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Gold Rolex watch in reDollar envelope with banknotesDo you know any American who doesn’t know the great brand Rolex? Probably not, because Rolex watches are very important status symbols traded thousands of times every day. But maybe you are one of these guys with plans of selling a Rolex watch to get some extra cash? If yes, that’s your website to make your plans come true. Do it like thousands of customers and sell your Rolex watch with us. Our Head of Watches, Steve Redrich will personally ensure that our team of appraisers and experts serve you with best advice and the highest purchase prices. A unique benefit of dealing with us is that we are a leading expert for luxury watches and specialized in trading Swiss and European made brands such as Rolex. We know all facts about Rolex watches: models, limited editions, authenticity, circulation, designers and even historic facts. With us you can also sell Rolex without papers. We understand ourselves as top address for selling luxury watches of all kinds. We bring the essential watch expert knowledge paired with honest and transparent business morals. Our watch experts are skilled with vintage and modern Rolex watches of different time periods and we know our customers and their demand for a reliable and trustworthy watch buyer. You won’t find a better place for selling your watches than reDollar. Start right now and sell Rolex watches with our company. Hurry and get your cash in less than 48 hours. Plus, we pay best prices and offer you a selling service that doesn’t require to leave your home or your office.

Historical review – The History of Rolex

reDollar envelope with cash on Rolex literatureRolex was founded by a clever business man named Hall Hans Wilsdorf in 1905. Together with his brother-in-law, he formed one of the world’s most known and precious brands in the watchmaking industry. The first years of their business, they used movements made from a company called Aegler of Bienne and cases from London. They registered the trademark Rolex officially in 1910 after their first wrist chronometer was released. Rolex watches from the earliest periods are very rare and can be very, very valuable. In the US, Rolex watches have been popular since decades and collectors from New York to Los Angeles own early models of this awesome Swiss watchmaking brand. Take care before you finally sell a vintage Rolex watch to a watch buyer in your neighborhood. These guys often advertise to pay the highest prices for luxury watches but don’t do so finally. Not only because they are greedy to make a good profit – also because they are not skilled and experienced enough to spot that valuable sleeper. You can end up very fast in getting paid only a fractional amount of money of what your watch is worth in fact. You learn now: sell a Rolex watch solely with a professional you can trust blindly. Such a professional is

redollar expert is checking gold watchbandLet’s switch back to some interesting facts. In 1919, Manufacture des Montres Rolex started to buy the movements in Bienne but cased and finished their watches in Geneva. This was a very important step to gain independence from horological suppliers. In 1926, Rolex invented the first real waterproof wristwatch. It was a most sought-after sensation! A Rolex watch of this earliest series can be very valuable. Again, is your place if you think you own a watch of that period. Sell such a Rolex watch with our company to get paid a proper price. A short time later in the 1930s they also invented the first self-winding movement called Perpetual. At that time it was a further step towards becoming the leader of the watch making industry. Finally, they announced their further invention called “Date-Just” in 1945. This watch was able to show the day of the month and heralded the start of one of the most successful watch-series ever. Date-Just watches were revised permanently and get still produced. Sell your Date-Just Rolex with – the buyer who honors the historically value of Rolex, the one and only watch giant.

Sell Rolex watch online

Gold rolex on redollar confirmation sheetIt’s so easy to sell a Rolex watch online. Just start right now and fill in our short form or order a free selling kit that includes everything you need for a safe and insured selling transaction. It takes you not more than 3 minutes to start the selling process. Decide for a convenient way of shipping your Rolex watches to our laboratory: get a prepaid shipping label or book a free pick up at your home or your office. Normally, your Rolex watch arrives 24 hours later and our experts start the appraisal process immediately. We solely use high value shipping solutions from UPS Parcel Pro for the shipping of Rolex watches. When we know how much your Rolex watch is worth, we inform you about your payout amount by sending you an in-depth appraisal report. If you agree to our offered quote, we proceed with the payout instantly on the same day. We offer wire transfers, PayPal, check, direct deposit and money orders. That’s everything! You can easily sell your Rolex watch without walking around through unknown places and talking to strangers. Nobody can observe you by getting paid thousands of Dollars. Selling a Rolex watch online is more secure than selling it in person.

You consider selling your Rolex watch because of an overdrawn bank account? Wait! We also offer Cashier’s checks as an alternative way of payout, beside the direct deposit to your checking account or the PayPal payment. There is no bank account needed to sell your Rolex watch online with us.

You can sell Rolex watches online: every age and condition is accepted

Vintage, retro, modern, yellow gold, white gold or, platinum, stainless, rainbow style or also damaged – we accept all your Rolex watches. Starting from the most known models like the Submariner, the Daytona or the Datejust right through models like GMT Master II, Yacht Master, Masterpiece, Day Date II, Pearlmaster or Sky Dweller. If you are not sure about your Rolex watch and you would like to get a value estimation before you finally sell your Rolex then please get in touch with our watch expert. We are more than happy to give you a reference value and a rough estimation from afar before you finally make your decision.

    redollar watch experts checking a luxury watchWhat are you waiting for? You can sell Rolex watches to protected by our “Top Dollar Guarantee” and without any obligation to sell. Not satisfied? Difficult to imagine but just in case you would like to get your beloved Rolex watch back, we don´t charge you for our efforts. And bear in mind that is one of the “upper end” buyers for Rolex watches and we can easily afford paying you up to the $100,000 range. If you own an extremely valuable and/or rare Rolex watch that you plan to sell, we recommend you to speak with one of our Rolex watch experts. Our Swiss watch expert Steve Redrich is the leader of our department for luxury watches and happy to answer all your questions. You can do it like Conrad from Memphis. He asked Steve, how much is my Rolex worth? Even if you don’t plan to sell a Rolex watch you can ask him for advice. Our service is also available for consumers who just want to find out more about the value of their watches.

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