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Tiffany CertificateSince 1837 Tiffany & Co. serves America with finest jewelry, silverware and exclusive accessories. A collector of Tiffany silver surrounds himself with outstanding objects of greatest beauty, substantial value and practical use. You may know that it needs more than a next door gold buyer to sell Tiffany jewelry for decent prices, correct? The good news is, you just found the best place to sell Tiffany jewelry in the US – Our management and especially our very experienced jewelry experts and appraisers are greatly familiar to all kinds of Tiffany jewelry that has been made in all decades.

You can sell a contemporary Tiffany Paloma Picasso sterling silver ring, estimated with $50, as well as vintage or outstanding Tiffany pieces worth thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. serves all customers and treats every piece of Tiffany jewelry, with a maximum of attention and care. We have unlimited access to libraries, archives, databases and a global expert network making it possible that you can sell also the rarest and the most exclusive Tiffany pieces with us. The brand Tiffany is strongly related with proud American history and finest art, established more than 150 years ago. Think about Abraham Lincoln’s First Lady Mary Todd, wearing extravagant Tiffany jewelry in the 1860s. is more than just a normal jewelry buyer because our employees fulfill all requirements to an unobtrusive, respectful and discreet selling process. Sell Tiffany jewelry with us and benefit from our experience and the highest prices we offer you.

Ready to sell Tiffany jewelry? Get an idea how much it’s worth!

 Picture  Selling information and value
 Tiffany engagement ring  You can sell this Tiffany engagement ring, 1.4 carat internally flawless in brilliant cut, for up to $8,000 with us.
Tiffany Eternity ring Tiffany eternity ring in lucida cut bears approx. 2.2 carats in diamonds and can sell for up to $3,000 with us.
 Tiffany Atlas ring  A pair of Tiffany Atlas rings, made of 18 karat gold with small diamonds set, can sell for up to $1,500 with us.
 Tiffany 18K gold woven bracelet  A wonderfully woven vintage Tiffany bracelet, made of 18 karat gold, sells for up to $6,500 with us.
 Tiffany T wire bracelet  Modern and stylish Tiffany T wire bracelet was made of 18 karat gold. This sparkling beauty got 18 round brilliant cut diamonds set and can sell for up to $1,000 with us.
 Tiffany & Co. gold and diamond collier  A wonderful Tiffany & Co. diamond collier. Made of 18K gold with a total weight of 200 grams this awesome piece sells for $8,000.00.
 Tiffany & co. gold and lapis lazuli jewelry set  A Tiffany & Co. jewelry set made of 18K gold and lapis lazuli. This pretty set can be sold with us for $5,000.00.
Tiffany silver and gold circle link bracelet  This is a so-called circle link bracelet crafted in .925 silver and 18k gold as well. This Tiffany piece can sell for up to $300 with us.
Tiffany & Co. brooch with gemstones A Tiffany & Co. brooch lavishly set with sapphires, rubies, an emerald and pearls can be sold with us for $2,500.
Tiffany & Co. 18K gold brooch dog A beautifully made 18K gold brooch in form of a dog, presumably a golden retriever can be sold with us for $4,500.
Tiffany silver cuff Thanks to its popularity, this Tiffany silver cuff can sell for up to $250 with us.

Sell contemporary Tiffany jewelry

You can sell engagement rings as well as wedding rings, necklaces, bangles, pendants, brooches, designer rings, watches, charms or bracelets. It doesn’t matter if you plan to sell Tiffany jewelry made of silver or made of very valuable materials such as gold or platinum. Plus, is able to buy Tiffany jewelry of highest value with important diamonds and gemstones. A one carat diamond solitaire ring is as easy to sell as a 5 or 6 carat diamond ring. Sell Tiffany jewelry with us and get the a great offer.

Tiffany & Co. Diamond Engagement ringFor a better understanding, some jewelry examples you can sell with us:

  1. Tiffany diamond rings in all shapes: round, princess, lucida, square, heart, emerald, oval, pear, cushion
  2. Tiffany diamond rings with all settings like: solitaire, three stone, diamond band, side stone or channel
  3. Tiffany jewelry with white diamonds or fancy diamonds in colors like yellow or pink
  4. Tiffany jewelry made of silver, gold and platinum
  5. Tiffany designer jewelry made from special designers like Paloma Picasso, Elsa Peretti, Jean Schlumberger or Frank Gehry
  6. Tiffany jewelry from all collections: Tiffany T, The Atlas Collection, Return To Tiffany, Tiffany 1837, Tiffany Keys, Tiffany Celebration Rings, Tiffany Enchant, Tiffany Metro, Tiffany Victoria, Tiffany Yellow Diamonds or Ziegfeld Collection

Especially, Tiffany designer-jewelry is very popular and desired. It was a very important and wise business decision from Tiffany to create affordable collections as well as very valuable collections. Some designers like Paloma Picasso, designed silver jewelry for the daily use as well as outstanding pieces for special occasions. Overall, Tiffany jewelry from Paloma Picasso shows a very good example of a wide-spread selection of designs and prices. She designed jewelry for Yves Saint Laurent and for the Greek firm of Zolotas as well as sterling silver rings like the Olive Leaf Narrow Band, starting at only $150 or the Vila Paloma Wide Palm Ring, starting at only $275. For you as a potential seller, it’s important to know that it’s also possible to sell affordable Tiffany jewelry and not only the highest-priced fine jewelry pieces. Don’t wait any longer and start the selling process now.

