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Fortunately, you found reDollar – the best place to sell gold jewelry online for really high prices. We are a trendy Fintech Startup company revolutionizing the gold buying industry. We have millions of dollars ready for payout. reDollar Selling Kit for Gold Jewelry

The gold buying industry has a bad reputation and most buyers offer bad purchase prices. reDollar was founded to fight the bad guys and to be the first “no doubts they act like a bank” gold buying company.

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Sell your gold jewelry for highest prices with a high-tech company employing real experts and working from a modern gold laboratory.

Today, we pay for gold jewelry

24K gold Sell for $54.19 per gram Sell for $84.00 per dwt
22K gold Sell for $47.08 per gram Sell for $72.97 per dwt
18K gold Sell for $38.54 per gram Sell for $59.74 per dwt
14K gold Sell for $30.06 per gram Sell for $46.60 per dwt
10K gold Sell for $21.38 per gram Sell for $33.14 per dwt

And we pay even more!

And we pay even more for diamond jewelry, for gemstone jewelry, for designer jewelry, for rare jewelry, fine jewelry or for antique jewelry.

reDollar expert Maria Tait is checking gold jewelry value using loupe

Sell Gold Jewelry – Fine – Luxury – Rare – Antique has the ability to process the finest gold jewelry worth thousands or even ten thousands of dollars. Our company is definitive not a next door gold buying company – NO – we are one of the few places where real experts evaluate your precious pieces working from a high-tech laboratory with equipment worth a fortune.

expert Alan checks gold bracelet value

Sell Gold Jewelry – Scrap – Melted – Damaged runs a scrap gold and precious metal department led from Alan Jensen – our manager for gold, silver, platinum and palladium. We don’t only buy your scrap metals for the highest possible price – we also melt and cast any precious (noble) metals. We serve individuals selling a single piece like a ring or a coin as well as commercial clients selling huge amounts of scrap gold. All customers can expect to get paid the highest possible purchase price.

gold jewelry on US dollars: ring, chain, brooch, bracelet

Introduction for getting ready to sell gold jewelry

The American people own tons of gold jewelry ranging from scrap gold to the finest jewelry pieces you can imagine. There is a huge demand for both, low-quality gold like 10K gold and high-alloyed gold jewelry made of 18K gold, 21.6K gold and even for fine gold jewelry. Browsing Christies or Sotheby’s auction inventories gives an idea about how crazy huge the resale market for pre-owned gold jewelry is. And all social classes are affected from selling gold jewelry. While people from the working class probably look for places to sell gold jewelry made for the daily use, wealthy households get headache about selling breathtaking and gorgeous crafted jewels. Both target groups unit the desire of finding a reliable partner for it. explains you where all the gold on the resale market came from, how and why people make the decision to sell gold jewelry and how the trust into a buyer and also into a jewelry brand was build.

Sources of American Gold & Consumer Behavior

A bit more than the half of all gold (51.5%) in circulation comes from personal acquisitions. These days, buying and selling possibilities are available anytime and everywhere thanks to the internet. 20 years ago, a prospective buyer had to go to town for buying gold jewelry at a special time while these days a buyer is just one click away from buying. The buying and selling behavior of the American people changed thus to the new possibilities on the internet. We found out that more people are selling gold than 20 years ago but, as we believe, not only because of the attractive gold price. The reason is the new option to sell jewelry online – anonymously, day and night – and the possibilities to find out if an item is sell-able for an interesting amount of money. Where does all the gold come from?


American people are inheriting assets like never before. Our forefather benefited from a rising economy over centuries. A tremendous wealth was built and is subject to get inheriting every day.


23.2% of all gold in circulation comes from inheritances. 20, 30 or 40 years ago gold was more affordable than today even considering inflation. Gold from inheritances reflect the biggest group of pre-owned precious metals on resale.


Sharing is caring and giving brings joy. American people are generous and in times of a pulsing economy bucks get spend easily.


25.3% of gold in circulation comes from gifts. Gifts are an important source for the resale market because breakup’s constantly feed the industry for pre-owned jewelry.


The American consumers are well known for their generous spending ethics. In times of cheap money from credit cards or loans shopping is an attractive leisure activity. Besides electronics and fashion, gold jewelry is a desire of American shoppers.


More than 50% of gold and jewelry in circulation has its source in various acquisitions. Besides jewelry buys at local retailers, online purchases and online auctions are responsible for acquisition as the most important part as Americas gold source.

How important is the jewelry brand?

