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Frequently Asked Questions/ Selling Terms & Conditions

reDollar is a FinTech company that has millions of dollars ready to buy your assets. We are revolutionizing an industry with a bad and dusty image to provide YOU the best and most consumer-friendly deals. We are honest, transparent, reliable and trustworthy.


Effective Immediately and Until Further Notice (11/1/2020)

(11/1/2020) Due to extreme market volatility, our prices are only guaranteed for changes up to 5% . If prices (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium) change by more than 5%, a recalculation will be done. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium experienced their worst price fluctuation in history as pandemic panic grips global financial markets. Please understand that we CANNOT give a price guarantee without limitations.

How it works to Sell

2 Easy Ways to Sell Online

1) Order a Free Shipping Kit

Order a free shipping kit that we will mail to your home or office. The shipping kit contains everything you need to send in your assets safely and fully insured.

2) Receive a Free Shipping Label

We email you a free shipping label with full insurance coverage that allows you to get started immediately without any delays. Print our shipping label, pack your assets and start shipping instantly.

Step 2 – Ship your Assets

Mail-in your assets. Using a reDollar shipping label ensures both, a very fast shipping process, and full insurance coverage.

Step 3 – Agree to our Offer

Usually, your assets arrive within two business days and will be evaluated on the day of arrival. Exceptions apply for weekends and federal holidays.

Step 4 – Get Paid the same Day

We send you our offer into your email inbox and if you agree to get paid, we process the payment within 1 hour.


Payment methods:

  • check
  • cashier’s check
  • PayPal
  • direct deposit
  • money order
  • wire transfer

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
Terms and Conditions

By pursuing and conducting business with reDollar.com or otherwise engaging in a selling transaction with reDollar.com, you accept these terms and conditions. Your agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions shall inure to the benefit of reDollar LLC, its successors, and assigns.

I have never sold to reDollar before. How can I be sure that reDollar is a trustworthy and reputable company?

Since the very beginning of the establishment of the brand reDollar.com, it has been our aim to provide our customers with the most transparent and attractive services in our industry. We have set our goal to become America’s number-one gold buyer on the internet. We can only achieve our aim if we are 110% honest, transparent, accurate, and beneficial. Our slogan “transparent & beneficial like a bank” is not just an empty advertising slogan; it’s our figurehead. We aim to provide new, innovative ways to sell gold, jewelry, gemstones, and other luxury items by providing education, guidance and expertise to perfect your selling experience on the internet.

Do you have local stores where I can make a personal appointment?

reDollar is an online-only service provider. Unfortunately, we don’t have any local stores at the moment. With us, you sell online by mailing-in your assets.

Why should I choose reDollar? What separates you from other competitors?

The advantages of choosing reDollar are definitely our high payout prices, our transparency, our flexibility, and our speed. We pay our private customers up to 95% for gold, which is very rare in our industry. The great majority of gold buyers only pay 40-60%. Because we work with highly skilled experts in different fields and can rely on a wide pool of collectors all over the world, we can offer our private and commercial customers peak prices for their valuables. We don’t keep our offers a secret. Transparency is the utmost importance to us. Our customers get in-depth analysis and appraisal reports that leave no questions unanswered. Our flexibility to respond individually to the demands and wishes of our customers distinguishes us. We work 7 days a week, almost 24 hours a day, to serve the needs and desires of our customers. Selling with us, means selling fast. We don’t want to waste our customers’ precious time. From our very fast shipping solutions to instant payment made the day your package arrives, our speed is our strength.

How do I know I can trust reDollar?

You can put your full trust in us! When we receive your mailing or when we return items, we will carefully open and close your package under a video camera. This process is not just for your own security, but it’s also an essential security measure for us. Transparency is our most important figurehead. Upon request, we will gladly share our video recordings with you. We know an online transaction requires much more trust and confidence than if you were to visit a local store with your valuables. We work hard to do everything in our power so you feel comfortable, and involved in our processes.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free of charge for our customers. We provide free shipping for all orders, whether you ship with UPS, FedEx, or USPS.

Do your shipping labels come with insurance?

Yes, of course! Before we provide you a shipping label by post or email, we confirm the approximate value of the items you are going to ship. Based on your given information, we insure your shipping label. That way, your package is fully covered, safe, and ready for transport.

How much does it cost if you return my package?

