Online jewelry buyers – what makes them reliable?

You can find jewelry buyers everywhere. In big cities, in small towns and also in the countryside. A jewelry buyer can be a jeweler but also a pawn broker or a gold buyer. They all want to make as much money as they can. It’s because of expenses for leasing, employees, advertising and countless other expenses. It’s necessary for them to make a lot of profit to survive. But we think that you are not responsible for their expenses. You should get paid a proper price if you plan to sell jewelry or other valuable items. We tell you how to find a reliable jewelry buyer and what you can do, to avoid getting ripped off.

A reliable jewelry buyer is able to publish purchase prices

We guess that about 90% of circulating jewelry is not ready for a resale. This jewelry has to undergo a melting process because of damages or an old-fashioned style. The demand for vintage jewelry dropped within the last years because of modern brands like Pandora or Tiffany and also because of risen gold and silver prices. This jewelry can be sold by weight depending on the alloy. Every gold dealer knows how to calculate a purchase price for a specific alloy. But most don’t want to because customers would find out how much money they make. We know that at least 50% of all jewelry buyers would not offer more than $100 for a ring worth $200. We think that this is an unacceptable margin. You should expect at least $170 for a ring worth $200. Please don’t think about the condition of your items because you should get the $170 for an unbroken ring as well as for a damaged ring. Each kind of jewelry, that has to undergo a melting process, has the same price. Don’t accept any arguments and don’t sell to jewelry buyers telling you something different.

If you are used to alloys and the weight of gold, we highly recommend to use our gold calculator, because you can find out how much your jewelry is worth before you finally sell it. Knowledge is always the best weapon against unreliable practices. You can avoid, getting ripped off just by knowing how much gold is worth.

Sell fine jewelry to jewelry buyers

The topic is a lot more complex if we speak about selling fine jewelry. But it’s not only more complex, there are also more ways to lose money if you sell to the wrong jewelry buyers. It’s a lot more complex to determine the value for fine jewelry and therefore dealers have more arguments to persuade you to sell for an offered amount. It happens very often that they try to badmouth your items. Don’t take that seriously. You will be happy to learn, that we also found a way to offer more transparency for selling fine jewelry with us. We provide a value calculator which is able to calculate the value for gold as well as for diamonds. You are able to calculate your payout amount, if you know the gold weight and the gold’s karat as well as the diamonds carat. That’s awesome and extremely unique in the US.

How are we dealing with fine jewelry and why do we offer more than competitors

We are not a small next door jeweler or pawn broker. We are a perfect organized company of the new generation. We really appreciate transparent prices and satisfied customers. We work very hard to provide the best solutions for each American looking for a jewelry buyer. We have a high-tech equipped lab and a network of experts from all over the world. We are able to determine the authenticity and value of nearly every piece of fine jewelry in less than 24 hours. We share all discovered facts and we speak honest about the real value. Then it’s your turn to decide if you like to get paid out or if you like to keep your items. Whatever you decide to do, we appreciate that you have chosen us to ask for an evaluation of your jewelry. If you reclaim your items back, what nearly no customer is doing, you can get sure that we don’t charge you for our efforts.

We are an online jewelry buyer – how does it work?

There is nearly no limit into the amount of jewelry you can sell with us. We are able to handle jewelry worth $100 as well as jewelry in the price range of $100,000. It’s just a different way of shipping. A piece of jewelry in the price range of $100 to $3,000 can be shipped by using USPS, UPS or FedEx. An extremely valuable piece will be shipped using an armored car service, on the other hand. We are also prepared for very special demands.

You’d like to start now?

Thank you, that’s so kind that you like to proceed. We really appreciate your trust in our company. Get started online and share some of your private information with us. Tell us where we can reach you and what you plan to sell. Tell us how much it could be worth so that our customer service provides the right shipping solution for you. Pieces up to a value of $3,000 can be shipped self organized by using a free shipping label or by scheduling a free pick-up. Selling pieces with a value greater than $3,000 have to be shipped by pick up only. It’s a matter of insurance and it’s important to guarantee a safe handling. is the best online jewelry buyer, you made the right decision.

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