Bvlgari designer gold jewelry on vintage letter with sealThe brand of gold jewelry enjoys a great importance for both, selling decisions and buying decision. While jewelry buyers specifically buy jewelry from a desired brand, sellers probably sell because the hope to achieve a good price for designer jewelry with a fine-sounding name.

For jewelry buying decisions, surprisingly, local jewelry chains can be more convincing for a buy than the name of a well-known designer brand. Big jeweler chains created brands as well but their prominence is often limited to local markets and regions but they are nevertheless able to compete with very popular jewelry brands like Cartier, Tiffany or Harry Winston.

If people make plans to sell gold jewelry, the brand is a value-booster – doubtless. Unbranded jewelry however often sells “only” for the material value if no gemstones or diamonds are mounted. You have to pay more for designer jewelry to get out more if you sell it again while you have to pay less for unbranded jewelry getting out less at the pre-owned market.

Are the American people familiar with jewelry brands?

Yes, they are. According to a market research, 74% know Cartier and 60% know Tiffany. But there is a slope between the countryside and the city if it comes to talk jewelry knowledge. City boys usually know more about what’s sought after and trendy than people from the countryside.

Brand Brand Awareness Brand Brand Sympathy
Cartier 74% Pandora 32%
Chanel 70% Cartier 31%
Pandora 64% Chanel 24%
Tiffany 60% Tiffany 22%
Bvlagri 55% Bvlagri 19%

Also the willingness to buy a piece of jewelry was investigated and surprisingly only 34% of the people show the willingness to buy Cartier jewelry while only 26% of the interviewed people would decide to buy a Tiffany piece. Nevertheless and that’s good news for sellers, jewelry made from Pandora, Cartier, Chanel, Tiffany or Bvlgari are selling much faster and for a better price than other jewels. Everyone with plans to sell jewelry made from one of those brands can expect a fast transaction if the price got chosen market-conform.

Willingness to buy designer jewelry

Ranking Brand Willingness in %
1 Cartier 34%
2 Pandora 33%
3 Chanel 27%
4 Tiffany 26%
5 Bvlgari 25%

Jewelry Brands

Our jewelry experts are familiar with almost all jewelry designers from all over the world. They can process very old brands like Cartier (since 1847) or Tiffany (since 1837) but also contemporary gold jewelry. Our experts constantly learn new things about jewelry and gather literature for comparison. Our office contains a library with tons of books in various languages to do most research in-house. If you sell your gold jewelry with reDollar, you can count on a deep research and detailed evaluation.

David Yurman, Cartier, Tiffany, Chanel, David Webb, Chopard, De Beers, Dior Fine Jewelry, Hearts on Fire, Versace, Van Cleef & Arpels, Gucci, Tacori, Winston, Boucheron, Mikimoto, Piaget, Baccarat, Breguet,  Geling Abaci, Garrard, Verdura, Buccellati, Bulgari, Hermes, Simon G, Forevermark, Trollbeads, Roberto Coin, Le Vian, Ippolita, John Hardy, Pomelatto, Marco Bicego, Matthew Campbell Laurenza, Ippolita, Beaudry, Paul Morelli

Gold Jewelry and its Compound

Confused about the gold stamps perpetuated in your gold jewelry? Literally, the gold stamp reveals the value of your jewelry. Gold stamps talk… we can learn a lot because besides the purity a gold stamp can reveal the age of a piece, the craftsman, the designer, the occasion for what it was probably created the country of origin, the original owner and the stamp could even reveal some historic information.

Here, we want to talk about the purity/ compound of jewelry what is very important to sell your gold jewelry. Understanding the meaning of gold markings is the first and very important step to find out how much a piece is worth.

Basic Information

Natural gold, mined from Alaska’s riverbeds and other natural gold deposits are usually “natural gold alloys” compounded of gold with a little silver stake. Depending on the portion of silver, natural gold has doubtless a nice gold-color but is often described as pale-appearing and not used for jewelry production these days. By adding silver, nickel, copper, platinum, palladium or zinc, nice colors can get created making jewelry more fancy and interesting for prospective buyers.

Believe it or not, Middle Ages goldsmiths still compounded gold jewelry alloying the gold with silver and copper to achieve a nice product and for benefiting from a more economic usage of the limited available metal.

Your jewelry was also not made of gold alone. All over the world, goldsmiths are using silver, copper and other metals to create a special color and to achieve a better hardness. Pure gold is very soft and not commonly used for jewelry. Fine gold jewelry exists but is rare to find.