This service is free for you. We pay the costs for your insured return shipment. That’s what we mean by excellent customer service.

How long does it take to get my return?

We send back your items at latest on the next business day. The average shipping time for returns is three business days.

How long does the shipping to your laboratories take?

It depends on the location and the circumstances. We offer very fast shipping solutions like overnight, next day, or second day air, but the average shipping time is two business days.

Do you offer packing materials?

Yes, if you order a free shipping kit we include solid packing materials as well as sorting bags for a convenient and safe transport of your precious items.

Can I track my orders and returns?

Yes, of course! When we mail out a shipping kit, we will give you the tracking information so that you know when your package will arrive. The same applies to returns. We share the tracking information with you so that you can stay up to date on the status of your shipment.

International Shipments

reDollar completely refuses to bear any shipping expenses for international shipments, no matter if a purchase can be completed or not. reDollar also completely refuses to bear any expenses resulting from the import of high-value goods to the United States of America such as import fees, broker fees, or other expenses that occur in the course of the import of high-value goods to the United States of America. Customers/sellers are required to reimburse reDollar in full for the shipping costs incurred before merchandise will be returned from the United States back to the country from which the merchandise was imported. reDollar can prove costs incurred at any time and upon request. Mailed-in merchandise from international customers will be held as collateral to cover any type of shipping expenses. If the seller/customer fails to reimburse reDollar for occurred shipping expenses, the held merchandise may be sold after 30 business days to pay for these costs. reDollar accepts only wire transfers as a valid method of payment for shipping expenses. No exceptions will be made.

How do I get my payment?

We can offer you payment by PayPal, check, direct deposit, Zelle, wire transfer, cashier’s check or money order. We have the right payment solution for everyone. For more information regarding our payment options, please visit our website under “Get Paid”.

When will I receive my payment? 

As soon as we have your written or mutual agreement, we make an instant payment on the same day without delay. Exceptions apply for weekends and federal holidays. When your package arrives on a Saturday, we can process your payment the following Monday.

Are there any fees for getting paid?

No, there are no fees on our part. Payments in the form of  check, cashier’s check, direct deposit, Zelle, and money order are free. If you decide to receive payment via PayPal, please be aware that PayPal will deduct fees for their service, but these fees are not charged by reDollar. In certain cases, a fee may be required for wire transfers. More information can be found on our website under “Get Paid”.

Are my bank details safe?

Of course! With reDollar, your bank details are very safe. Under no circumstances will we ever share your personal information with any third party. We have an internal compliance department and work together with a data protection officer who takes great care of our customers’ sensitive data. Data protection is something we highly value and take very, very, seriously.

What are the payment methods for international customers?

We can offer our international clients payment by PayPal and wire transfer.

If I change my mind, do I get my items back?

Of course! If you choose to reclaim your items, we will return them carefully packed and insured at latest on the next business day.

Reclaim items we cannot buy/accept

Please understand that we cannot store unclaimed items, reflecting little or no value, for longer than three business days. If you do not claim these items back within three business days, we will dispose of, recycle or donate these items. It goes without saying that we store items with a significant value for as long as necessary. We would never dispose of or donate valuable items unless you reclaim them immediately. With thousands of incoming items, we would need a warehouse facility to store worthless items that would never be reclaimed.

How much does it cost if you return my package?

This service is free for you. We pay the costs for your insured return shipment. That’s what we mean by excellent customer service.

When will I receive my return?

We return your items at latest on the next business day. The usual shipping time is three business days.

Can I track my return?

Yes, of course! When we mail out your return, we share the tracking information with you so that you are always informed about the latest status of your return shipment.

Is my return insured?

Yes, of course! We also insure return shipments when it is necessary.

What are the fees for the return?

We return your items for free; reDollar pays for the shipping and insurance. This is our way of saying “thank you” for your trust. We reserve the right to request reimbursement of shipping and insurance costs if a customer uses our services despite having been notified in advance of our policy stating that we cannot accept specific items. If the customer ships such items fully knowing that we cannot or might not be able to accept those items, we are forced to ask for the reimbursement of shipping expenses that our company paid due to this circumstance.

When you appraise my items, will I get charged for this service?

No, absolutely not! Our appraisal services are always free for you.

If you would like to get an in-depth written appraisal report from an independent and accredited jewelry appraiser, we can arrange for you such a service. In this case, you can request a fair market value appraisal or an insurance replacement value appraisal. For more information regarding this service, please contact us at jewelryappraisal@redollar.com.

