Sell diamond rings to reDollar – the preferred place to sell for the highest price! is a dotcom company that offers its customers an innovative concept to sell diamond rings. With us you don’t have to leave your home or workplace when you want to sell your diamond rings. We offer a convenient and modern way of selling jewelry. Like many other dotcom companies we handle all our business operations online. If you want to sell your diamond ring, why not online? We organize the shipping of your valuables to our head office where all our experts come together to make the appraisals for us. On basis of our expert’s know-how we will then make you an offer for your diamond rings. Fantastic, if you agree to our offer. Your payment will be authorized on the same day. If not, we send back our diamond rings fully insured.

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De Beers diamond ring, 1.45 ct. VS1, G color, round brilliant cut.

Sell similar diamond rings for up to $7,000.


 18K white gold diamond ring with a 2.1 ct. emerald cut center diamond and two side diamonds weighing 0.45 ct. each, H color, VVS1.

Sell similar diamond rings for up to $9,500.


 Amazing 2.5 ct. average quality, diamond solitaire ring in brilliant cut.

Sell similar diamond rings for up to $7,500.


 Breathtaking sparkling diamond ring like this 3.1 ct. I, SI1 ring can be sold with us.

Sell similar diamond rings for up to $10,000.


 Diamond ring with 3 ct. center emerald and 1.5 ct. in diamonds, 18K yellow gold setting.

Sell similar diamond rings for up to $1,500.


 Diamond ring with 1.5 ct. center ruby, 18K yellow gold setting and 11 diamonds weighing 1 ct.

Sell similar diamond rings for up to $3,500.


 Diamond ring with center sapphire, approx. 0.7 ct. in diamonds, 10K white gold setting.

Sell similar diamond rings for up to $950.


 Vintage diamond ring, approx. 2.0 ct. old mine cut diamonds, I/J color, VSI clarity.

Sell similar diamond rings for up to $1,750.


 Chanel diamond ring with ceramic inlays, 18K white gold, approximately 0.25 ct. in diamonds.

Sell similar diamond rings for up to $2,000.

Chaumet diamond ring, 18K pink gold, garnet, pink opal, diamonds, amethyst, and pink tourmaline.

Sell similar diamond rings for up to $1,500.

 Antique diamond ring, .950 platinum, 7 diamonds in total 2.0 ct. in G to H color and SI1 clarity.

Sell similar diamond rings for up to $3,750.

Why should I sell my diamond rings with you?

reDollar fine jewelry experts at workSimply because we offer you the best prices AND conditions. We think about everything! Every single detail we consider and we develop our internal processes every day. Sell diamond rings, has never been so smooth and easy going before. You can calculate our prices online to get an idea about what we pay. We are sure you will be very happy when you find out how much cash you can get for a diamond ring.

Millions of households in the US own diamond rings. Diamond rings are great collaterals when you are in need of urgent money. Diamond rings come in different sizes and styles. With us you can sell diamond rings with a 3 ct. diamond as well as diamond rings with a 0.5 ct. diamond ring. Sell diamond rings with gold or diamond rings with platinum or silver. You can sell all kinds of diamond rings, also antique vintage diamond rings are more than welcome as well as fine jewelry diamond rings from famous brands such as from Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier or Hans Stern. You see, we are prepared for any sales situation. With our professional experts on board we are able to appraise every piece of jewelry with the necessary accuracy and consolidated knowledge. We are no beginners in the line of this business. Sell diamond rings today and benefit from our long standing experience.

What makes it more attractive to sell diamond rings with reDollar?

reDollar experts discussing value of solitaire diamond ringSelling with reDollar is more attractive than to make the deal with other local gold buyers because of the convenient and fully secured and insured selling process. With reDollar you have a smooth online transaction that offers you freedom and flexibility. You can choose the shipping method for selling diamond rings which is always cost free for you. We also make sure that your diamonds are fully insured so that you are protected against thievery and loss. When you sell your diamond rings with us you can decide between ordering a shipping kit and self organized shipping with our prepaid and insured shipping labels. With you can start the selling process at any time, whenever you want because we have no opening hours, that’s a great advantage. We are available for your needs 24/7. In comparison to other places you can choose your preferred payment method. We can offer instant payments by PayPal, check, direct deposit, Zelle, wire transfer, cashier’s check and money order. Get started now and sell your diamond ring with us, you won’t regret it.

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