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diamond bangleThe diamond – just another rock? To quote the spokesman of the diamond kingdom: “diamonds have a couple of confessions to make. Diamonds aren’t natural beauties and they are not forever.” An opinion that gravely splits the views. The first human beings who picked up diamonds from the ground could never imagine that this collected stones will once become one of the most sought after gemstones in the world. Nowadays, everyone knows that diamonds stand for luxury, glamour and love. Especially diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding bands fulfill our romantic ideas about love and eternal faithfulness. But also loose diamonds or natural diamonds reflect an important value and are traded by thousands every day in the US. The demand for cash-for-diamond places in America is huge. Not only because of approx. 1.2 million divorces every year, bringing back millions of diamond rings to the market – also because diamonds are well accepted as an investment. Trading diamonds is almost as common as trading gold, silver, watches or art. If you also look for cash for diamonds, our company – named – is the perfect place to turn your sparkling stones into cash.

Chemically seen, diamonds are only plain, crystallized carbon. A complex process over thousands of years involving incredible power and temperature creates diamonds – unglamorous looking, natural diamonds. Exclusively cutting-craftsmanship can turn a carbon-rock into a sparkling, valuable diamond. The majority of consumers that buy or sell diamonds, don’t think about the time-consuming processes. The jewelry industry invests their money to attract people to buy diamonds but there is no money left to impart diamond related knowledge. Therefore emotions are not involved when people trade their diamonds. Emotions only play a decisive role when people sell engagement rings or when they sell wedding rings.

But is here to serve you with the best selling solution in all circumstances. Our cash for diamonds program is well-known and due to our diamond calculator very transparent. Well, calculating the value of a diamond isn’t a simple process like calculating the value of gold but our calculator-tool and especially our diamond price list, is very helpful especially when people like to get an idea about the value of the precious stones they own.

Understand your diamonds before you cash out

Understanding the value of your diamonds can protect you from selling-fraud. Meanwhile Americans know that selling a diamond in a hotel room or selling to a temporary mall-buyer can end up in losing much money. What you need is a very experienced diamond buyer with professional abilities. Consumers need all their seven senses to distinguish between reliable and honest cash for diamond dealers and bad guys. Consider that an outstanding designed store doesn’t make this place automatically reliable. You can end up in a perfectly looking store with well-dressed stuff and a busy atmosphere but finally you get offered fraudulent prices for your diamonds while given a charming smile.

Transparency is probably one indicator for reliability. Our company for example offers the possibility to ask for a quote without selling. Tell us what you plan to sell or mail us your diamonds for a free evaluation. The whole process comes without any obligations. Another indicator is the expert you are working with. has more than just one expert working on your diamonds. Besides Mrs. Tamay Rostan, responsible for diamonds and gems, also Mrs. Maria Tait, responsible for jewelry, is working on the diamonds and the diamond jewelry that you provide. Our key to the highest prices is teamwork. More experts involved in an evaluation process make top-dollar payments at the limit possible.

How our experts evaluate: the 4 C’s plus 2 T’s diamond evaluation process

Most dealers, websites or so-called experts represent the 4 C’s evaluation theory for diamonds what means that color, cut, clarity and carat are the 4 most important factors making the value of diamonds. We think that this common theory is very questionable. Our experts work with the 4 C’s and 2 T’s evaluation theory. That means that we also consider the treatment status and transparency besides color, cut, clarity and carat.

  1. Cut-quality: we believe that the cut-quality can affect the value of a diamond up to 60%.
  2. Color: the less color the more value is in your diamond, with exception of fancy-colored diamonds.
  3. Carat weight: the weight accompanied by the optical size and appearance is an important value-factor.
  4. Clarity: many consumers know about the clarity grades – the fewer and less visible the flaws are, the higher is the value of your diamond.
  5. Transparency: diamonds can be more cloudy, milky or translucent than transparent – the higher the transparency of your diamond is, the more valuable is your stone.
  6. Treatment status: many diamonds undergo a treatment to affect their color, clarity or transparency – an untreated diamond is more valuable than one with a treatment done. works with several experts to learn all about your offered diamond. We are anxious to become the best cash for diamond place in the US. We work very hard to achieve this aim and see the highest professionalism as the most important factor for our success.

