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You guys are looking for a reliable place to sell loose diamonds? Great news: in, you found an awesome and very reliable place for selling loose diamonds. Proceed by using our diamond price list for a quick online evaluation if you know your diamond’s carat weight. Keep in mind that you own something very special – perhaps something extremely valuable. And please keep in mind that there are countless dealers out there awaiting you and your diamonds like vultures, for making much money. Watch out! You could lose a lot of money selling to an unreliable, greedy dealer.

Different loose diamonds

The price calculation and value determination of diamonds is a very complex issue. If you think it is like Mathematics, you are unfortunately wrong. It needs a lot of experience to perform this complicated process accurately. Our in-house experts are in the diamond business since decades and for us this precious people with their great skills and profound knowledge are irreplaceable. We perform the value determination of your loose diamonds at a very high level to offer you the best possible prices for your loose diamonds. We are well connected to New York, Antwerp and Tel Aviv the capitals of the diamond business. It is this valuable network of diamond dealers that makes it possible for us to offer you premium prices when you want to sell your loose diamonds. Use this advantage that speaks for us and sell your loose diamonds with us. We appraise your diamonds for free, make you an offer and pay you instantly via direct deposit, check, wire transfer, PayPal or Money order. Take a look at our diamond price list and find out more about our pricing philosophy. Start now or contact us for more information. Our experts are looking forward to receive your requests.

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“Diamonds are a girl`s best friend.” Who does not know this famous song performed from the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe in the 1953 Broadway production  “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. But it’s true. Diamonds stand for firm and steadfast love, so what is a better gift for a person you love than a sparkling diamond? The myth of diamonds is still vibrant and omnipresent. Also the name diamond derives from the Greek word adamas what means invincible. The diamond is without doubt an invincible gemstone, not only because of its extreme hardness that leads to the fact that the diamond is the mineral with the highest melting point. Also because the diamond has an invincible attraction and appeal to us what makes this stone so unique and fascinating even if a diamond is not as rare as some other colored gemstones like an Alexandrite for example. The oldest diamond findings go back to 4000 BC and were made in India. Back then the people believed that diamonds have magical power why they were used as talisman.

0.5 ct. round brilliant cut diamond

0.5 carat Diamond

Color Grade: E
Clarity Grade: VS2
Cut Grade: Good
Carat weight: 0.5 ct.
Sell for: $500

1.0 ct. round brilliant cut diamond

1.0 carat Diamond

Color Grade: F
Clarity Grade: VVS2
Cut Grade: Very Good
Carat weight: 1.0 ct.
Sell for: $2,675.00

3.0 ct. round brilliant cut diamond

3.0 carat round Diamond

Color Grade: E
Clarity Grade: VVS1
Cut Grade: Excellent
Carat weight: 3.0 ct.
Sell for: $38,100.00

5.0 ct. round brilliant cut diamond

5.0 carat round Diamond

Color Grade: H
Clarity Grade: SI1
Cut Grade: Very Good
Carat weight: 5.0
Sell for: $29,125.00

Loose diamonds are like cash – sell diamonds for top Dollars

reDollar expert is checking diamondsMost of the circulating diamonds are mounted in jewelry. People love buying rings, bracelets, earrings, brooches or even pens lavishly decorated with diamonds. But there are also countless of loose diamonds in circulation: well wrapped in small plastic boxes and coming with an imprinted certification. This diamonds are named investment diamonds and can be found in nearly every wealthy household in the US. Investment diamonds are besides gold, jewelry, old cars, artwork, paintings or real estate one of the most important investment products – even for individuals. And loose diamonds have a double benefit: they can be hold as an investment or they can be used for a very special piece of jewelry, maybe one day. With a loose diamond you are able to change your investment idea into a piece of jewelry for someone you love. But turning an investment diamond into a piece of jewelry is the exception rather than the rule. Most investors like to sell their loose diamonds once they have decided to get out of their investment. Sometimes it’s because of acquiring some cash for financial needs and sometimes it’s just because of a restructure measure of assets.

Be well prepared with some basic knowledge if you plan to sell loose diamonds. We can recommend to you our diamond grading report for beginners. You are in a hurry? Start online right now if you’d like to cash out fast and if you don’t like to get into the world of diamonds. Our appraisers can determine all sorts of stones: loose diamonds, rough diamonds and of course cut diamonds. is a highly recommended place for selling loose diamonds. We would never run a scam, we would never rip you off and we would never charge you fees or costs if you decline our purchase offer. Selling loose diamonds to is the best decision you can make.

Selling loose diamonds of any shape and color

We accept cut diamonds as well as natural diamonds or rough diamonds. We have no preference regarding the shape: Round, Princess, Emerald, Asscher, Marquise, Cushion, Navette, Oval, Radiant, Heart, Baguette, Tapered Baguette, Trillion or even Old Cut and much more cut and shape variants will be accepted from us. Of course we also accept fancy diamonds of any color. Sell loose diamonds in fancy colors like pink diamonds, blue diamonds, canary yellow diamonds, brown diamonds, green diamonds, yellow diamonds, red or even orange diamonds.

How much money can you expect when selling loose diamonds

Here you find a first diamond price overview. Keep in mind that it’s much more constructive to use our in-depth price list or even our diamond calculator for a first evaluation by yourself. It is absolutely necessary to have your stones in our laboratory if you decide to sell your loose diamonds to our company. Selling comes with our famous Top Dollar Guarantee and without any obligation. Shipping to our laboratory is free and fully insured – also into the $100,000 range. UPS Parcel Pro is our preferred shipping carrier for delicate high volume shipments.

We solely buy mined diamonds and no lab created artificial diamonds. We are of the opinion that only a real, mined diamond that is a product of our great nature reflects a significant value and can be named an asset.

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