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redollar experts checking fine jewelry from CartierHigh jewelry such as wonderful pieces from Cartier need to be sold to a reliable buyer who knows and esteems the value of this unique and royal jewelry. Sell your Cartier Royal, Cartier Antique or Cartier classics gorgeous jewelry pieces to We are able to appraise the current value of your Cartier jewelry because we work together with notable experts in the field of luxury fine jewelry who have a long lasting experience and consolidated knowledge. Selling Cartier jewelry online is very safe because for delicate shipments as for luxury Cartier jewelry, we offer special shipping methods which guarantee a full coverage. Sell your Cartier jewelry with and benefit from our high standards and our best prices. Your unique Cartier jewelry is it worth.


Cartier diamond and coral ring Cartier diamond and coral ring, .950 platinum. Total diamond weight almost 4 ct. Sells for up to $25,000.
Cartier Panthère diamond and onyx earclips Cartier Panthère diamond and onyx earclips, 18K gold. Sells for up to $3,000.
Cartier diamond necklace Cartier diaomond necklace, 18K gold. Total diamond weight almost 3.5 ct. Sells for up to $4,500.
Cartier 18K gold bangle Cartier bangle in 18K gold. Sells for up to $3,000.
Cartier Ellipse ring with beautiful garnet Cartier Ellipse ring with beautiful garnet, 18K gold. Sells for up to $750.
Cartier diamond ring Cartier 5 ct. diamond ring, 18K white gold. Sells for up to $5,000.
Cartier diamond solitaire ring Cartier diamond solitaire ring, .950 platinum. Diamond weight 1.25 ct. Sells for up to $4,000.
Cartier diamond and sapphire ear clips Cartier Panthère diamond and sapphire ear clips. Sells for up to $20,000.
Cartier Panthère writing set Cartier Panthère writing set, gold-plated with onyx. Sells for up to $300.
Cartier silver serving bowls Cartier set of silver serving bowls, .925 Sterling silver. Sells for up to $1,000.
Cartier silver lidded box partly gold plated Cartier silver lidded box, partly gold-plated. Sells for up to $400.
Cartier diamond and sapphire clip Cartier clip with diamonds and purple sapphire, 18K gold and .950 platinum. Sells for up to $3,000.

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redollar experts discussing Cartier love gold buys any kind of Cartier jewelry online. The spectrum of the Cartier collections is huge. If you have pieces named Panthère de Cartier, Love Cartier, Trinity the Cartier, Amulette de Cartier, Juste un clou, Paris nouvelle vague, Diamants légers de Cartier, Carresse d`Orchidées par Cartier, C de Cartier, Entrelacés, Cartier fauna and flora, Evasions Joaillières, Juste un clou, Cactus de Cartier, Ecrou de Cartier, Diamants légers, Cartie Fauna and Flora, Galanterie de Cartier, Agrafe, Trinity Ruban, Caresse D’Orchidées par Cartier, Cartier classic diamonds, Cartier Tank, Cartier links and chains, Cartier hearts and symbols, Cartier pearl jewelry, Cartier colorful jewelry, Cartier jewelry for children and charms de Cartier then we are our first address to sell your luxury fine jewelry from Cartier. Get started now or order your free kit and sell your Cartier jewelry to Selling your jewelry to us is that easy, safe and simple. Just wrap your classy Cartier jewelry which you would like to sell us very well. Choose a convenient time and date for a fully insured pick up at your home or office and lean back. The entire sales process is finished in approximately 48 hours. As soon as we have received your shipping, our highly qualified appraisers will check your Cartier jewelry to make you a top price offer. When you agree, the payout will be made with immediate effect. You can choose between a check, money order, PayPal and a direct deposit to your bank account. Selling finest luxury jewelry from Cartier to top conditions has never been so easy and transparent before than with

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Sell Cartier jewelry – Why – Your Securities

redollar selling form with Cartier jewelry tutty fruttyWe can offer you safe and secure shipping solutions. If you plan to sell Cartier jewelry with us, we offer you insured shipping solutions in cooperation with UPS Parcel Pro, the high-value shipping division renowned auction houses, diamond dealers and high end fine jewelry brands are using for their daily business. We can insure your Cartier jewelry – mailings up to $150,000.00 each package. Not seldom customers fear to mail-in their precious items but we can assure you that highly secured and insured shipping solutions make it possible that your jewelry arrives in our office safely. When we receive your mailing or when we return valuable items, we will carefully open and close your package under a video camera. This process does not only secure you as customer, it’s also an essential security measure for us. Transparency is our most important figurehead. On request we can gladly share the video recordings with you. Our flexible and instant payment options round out our great offerings. PayPal, check, money order, direct deposit, wire transfer or Zelle, we have payment solutions for everyone.

Is the online selling process of Cartier jewelry safe?

redollar experts checking cartier fine jewelryThe entire selling process is very safe. First, the personal data we collect from you will never be shared with any third parties. Once you have made your decision to sell your Cartier jewelry with us, we work out a suitable shipping method that is optimal for the selling volume and amount you plan to sell. That way we can find the best possible insurance option that fully covers your valuables and that protects us against any unforeseen circumstances. After you have safely shipped your Cartier jewelry to us, our team of experts will open your parcel under a video camera. This process is especially important to us and our clients because it proves that no party has anything added or removed from the original parcel you have sent to us. We accurately document the content, the weight and the condition of the shipping materials on damages or similar before we start our appraisal procedure. Of course we send you this video per email when we confirm the receipt of your Cartier jewelry. That way you are always well informed about the status of your selling transaction. Transparency and honesty are the main principles we follow in our delicate business. Until we have your final agreement to our purchase offer that we submit to you in form of a detailed appraisal and laboratory report, we store your jewelry safe and secure in a safe deposit box.

Brief historical retrospective: Cartier’s Nawangar Ruby Diamond necklace

Cartier Collier with rubies and diamonds NawangarIn 1966 this breathtaking necklace of Cartier was the jewel Gloria Guiness has worn when she was dancing at the “Black & White Ball” in New York’s Plaza Hotel with Truman Capote, the famous American novelist, screenwriter and actor. This fabulous and lavish celebrity masquerade ball is viewed to this day as THE party of the 20th century. Originally this amazing collier was a custom-made design for the Maharaja of Nawangar. In 1937 Cartier bought back the necklace of 118 rubies with a carat weight of 209, and 709 diamonds with a carat weight of 81. The reason why Cartier bought back this one-of-a-kind piece was that the necklace should become more wearable for a woman. Today the Nawangar Ruby diamond necklace is one of the most spectacular pieces of the famous Al Thani collection of Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Abdullah Al Thani. The house of Thani is the ruling family of Quatar and belongs to the most influential jewelry collectors of our age.

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