Asked questions about diamonds: represents an open-house-philosophy. Prospective sellers can ask their questions for free to gain knowledge. is more than just a cash for diamond-company – we are a service point for all questions relating diamonds, gemstones and jewelry.

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Cash for mounted diamonds

nice mounted diamond solitaireYou can sell loose diamonds as well as diamond jewelry with us. We are very happy to help you with diamond rings, diamond necklaces, diamond brooches, diamond earrings, modern diamond jewelry, antique diamond jewelry, rare diamond jewelry or even damaged diamond jewelry. A premium diamond buyer is willing and happy to accept all your diamonds no matter if they are mounted in jewelry or if they are loose or natural. fulfills all requirements of an outstanding cash for diamond place. Get started to offer your diamond today. The whole selling process is self-explaining and easy-peasy. Don’t wait any longer and avoid hassle and bad experiences with local dealers in your neighborhood.

Cash for diamonds using

Just get started online to get cash for your diamonds: fill in the sales form with your basic information and provide a short description of the diamonds you plan to sell with us. is an online diamond and jewelry buying company and because of that, shipping is involved to sell your diamond assets with us. We provide our clients a free shipping with pick up from your home or office, or free shipping with a prepaid shipping label for USPS or FedEx. Relax, your shipping is fully insured. Thanks to the well-known global insurance we work with. Our experts will submit our purchase offer latest on the day after tomorrow. When you agree, you can get paid on the same day. Cash for your diamonds without using your bank account is also an option that we offer you – just agree to our purchase offer and get paid easily by Money Order. You can turn your money order into cash in hand without handling time. Companies like Walgreens, Walmart, Publix or USPS with ten thousands of nationwide branches can turn your money order into cash just within minutes. Cash for your diamonds by using is an absolutely must known opportunity for all people loving to get paid more cash than in many local diamond stores.

We accept almost all diamond weights starting with 0.5 carat

Sell 1 carat diamonds as well as 0.5 carat diamonds or 10 carat diamonds. In case of doubts, please contact our experts. Important note: we accept all shapes. Round diamonds, princess diamonds, radiant diamonds, cushion diamonds, asscher diamonds, emerald diamonds, oval diamonds, pear diamonds, marquise diamonds, drop diamonds, ball diamonds, baguette diamonds, mine diamonds, rose diamonds, square diamonds, trillion diamonds, pear shape diamonds and heart diamonds.

0.4 carat diamonds – 0.5 carat diamonds – 0.6 carat diamonds – 0.7 carat diamonds – 0.8 carat diamonds – 0.9 carat diamonds – 1.0 carat diamonds – 1.1 carat diamonds – 1.2 carat diamonds – 1.3 carat diamonds – 1.4 carat diamonds – 1.5 carat diamonds – 1.6 carat diamonds – 1.7 carat diamonds – 1.8 carat diamonds – 1.9 carat diamonds – 2.0 carat diamonds – 2.1 carat diamonds – 2.2 carat diamonds – 2.3 carat diamonds – 2.4 carat diamonds – 2.5 carat diamonds – 2.6 carat diamonds – 2.7 carat diamonds – 2.8 carat diamonds – 2.9 carat diamonds – 3.0 carat diamonds – 4.0 carat diamonds – 5.0 carat diamonds – 6.0 carat diamonds – 7.0 carat diamonds – 8.0 carat diamonds – 9.0 carat diamonds – 10.0 carat diamonds. Cash for your diamond jewelry.

Plus, we accept all brands of diamond jewelry! There are diamond buyers out there who only accept diamond jewelry from well-known companies like Harry Winston, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Tiffany and Co. for example. is happy to accept diamond jewelry of all brands from all over the world. Furthermore you can also cash your damaged or your broken diamond jewelry. Brands we love are: Tiffany, VCA, Winston, Verdura, Buccellati, Yard, Estate, Mauboussin, David Webb, Boucheron, Seaman Schepps, Cartier, Bulgari and much more.

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