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Our Answer Center was created for consumers to better understand the jewelry, gemstone, and watch trading industry. We provide you a collection of frequently asked questions and very helpful answers. All articles were written by our highly-qualified experts to ensure accurate and informative answers that are filled with insider information. Our Answer Center is a great source for our customers to learn as much as they could possibly want about our business. One of our most important priorities and promises to our customers is to be transparent in all that we do, and our Answer Center will help you to fully understand and comprehend our processes from the inside out. All people thinking about selling or pawning their assets, should consider that many dealers often offer too little money for your beloved goods. It’s our mission to put an end of getting ripped-off by pawn shops and similar businesses – we believe that you should receive a decent amount of money based on what your assets are truly worth. Click through the topics you are interested in and if you have additional questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our in-house appraisers.

Gold Knowledge

Fine jewelry, scrap jewelry, dental gold and more. Are those terms confusing you? Find out what you have and how much it’s worth.

Jewelry Knowledge

Learn about fine jewelry, designer jewelry, diamond jewelry and more. We provide tremendous knowledge helping you understand better what you may want to sell.

Diamond Knowledge

Some people know about the 4Cs and the basics of diamond grading and evaluation but we also want that laymen understand how pricing works.

Silver Knowledge

Silver jewelry, flatware, decorative items, coins and more. All this items are very different and thus more or less complex to be evaluated.

Watch Knowledge

From wristwatches over pocket watches to table clocks, we know them all. Brows trough our archive to learn more about the watch you plan on selling.

Coin Knowledge

Find information about gold coins, silver coins, platinum coins, and palladium coins. We provide expert knowledge from bullion coins to ancient coins.

Silverware Knowledge

From Wallace Silversmith over Gorham to International Silver and other silverware makers: find out background information and prices.

Gold Coin Knowledge

Browse bullion gold coins, rare gold coins, the gold coin price guide and historic expert knowledge.

Silver Coin Knowledge

Silver coins can be priced based on their material value but also based on scarcity and other factors. Browse trough our silver coin knowledge database.

Tiffany & Co. Knowledge

Tiffany made much more than just jewelry. Explore the world of Tiffany & Co: jewelry, accessories, silverware, watches, decorative items and much more.

Gold Bullion Knowledge

Gold bullion is exciting, fascinating, desired all over the world, AND extremely valuable. Brows knowledge and prices.

Cash For Gold Knowledge

Cash For Gold signs can be found everywhere. Find out how you can find a reliable buyer and how much money you can expect to get paid for your gold.

Dental Gold Knowledge

Dental gold and other dental materials are often underestimated. Browse our dental gold related expert information to better understand your materials.

Designer Jewelry Knowledge

It’s not always Harry Winston, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels but many people own pieces made by Tiffany & Co, David Yurman or Gucci.

Gemstone Knowledge

What makes rubies, sapphires, emeralds or other colored stones valuable and desired? How can you sell gemstones or gemstone jewelry and what’s most important to know?

Platinum Knowledge

Platinum – the king of all metals?! Platinum, associated with terms like fine jewelry, diamond jewelry, rare jewelry and other glamorous terminology.

Palladium Knowledge

Palladium is mostly an industry metal BUT was also used for jewelry, coins, bars, and dentures. Find out more about your palladium made items.

Refinery Knowledge

What is the melt down value of gold? How is jewelry melted and why is the melt-value of precious metals so important?

Art & Antiques Knowledge

We are also dealing with art and antiques. Search our expert articles for items you may own and find out more.

Pawn Loan Knowledge

A pawn loan is an asset secured loan. You can use anything from a certain value to secure a pawn loan. Learn more about using valuables to secure a loan.

Fine Jewelry Knowledge

Knowledge about fine jewelry can be priceless. If you have plans to sell or price fine jewelry, reading our expert articles may be very helpful.

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