In the United Stated, 18K gold, 14K gold and 10K gold is very common and if you sell gold jewelry, knowing the value of those alloys is a beneficial. A plus is knowing the weight of your jewelry what allows you doing some maths for finding out how much it’s worth. Multiply your jewelry’s weight with the price we publish in this table and voilà you found out how much your piece is worth. Don’t sell it for less because reliable gold buyers like are willing to pay you a great price.

Marking Purity Material Value (g) Selling Value (g) Selling Value (dwt)
18K .750 equals 75% pure gold $42.40 Sell for $38.54 Sell for $59.94
14K .585 equals 58.5% pure gold $33.07 Sell for $30.06 Sell for $46.75
10K .416 equals 41.6% pure gold $23.52 Sell for $21.38 Sell for $46.75

Yellow gold jewelry is usually made of gold, silver and copper

18K gold jewelry is usually made of 75% pure gold, 12.5% pure silver and 12.5% copper. pure silver, pure gold and copper for gold jewelry production

Of what it was made of

The displayed gold chain (17.58 grams) was made of silver, copper and gold. This photo shows the exactly portion of the metals used to produce this chain.

pure gold pure silver copper
75% 12.5% 12.5%
13.18 grams 2.19 grams 2.19 grams

compound of gold chain: pure gold, pure silver and copper

Serious Plans to Sell Gold Jewelry for Cash? A Beginner’s Guide!

There are two very important questions coming up if the final plan to sell gold jewelry was made. “What can I sell” and “How much can I expect to get paid” are the two key questions first time sellers are concerned about. We have created a summary of assets you usually can sell with a reliable buyer and a brief guideline about the price you can expect to get offered.

What can I sell?

Scrap Gold Jewelry You can sell any scrap gold jewelry. Scrap gold is usually described as broken jewelry, mismatched jewelry or jewelry out of fashion. Scrap gold is easy to identify and associated with the risk to sell it for too less money because of its appearance. Thus scrap gold jewelry is often subject of lowballing the asking price. And there is another risk: hidden values are often overlooked and ignored because its observer isn’t expecting that something special or rare is present.

Our expert Alan Jensen had experienced the situation of finding overlooked treasures hidden in scrap gold delivered from an Arizona based seller delivering a bunch of scrap gold evaluated from a local jeweler. Alan found a very rare British gold coin from the 16th century mounted in a gold pendant. Even considering the damages of the mounting, the gold coin was worth almost as much as the rest of the whole scrap gold lot.

Ensure you found a reliable selling partner who is willing to check even your scrap gold for hidden treasures. This process is time-consuming why many buyers try to avoid going into details of your lot.

Fine Jewelry As fine gold jewelry people usually imagine “the finest jewelry” worked with gemstones, coral, ivory, jadeite, pearls and other extremely valuable materials. Fine gold jewelry is more common than you probably expect.

Texas is fabulous and glamorous; although the people living there don’t believe that. Wearing the finest and most exclusive jewelry needs generosity. The book “The Super Americans” literally describes Texan Jewels as illuminating the night. And it’s not only Texas putting gold jewelry in huge amounts for resale. Fine jewelry from all over America is flooding auction houses and buying companies. But there is a prospective risk for ignorant sellers. If you negotiate a bad deal with auctioneers you end up paying 35% in selling fees. And you can lose even more money if you sell to the wrong people paying you only a fraction of what it’s worth.

Designer Jewelry Designer jewelry has usually a high price tag but fortunately also a higher resale value. With a buyer like reDollar, you are able to sell any designer gold jewelry for a high price. From Cartier or Tiffany to Pandora or Forevermark – selling designer jewelry is fun and very beneficial to you bank account.
Gemstone and Diamond Gold Jewelry The term gemstones describes most beautiful and precious stones who’s color or sparkle attracts our eyes. Important to be described as a gemstone for jewelry usage, typically a gemstone needs to be hard enough to be worn or even cut or polished. Humans associate gemstones with thoughts about wealth and rarity what makes gems so desired.

Retailers and designers love playing mercantile interests of gemstones for creating hypes about the stones they like to sell. Gemstones are valuable. That’s doubtless. But usually you get less real value out of the stones mounted in designer jewelry than mounted in unbranded jewelry because you pay more for the brand than for the materials used for crafting. Nevertheless there is much value in designer gold jewelry and selling for a good amount of money certain.

