Online Diamond Calculator

Use our online diamond calculator for a quick and easy value check. Simply use your GIA report number to receive an instant quote. is known to provide extremely high purchase prices for diamonds. You can either consign or sell depending on your personal preference.

Diamond Weight

The diamond calculator will directly import the carat weight of your stone. It really makes a difference if your stone weighs 0.99 carat or 1.0 carat.

Diamond Proportions

The diamond calculator will take your stones proportions into consideration. The GIA report contains the profile to actual proportions what is very important.

Clarity Characteristics

The diamond calculator is a smart tool. It’s critical if inclusions are sitting right on top of your stone or on the side.


Most retail customers haven’t heard about a diamonds fluorescence, strong fluorescence can significantly reduce your stones value while no fluorescence will increase the value.

Diamond Calculator – The Color

You can calculate any diamond color: D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N al the way down to Z. Our diamond calculator will import the color from your GIA report. It’s easy like 1-2-3.

Diamond Calculator – The Clarity

Besides the color, the clarity is extremely important when it comes to calculate your quote. Our diamond calculator will automatically import your stone’s clarity information while your quote is being prepared.

Diamond Calculator – The Cut

Often underestimated but extremely important is the cut. There is a big price difference between a poor cut and an excellent cut. Our calculator will directly import the applicable cut information for you. The proportions are determined for the brilliancy and the fire of your diamond and besides color and clarity another very important value factor.

Diamond Calculator & The Shape

The shape of your stone is another critical part when it comes to take your offer together. Our diamond calculator is a very smart tool being able to take current market situations into consideration. While princess cuts are momentarily not in demand, they could be highly desired in a year. Our diamond calculator will always provide an up-to-date offer.

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