What makes Tiffany & Co. so special and selling so complex?

Important Tiffany & Co. Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire broochGenerally it’s not so complex to sell Tiffany jewelry when you know the right place, but due to a very long company history and a wide range of products, selling means that you need a tremendously skilled partner. The history of Tiffany & Co. begins in 1837 when Charles L. Tiffany and John P. Young opened their first store in lower Manhattan at 259 Broadway. In the midst of the financial panic of 1837, located next to America’s greatest merchants like Alexander Turner Stewart, Tiffany became a well-known place fur luxury goods, highly desired and admired from New York’s high society. We know that so many Tiffany pieces have the potential to belong to a provenience from highest interest. Such pieces are really common and can appear even at flea markets or garage sales. A very skilled and experienced buyer serves you with the ability to reveal such hidden secrets. is such a place where you can sell Tiffany jewelry without a second’s hesitation if your buyer will find the sleeper in your offered jewelry collection.

American households are full of undiscovered Tiffany jewelry and treasures. Maybe you are also one of the lucky persons that owns Tiffany jewelry with engravings of a person from historic importance. Queen Victoria of England, Mark Twain, the Czar of Russia, the Shah of Persia, the Lincoln’s, the Astor’s, Jenny Lind or the Khedive of Egypt are just some very famous and prominent personalities with an excellent taste for Tiffany jewelry. Can you imagine how much a Tiffany ring, connected to one of this provenience is worth? It would be invaluable! For this delicate reason you should only deal with the best buyer you can find. fulfills all your expectations of a smooth, discreet and professional selling process. Start to sell Tiffany jewelry with us: it’s only a 3 step process to get paid.

How we determine the value if you sell Tiffany jewelry with us

reDollar jewelry experts appraising Tiffany jewelryThe evaluation and calculation of our purchase offer is a very exciting and detailed process. First, we distinguish between Tiffany jewelry for the daily use and very valuable pieces because if assets of high value are present, the price-finding process is more complex and several experts get involved. For Tiffany jewelry for the daily use we normally offer between 65% and 70% of the realistic retail value. It depends on the overall condition of the item you are offering. It’s very important to know a dealer who is willing to buy all kinds of Tiffany jewelry also including pieces that were created for the daily use. But unfortunately the truth is bitter because many of our competitors are really very picky. We have made a competitor test and have offered a usual Tiffany silver ring to various buyers in a big and important metropolis. Five out of seven dealers would not have bought the ring because it’s just “nothing” or “of no interest”. The other two dealers offered between $5 and $10 for the ring what is by far too less money. Don’t let unskilled buyers make a bargain at your expense – deal with, we guide you through a very satisfactory and successful selling transaction.

The evaluation of very valuable Tiffany jewelry

Tiffany store New YorkAs we have mentioned initially Tiffany jewelry is strongly connected with very famous collectors and buyers. Even Mary Todd, Abraham Lincoln’s First Lady, wore Tiffany jewelry in the early 1960s. When we have an important Tiffany & Co. fine jewelry piece on our laboratory desk, we don’t hesitate to involve independent experts and appraisers and sometimes we also use our precious contacts to archives and universities, if we think that you have offered a very unique piece from the house of Tiffany. For you as a seller, it’s not only essential, that we bring the ability to reveal historically important jewelry. It’s also important for the public interest that pieces, created for people who made history, don’t get lost. It’s our responsibility to serve you with a premium service. Get started now and sell Tiffany jewelry with us – we won’t disappoint you, that’s a promise.

Sell Tiffany Jewelry online with us but Not with an unskilled buyer

Visiting a pawn broker or gold buyer to get cash fast, was yesterday. Today and in the future is selling online with reliable companies like us. We offer a very fast, secure and transparent selling process with the opportunity to get CASH without involving a bank account, if you want so. We offer quick payment methods such as PayPal, direct deposit, money order, cashier’s check, wire transfer and Zelle to pay you just within seconds. Sell your Tiffany jewelry with just 2 clicks: click “start now” and choose between getting a shipping label or a free shipping kit. You get paid instantly after mailing-in your Tiffany jewelry to our laboratory and after we have your mutual or written agreement. What are you waiting for? Start Now! All our services are cost-free, it’s a matter of course that our valued customers can count with a free service. You still have questions? No problem, please read through our FAQ.

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