Pearl Gold Jewelry Pearls are the Ocean’s jewels and even when the peak of their popularity is left behind, pearl jewelry is still great for selling. Especially rare pearls are still sought and desired from buyers. If you are a lucky owner of pearl gold jewelry and thinking about selling, a reliable selling source is very important because the evaluation is kind of tricky.

Pearl farmers, traders and appraisers agree about the fact that the luster is the most important factor in talking value of pearls. If luster and refraction of light is really good it may be a proof that the pearl’s skin consist of clean aragonite. The thickness of the mother-of-pearl’s layer is critical for it’s durability. Ship and store your pearl gold jewelry carefully to prevent them from damage.

Antique Gold Jewelry As antique jewelry, we understand jewelry at least 70 to 100 years old. Vintage gem and came jewelry, Biedermeier or Bauhaus jewelry or even really old jewelry. Other jewelry often identified as antique jewelry are: turquoise jewelry, glass jewelry, cut steel jewelry, iron jewelry, mourning jewelry, souvenir jewelry and much more.

Jewelry from epochs/ eras we define as antique jewelry: historism jewelry, neo-renaissance jewelry, neoclassicism jewelry, Celtic jewelry, Art Deco jewelry Typically used for antique jewelry: jet, coral, tortoiseshell, garnet, glass, clear quartz, peridot, pearls, demantoid, amethyst, diamonds, amber, amber imitations (bakelite), aquamarine, synthetic spinel, zircon, lapis lazuli, citrine, opal, onyx, agate etc.

Antique jewelry is far more than just a piece of jewelry. It’s a silent witness of the past and telling us wordless much about the time when it was crafted. How was economy going? Which purity got used and is the used gold alloy related with the economy’s strength? Which kind of decorative accessories were modern and popular? Understanding antique jewelry requires its owner or the evaluating experts to understand the point of time when it was created.

Amber Gold Jewelry Amber experiences a new demand from buyers and very nice amber gold jewelry can sell for an attractive amount of money. Amber gold rings, amber gold pendants, amber earrings or even amber bangles are in high demand and worth to sell it. The very interesting thing about amber is that it was formed by mother nature in the Tertiary epoch (28 million to 54 million years ago).

How much can I get paid?

Sell designer gold jewelry like this Cartier gold ring for up to $526.73
 14k white gold bracelet  Sell gold jewelry, like this 24.5 grams heavy 14K white gold bracelet for $736.58
 gold jewelry mixture lot containing rings, coins, chains  A mixture of 14K gold jewelry, weighing 42.27 grams sells for $1270.82
 white gold designer bangle  This 18K white gold bangle weighs 56.22 grams and sells for $2166.94

How much can I get paid?

 22K gold jewelry  This lot of 22K gold jewelry weighs 37.12 grams and sells for $1747.43
 stunning white gold diamond, ruby and sapphire ring This very large blue 2.80 ct. sapphire ring with diamonds and rubies sells for up to $4,500.
 Cartier designer white gold ring  This nice Cartier ring sells for up to $5,000 with us.
 Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra bracelet with Onyx Motifs  This vintage Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra bracelet with Onyx Motifs sells for up to $7,500.


Antique, modern or diamond jewelry can be worth a little fortune. Identifying gold jewelry as what it is, is very important. reDollar is your value-identifier.

designer gold ring, seal gold ring and diamond gold ring on antique sealed letter

If the decision to sell is made, selling with reDollar is easy. Just wrap whatever you would like to sell using our provides shipping accessories.

gold jewelry ready for selling with reDollar kit


If it comes to selling gold jewelry, sellers desire to get the most money out of the transaction. We compared local gold buyers and reDollar beat them all.

yellow gold chain on 100 USD bill cash

It’s not necessary to sort your gold jewelry. You can bring rings, chains, necklaces and even a whole inherited gold mess together. Let the pros do this job for you.

gold jewelry about to sell with selling kit

Bracelets, rings, wedding bands, engagement rings, brooches, necklaces, chains, bangles, cuff-links, watches, pins, pendants, money clips, earrings, belt buckles et cetera.

