Selling watches to online watch buyers can be a very attractive alternative to local buyers.

You have valuable watches made of gold or silver, or made of any special brand such as Rolex, Breitling, Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Baume & Mercier, Breguet, Corum, Girard-Perregaux, Gruen, Gubelin, Harman, Heuer, Illinois, International watch company, Invictor, Jurgensen, Le Coultre, Longines, J.E. Meylan, Mido, Mimo, Misc. Swiss, Movado, Ulysee Nardin, Omega, Patek Philippe, Piaget, Rapid, Rado, Tavannes, Tiffany, Tissot, Tourneau, Glashutte, Turler, Universal Geneve, Vacheron & Constantin, Van Cleef & Arpels, Wakmann, Wittnauer, Zenith? Congratulations! If you might be in possession of a watch of one of this famous brands, you can expect a lucrative payment amount when you plan you sell your watch. reDollar is your first address to sell watches. We work together with a network of experts and appraisers who have the necessary expertise to determine the value of your watch as best as possible. We can make you an offer that’s conform to the current market value. Sell you watch to us and benefit from our great prices, get started now!

Online watch buyers, we list you the pros and cons:

Selling watches to an online watch buyer can be attractive but only if the buyer of your choice is reliable and keeps his promises.

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Prices, online watch buyers can offer

Many online watch buyers want to attract their clients with promising ads that should suggest that at this buyer you can get the very best prices. Well that could be true, but if not? If not you might have a lot of troubles. Avoid this anger and sell with us. We publish our customer reviews, that way you can look behind the screen and you can find out if we really keep our promises and how our precious clients have rated our services. It’s our aim to offer you the best possible prices so that you recommend us to your friends and families. We don’t want to make the big profit on a few watches only, we have very low margins and we want thousands of satisfied clients.

Expertise, you can expect from an online watch buyer

To buy watches online, you have to have the necessary knowledge and expertise. It’s not the first time that we heard stories about damaged watches or online watch buyers who were not able to identify a rare treasure, because they were simply not trained for that delicate analyzing process. Equal if you plan to sell watches made of precious metals or watches from famous brands, wristwatches, table clocks, pocket watches or any other watch, we buy them all and we are able to! The most important part of a watch is the clockwork, so it needs consolidated expert knowledge and know-how to determine the value of a watch and also to identify a falsification from an original. Unfortunately not all of the online watch buyers out there in the worldwide web have this skills. This leads to a very poor price quotes and false estimations. How you can avoid that? Sell to and get the best analysis and the best quotes, we are the expert, we are YOUR online watch buyer!

Summing up it can be said that selling to an online watch buyer can be a very good way of selling watches, but only if you know an online buyer that you trust. The advantage that online watch buyers have are lower infrastructural costs for running their business. They don’t have to pay high rents in expensive areas. This savings could lead to a higher payout amounts for your watches but this is not guaranteed this is just our interpretation. The advantage of a local watch buyer is that you can negotiate prices face to face, if you prefer that way of selling. But also the speed of selling online is enormous. You don’t have the cash in hands right after the sale that’s clear, but also 24-48 hours later and you have to consider that it’s pay off when you wait 24 hours for your money but having much more money in hands then.

You still have questions to our sales process, please be so kind and get in touch with our service representatives, optionally by email or phone.

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