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Get Cash for your silver items

Tons of silver items are circulating in the US. Silver items like jewelry, pocket watches, silverware, cutlery, coins, bars, flatware, trays or candelabras. Most of this silver items are out of fashion or even junk but perfect to cash out. is one of the best places in the US to get cash for silver assets like this. First, let´s talk about the value. Silver is not as valuable as gold but also not worthless. Silver is valued by the weight of its silver content and a lot of silver pieces are very heavy. Especially silver items like trays, flatware or candelabras are very heavy and therefore also very valuable. Hurry and get cash for your silver items by starting right now.

How much money can you expect?

As the prices of silver has risen, more and more dealers for selling scrap silver have become available. In your neighborhood a jeweler, a pawn shop or a second hand dealer may offer cash for silver. The downside with dealing with local jewelers or pawnshops is that they will probably offer a bad quote for your silver. Comparing prices makes sense. But don´t waste to much time for traveling around looking for a reliable dealer. Hurry and get cash for your silver by starting now.

.999 silver, 1 pound = $230.99
.925 sterling silver, 1 pound = $191.37
.999 silver, 1 ounce = $15.84
.925 sterling silver, 1 ounce = $13.12

We also accept silver jewelry

Most of the common silver jewelry is scrap silver we are melting down but we sort out fine silver jewelry for you. For luxury silver jewelry you get paid more than the scrap silver price. We are examining all pieces you send to our labs very scrupulous. And our experts never fail. is the best way to get cash for silver.