Sell Gold Jewelry Online

Maybe you are one of these guys and probably you have already made plans to sell gold jewelry. Yes? Great!! is one of the best places to sell gold jewelry online. We offer you a very straight, convenient, and safe way to sell your items with us. We serve you with an experienced team of appraisers, patience and the highest purchase prices. Plus, you deal with very politely guys honoring that you offer your assets to us. We love gold jewelry and we appreciate that you probably sell your gold jewelry with us. Furthermore one of the most important benefits of dealing with us is our ability to deal with all kind of gold jewelry. We are able and willing to calculate outstanding prices for estate gold jewelry, rare gold jewelry, antique gold jewelry, designer gold jewelry, or scrap gold jewelry. You just have to go through 3 simple steps to sell with us. Get strted NOW to initiate the selling process and to make that cash in less than 48 hours. Supposedly you won’t find a better way to sell gold jewelry in the US than with reDollar.

sell gold jewelry like diamond rings using mail in service

Tons of tucked away gold jewelry is ready to sell

Jewelry experts estimated that an average household in the US owns at least 8 pieces of gold jewelry. Currently, we have about 123 million get gold jewelry out of safe on USPS shipping truckhouseholds in the US what means that we speak about almost a billion pieces of gold jewelry in circulation. Furthermore you should consider that solely marriages bring 2.5 million wedding rings and 2.5 engagement rings on the market, every year. Tens of thousands of people marry, get divorced, die or inherit jewelry, every day. The gold jewelry market is incredibly huge! We guess that about one million people plan to sell gold jewelry equaling 24 tons of gold, every month. But do you know what’s really sad? The majority of those people don’t get paid proper! They may end up at a neighborhood jewelry buyer offering far too little money. We see it as our mission to inform customers about the risks of selling gold jewelry for a bargain and due to our company philosophy we offer the highest payout amounts if you decide to sell with us. This is one of our experts for gold jewelry, Maria Tait: We offer all consumers a free consultation with our experts. Very often, that’s very helpful for future sellers because it’s a casual chat about the jewelry they own. We advise you with all our experience and we always stay objective.

Questions, Maria Tait answered

Howard from Orlando asked: How much is gold jewelry worth?
Philipp from Aurora asked: How much is a gold ring worth?
Joshua from Naperville asked: How much is a gold necklace worth?

Why do many buyers offer only “little money” for gold jewelry?

Fraudulent purchase offers or far too low quotes are sadly very common. Tricky buyers hook ignorant consumers with advertising-lures like “NOBODY PAYS MORE” or “WE GUARANTEE THE BEST PRICE” or “GET AN IPOD IF YOU SELL TODAY”. If you don’t have any experience with gold jewelry, you are probably tempted to believe this promises. But the reality of proper prices is truly different. We have heard about people selling diamond gold jewelry for the material value to dubious buyers. There are just two ways to avoid getting ripped-off: gain knowledge and learn to calculate the value of gold jewelry by your own or find a reliable buyer who is willing to pay you really high prices. combines both ways of selling because first, we offer top-dollar prices to all folks – even to unknowing consumers and second because we offer transparent prices. You find a gold calculator, a diamond calculator and various price lists of designer jewelry and antique gold jewelry we have bought once. But transparence is just one factor that you should consider when you plan to sell gold jewelry. Having experience, practice and the ability to deal with all types of gold jewelry is equally important for a prospective buyer. You may know that we also buy gold jewelry from dealers. One day a dealer offered a couple of gold rings to us. One of these rings had a big stone mounted. The dealer thought it was a zirconia and therefore he thought the stone must be almost worthless. But this guy erred. It was just a quick look for one of our experts to determine that the alleged zirconia was a diamond – a huge diamond reflecting almost 3 carats. This dealer bought the precious stone as a zirconia and the original seller got paid not more than $200 or $300 for a ring worth tens of thousands of dollars. Well, that’s one of the worst experience-examples we can share with you but anyway it’s an alarming story. Better decide to sell your gold jewelry with – one of the best places for scrap jewelry as well as for most valuable jewelry in the entire of the US. Start Now to sell your assets for a proper price and without any hassle.

Scrap gold jewelry versus very valuable gold jewelry

As we have mentioned initially, there is a huge difference between the value of damaged or broken gold jewelry and very value gold jewelry made from a special designer or a famous brand. Also rare, antique or vintage jewelry is almost always more valuable than machine made pieces. Handcrafted or unique pieces in nice shape are sought after from collectors and can sell for higher prices than ordinary pieces. Crux of the matter is knowing market, the collectors and the trading prices. knows the market and of course the pieces we buy. Our experts have the skills to distinguish between treasure and trash. We’ll find the unique piece in your lot reflecting a high value. We always calculate the best prices. With us, scrap gold sells for almost the spot price. Take a look on our gold calculator for an amazing experience. Plus, there are no hidden deductions in the fine print! You get the amount that you’ve calculated. That’s our promise to our clients.

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