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reDollar experts identify the jewelry you plan to sellJewelry, what an exciting topic! Jewelry are accessories to prettify human beings and used since life exists. Scientists are sure that even 100,000 years ago humans created jewelry. Very atavistic jewelry made of shells, for example. Over millenniums, humans developed more and more jewelry due to the risen demand. Since thousands of years people trade and sell jewelry for various reasons. What do you think was and is the main target of someone who plans to sell jewelry? You’re right, it was and is a very high selling price. Most likely you also look for a jewelry buyer to sell jewelry for a very proper price. If you do so, you can be very happy that you found our website, We are a company specialized in buying all kind of jewelry: gold jewelry, silver jewelry, platinum jewelry, palladium jewelry, modern jewelry, rare jewelry, broken or damaged jewelry, estate jewelry, designer jewelry, branded jewelry, handcrafted jewelry or very valuable jewelry. We can fulfill your need for an expert who is able to estimate jewelry made for the daily use as well as rare jewelry made for the upper-class. Our employees act solely according to our company philosophy, what means that all jewelry sellers get served with a maximum of attention and knowledge. We don’t distinguish between a consumer selling only one inherited ring and a community of heirs with the intention to sell a rare collection of jewelry. We always say that our clients are kings and we treat them like that. Do us a favor and try to sell jewelry with us. You can sell your jewelry online in less than 48 hours. The selling process is created to be self-explaining without bureaucracy. Get started online and fill in our selling form in less than 3 minutes. That’s it! Surprised?

An alarmed consumer can avoid a rip-off

Knowledge and awareness is always an advantage and should lead you through your daily business. We know that lots of Americans sell jewelry to neighborhood buyers, to local jewelers or with pawn shops. They think that those guys are reliable. But watch out, the majority of dealers buying jewelry is not known for high purchase prices or expert knowledge. If you ask friends and family for their experience with local dealer guys they probably don’t have a high opinion of them. is very different to local competitors because we take care about our reputation. With our company, it’s all about reputation and customer satisfaction. We always hope that the good experiences you made with us become part of a chat with your entourage. Sell jewelry with us and prevent yourself from bad experiences with dubious dealers. Safe your precious time and don’t waste money for valet parking, gas or a neurologist who has to cure you from badmouthing your loved jewelry. There is a better way for you: – the website for trading jewelry without any hassle.

Sell Jewelry made of gold with us

As we have mentioned initially, jewelry is used since thousands of years. As early as 2,900 before Christ, gold was used for coins and decorative accessories like jewelry. From then on, gold jewelry was besides foodstuff one of the most traded goods all over the world. Spanish fleets brought the sought after gold jewelry from the new world to the old world. Celtic, Egyptian or Roman emperors couldn’t own enough gold to show their wealth and power.

reDollar expert evaluates jewelry for customers selling plansNowadays, it’s also all about jewelry. Think about it. When have you got your first jewelry? Right, you have been a baby when you got your first gold necklace with a cross-pendant. Beginning with your birth and trough your whole life until you pass away, jewelry is very important and always present with you. Especially gold jewelry is very popular. Goldsmiths, designers and international brands always create new designs and pieces to attract people. Due to a fast changing taste, lots of jewelry is unwanted. Probably you are one of these guys with plans to sell jewelry? Old-fashioned jewelry, broken jewelry, inherited jewelry, rare jewelry or very valuable pieces are welcomed in our labs. Depending on your item, Maria Tait or Alan Jensen lead our employees through the evaluation process of your assets. If you plan to sell jewelry made of gold with mounted diamonds it’s a good hint for you to know that those valuables can get pre-calculated with our calculation-tools. We can recommend you to take a look at our Diamond Price list to find out more about our diamond prices.

Sell Jewelry made of platinum or palladium with us

Platinum jewelry is besides gold jewelry and silver jewelry the third most important jewelry metal. At the beginning of the 20th century platinum jewelry was very popular. Rings made of platinum with mounted old European cut diamonds were acclaimed. Lots of these rings didn’t get hallmarked and due to these missing markings it happens very often that inexperienced buyers think its silver. But there is a huge difference between the value of a platinum ring and a silver ring. The problem is that gold and silver can be tested easily by using an acid. But acid doesn’t work with platinum. You need to have a so-called “X-ray” testing machine to determine if it’s platinum or silver. The color of platinum and silver rings looks quite similar and therefore it’s essential to use high-tech equipment for the evaluation. uses X-ray machines to test the jewelry you provide for selling. We check every single ring even when you provide a whole lot of inherited silver jewelry. In your lot can be a platinum ring you haven’t expected. And finding a platinum ring pays-off for you:

Approx. 80 sterling silver rings equal the material value of only 1 platinum ring!

You see that it’s extremely important to choose an experienced buyer to sell jewelry for proper prices. You need to trust your selling partner blindly. is always looking for that sleeper in your lot that raise your payout amount significantly. We are always anxious to calculate the best purchase price for you. Sell jewelry with us and trust our ability to distinguish between silver and platinum.

High end platinum jewelry

No doubts, we are also able to deal with very rare platinum jewelry. You can sell Tiffany jewelry as well as jewelry made from other designers and brands. Mounted diamonds up to 10 carats are a daily routine for But we are also familiar with rare jewelry, vintage jewelry and antique jewelry made of platinum. Engravings are more important than many people consider, especially if a very old platinum ring is present. Imagine how much platinum jewelry can be worth if it would belong to a celebrity or to a historical event. trains its experts to reveal hidden information from the past. We work with a network of international experts and we expand our contacts to universities every day. A contact with a professor of history can be very important to make sure if a piece of jewelry belongs to an interesting provenience or not.

Sell jewelry made of palladium with us

Palladium jewelry is not so common in the US but palladium has some very special characteristics perfect for jewelry making. The color of palladium can be called “white” because palladium is more white then silver or grey and palladium never lose its white color. Furthermore palladium is more affordable than gold or platinum but also more valuable than silver. Nevertheless it’s not wide-spread in the US. If you have plans to sell jewelry made of palladium, is, repeated again, the perfect place for your demand.

Sell Jewelry online

Now you ask yourself how it works to sell jewelry online. Well, that’s easy like switching on your TV. It’s a self-explaining process done just in some minutes. Get started online, choose a way of shipping and wait for our offer. Agree to our offer and cash out in less than 48 hours. That’s everything! Amazing, isn’t it? Consider that it’s hassle free to sell jewelry online. You don’t have to visit countless of dealers badmouthing your jewelry. You don’t have to deal with dubious guys and especially: YOU GET THE BEST PRICES!

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