sell your gold jewelry with us. Furthermore one of the most important benefits of dealing with us is our ability to deal with all kind of gold jewelry. We are able and willing to calculate outstanding prices for estate gold jewelry, rare gold jewelry, antique gold jewelry, designer gold jewelry, or scrap gold jewelry. You just have to go through 3 simple steps to sell with us. Get started NOW to initiate the selling process and to make that cash in less than 48 hours. Supposedly you won’t find a better way to sell gold jewelry in the US than with reDollar.

Photo Selling Information and Value
 18 karat multi color chain

 Heavy multi color chain, 18 karat gold, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, 72.5 pennyweights

Sell it for $3,066.78

scrap gold jewelry

You can sell scrap gold like this 18 karat yellow gold lot weighing 44 pennyweights

Sell it for $1,861.34

 Omega watch bracelet, 18 karat gold

 Sell gold watches like this Omega lady’s watch bracelet, 1950s created, 18 karat yellow gold, 55.5 pennyweights

Sell it for $2,347.76

 massive 18 karat gold bracelet

 Sell vintage bracelets like this extremely massive 18 karat yellow gold bracelet, 126 pennyweights

Sell it for $5,330.21

 18k yellow gold Choker Necklace

Sell estate jewelry like this 18 karat yellow gold chain link Choker Necklace, 95.3 pennyweights

Sell it for $4,031.46

 antique gemstone jewelry

 Sell antique jewelry like this 18k gemstone necklace, set with emeralds, pearls, topaz and small diamonds

Sell it for up to $2,000

With us you can sell all types of gold jewelry:

  • Gold jewelry made of 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K and 24K gold
  • Platinum or palladium jewelry
  • Designer Jewelry, branded jewelry, unbranded jewelry
  • Vintage jewelry, antique jewelry, rare jewelry, estate jewelry
  • Broken, scrap, or damaged gold jewelry
  • Sell new and used gold jewelry
  • Sell bracelets, rings, wedding bands, engagement rings, brooches, necklaces, chains, bangles, cufflinks, watches, pins, and all other pieces of jewelry

You can sell designer jewelry of all brands:

David Yurman, Cartier, Tiffany, Chanel, David Webb, Chopard, Versace, Van Cleef & Arpels, Gucci, Winston, Boucheron, Verdura, Buccellati, Bulgari, Hermes, and many more. Sell jewelry of all brand with us!

You can find specific information to special designer jewelry:

Sell Tiffany Jewelry
Sell Cartier Jewelry
Sell Pandora Jewelry

Tons of tucked away gold jewelry is ready to cash out

Jewelry experts estimated that an average household in the US owns at least 8 pieces of gold jewelry. Currently, we have about 123 million households in the US what means that we speak about almost a billion pieces of gold jewelry in circulation. Furthermore you should consider that solely marriages bring 2.5 million wedding rings and 2.5 engagement rings on the market, every year. Tens of thousands of people marry, get divorced, die or inherit jewelry, every day. The gold jewelry market is incredibly huge! We guess that about one million people plan to sell gold jewelry equaling 24 tons of gold, every month. But do you know what’s really sad? The majority of those people don’t get paid proper! They may end up at a neighborhood jewelry buyer offering far too little money. We see it as our mission to inform customers about the risks of selling gold jewelry for a bargain and due to our company philosophy we offer the highest payout amounts if you decide to sell with us.

This is one of our experts for gold jewelry, Maria Tait: We offer all consumers a free consultation with our experts. Very often, that’s very helpful for future sellers because it’s a casual chat about the jewelry they own. We advise you with all our experience and we always stay objective.

Questions, Maria Tait answered in the past:

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Joshua from Naperville asked: How much is a gold necklace worth?

Why do many buyers offer little money for gold jewelry?

reDollar experts check gold jewelry like rings and banglesFraudulent purchase offers or far too low quotes are sadly very common. Tricky buyers hook ignorant consumers with advertising-lures like “NOBODY PAYS MORE” or “WE GUARANTEE THE BEST PRICE” or “GET AN IPOD IF YOU SELL TODAY”. If you don’t have any experience with gold jewelry, you are probably tempted to believe this promises. But the reality of proper prices is truly different. We have heard about people selling diamond gold jewelry for the material value to dubious buyers. There are just two ways to avoid getting ripped-off: gain knowledge and learn to calculate the value of gold jewelry by your own or find a reliable buyer who is willing to pay you really high prices. combines both ways of selling because first, we offer top-dollar prices to all folks – even to unknowing consumers and second because we offer transparent prices. You find a gold calculator, a diamond calculator and various price lists of designer jewelry and antique gold jewelry we have bought once. But transparence is just one factor that you should consider when you plan to sell gold jewelry. Having experience, practice and the ability to deal with all types of gold jewelry is equally important for a prospective buyer. You may know that we also buy gold jewelry from dealers. One day a dealer offered a couple of gold rings to us. One of these rings had a big stone mounted. The dealer thought it was a zirconia and therefore he thought the stone must be almost worthless. But this guy erred. It was just a quick look for one of our experts to determine that the alleged zirconia was a diamond – a huge diamond reflecting almost 3 carats. This dealer bought the precious stone as a zirconia and the original seller got paid not more than $200 or $300 for a ring worth tens of thousands of dollars. Well, that’s one of the worst experience-examples we can share with you but anyway it’s an alarming story. Better decide to sell your gold jewelry with – one of the best places for scrap jewelry as well as for most valuable jewelry in the entire of the US. Start Now to sell your assets for a proper price and without any hassle.

Scrap gold jewelry versus very valuable gold jewelry

As we have mentioned initially, there is a huge difference between the value of damaged or broken gold jewelry and very value gold jewelry made from a special designer or a famous brand. Also rare, antique or vintage jewelry is almost always more valuable than machine made pieces. Handcrafted or unique pieces in nice shape are sought after from collectors and can sell for higher prices than ordinary pieces. Crux of the matter is knowing market, the collectors and the trading prices. knows the market and of course the pieces we buy. Our experts have the skills to distinguish between treasure and trash. We’ll find the unique piece in your lot reflecting a high value. We always calculate the best prices. With us, scrap gold sells for almost the spot price. Take a look on our gold calculator for an amazing experience. Plus, there are no hidden deductions in the fine print! You get the amount that you’ve calculated. That’s our promise to our clients.

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