Melt request for determining fine metal content

We may request permission to melt your items. We do this only when the value of an item is defined exclusively by its material value (scrap jewelry, dental gold, etc.). We prefer to perform a melt test in order to get the most accurate test result possible. We will NEVER EVER melt fine jewelry, as we pay high premiums for high-end items.

If we sent a melt request and if we included a guaranteed minimum amount to be paid, the customer understands and accepts that (1) those items cannot be returned and (2) the sale is final and the customer agrees to get paid an amount equal to or greater than the guaranteed minimum amount.

Do you also accept international clients?

Yes, of course! International clients are more than welcome at reDollar. We are very proud to say that since we began operating, we have worked with clients from all over the world.

Free insurance

With reDollar your shipment is insured, from the moment you mail-in your package until it arrives in our laboratory.

Free shipping

At reDollar we offer free, secure shipping on all orders within the US. For foreign customers we offer reimbursements for incurred shipping costs.

Free returns

Our commitment to our valued customers does not end when we have sealed the deal. Returns with included insurance are cost-free. We reserve the right to request reimbursement of shipping and insurance costs if a customer uses our services despite having been notified in advance of our policy stating that we cannot accept specific items. If the customer ships such items fully knowing that we cannot or might not be able to accept those items, we are forced to ask for the reimbursement of shipping expenses that our company paid due to this circumstance.

Free return of dismounted precious stones and pearls

When we buy fine gemstone jewelry we pay high premiums for the gemstones. If we cannot pay a premium for the gemstones because the quality and/or the carat weight is too insignificant for us we would dismount the gemstones if mounting and quality of the stone/s allows and return them for free. We would always ask in advance for your permission before we would dismount any gemstones or pearls.

Free appraisal service

All appraisal services connected to a potential sale or pawn order are cost-free, whether we appraise huge collections of fine jewelry, gemstones, diamonds, luxury watches, or a tiny gold ring. The volume and quantity does not affect this free service offer.

Assets we Accept

We are happy to accept
Luxury jewelryDiamond jewelry, gemstone jewelry, designer jewelry, pearl jewelry, antique jewelry.
JewelryAny jewelry made of gold, silver, platinum and palladium.
Scrap GoldScrap gold, dental gold, mismatched gold, unwanted gold, old-fashioned gold, melted gold, gold granules, wire gold, gold sheets.
Precious MetalsAny kind, sort and quantities of gold, silver, platinum and palladium.
Coins & BullionCoins, ingots, bars and bullion from all over the world. We also buy numismatic coins.
Decorative SilverFlatware, cutlery, coffee or tea sets, candelabras, bowls, trays, plates, wine coolers, vases, frames and any kind of decorative silver.
Scrap SilverScrap silver, melted silver, damaged silver and silver granules.
GemstonesMounted in jewelry or loose gemstones: ruby, sapphire, emerald, tourmaline, aquamarine, topaz, tanzanite, opal, alexandrite, tsavorite, kunzite, garnet, demantoid, hessonite, peridot, zircon.
DiamondsDiamond jewelry, loose diamonds, investment diamonds, rough diamonds.
Luxury WatchesRolex, A. Lange & Sohne, Audemars Piguet, Bell & Ross, Blancpain, Breitling, Cartier, Chopard, Chronoswiss, Franck Muller, Girard Perregaux, Glashutte, Hublot, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Longines, Maurice Lacroix, Omega, Panerai, Patek Philippe, Tag Heuer.
AntiquesAny kind of antiques valued $50 to $50,000.
Collectibels & ArtAny kind of collectibles and art valued $50 to $50,000.
Leather GoodsLuxury Leather goods such as Handbags and Purses

Sell with us

You can SELL your assets with reDollar.

Someone who plans to sell assets needs a reliable partner to get the results they desire. Expert knowledge, reliability, honesty and financial power are just a few qualities your trusted buyer needs to have.

reDollar is able to provide you with these essential attributes to deliver a fast, smooth and most importantly a fair transaction. We guarantee to offer the highest prices and a transparent selling or pawning process. After finalizing the agreement, you’ll know you haven’t left any money on the table.

Our highly skilled team of experts will provide you with an in-depth value report. It will show and explain every detail of how we have calculated and determined our purchase or pawning offer for you.

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