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24K gold $71.19/ gram
22K gold  $61.84/ gram
18K gold  $50.63/ gram
14K gold  $39.49/ gram
10K gold  $28.08/ gram


.999 silver $28.04/ oz.
.925 silver $23.23/ oz.
.900 silver $22.61/ oz.
.800 silver $20.09/ oz.
.500 silver $12.56/ oz.


18K dental gold $54.01/ gram
.999 platinum $29.85/ gram
.950 platinum $26.89/ gram
.999 palladium $28.33/ gram
.950 palladium $24.10/ gram

reDollar is truly the best online gold buyer you can find. Our company was founded to provide our clients a great selling experience. We fight every day to prove that the bad reputation of the gold-buying industry does not reflect our company at all. We are a modern dot-com startup with great financial strength, handling all the gold we receive in a high-tech laboratory that enables us to pay the highest possible purchase prices. You won’t find a gold buyer who offers more money for your gold. Period!

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What is the most important difference between reDollar and other gold buyers? We think it’s integrity and the way gold gets processed, evaluated, and compensated for. Unfortunately, most gold buyers don’t think like we do. Very often purchase offers are based on how a customer appears and not on the value factors of the gold present. One reason our fintech company was established was that our management team discovered a huge lack of reliable gold buyers serving the US. Nine out of 10 gold buyers either don’t act consumer friendly or aren’t accurate in their work. We believe that the business of working with gold requires responsibility and sensitivity. We like to compare it with banking. If you were to show up at your local bank with a bundle of uncounted banknotes, you wouldn’t doubt for a second that your banker counted or deposited your notes correctly. Gold is a monetary instrument and deserves responsible treatment – just like “real” money. A correct assessment of every single item and a written report showing all key facts (purity, quantity, weight, and value) are fundamental for a reliable selling transaction. It’s just like in a bank, where you get a receipt showing exactly what you deposited.

With reDollar, you get the most benefits out of a selling transaction. We are an online gold buyer with the highest standards and a well-planned process, beginning with the delivery of your gold to us and ending with our payment to you. Before we touch your gold, we investigate your parcel or your envelope. We check it for physical damage and write down its weight. This process and the unpacking of your gold gets video recorded and shared with you. That way, you can see how we unpack your gold and other assets, how we weigh your items, and how we gather all the important information. We don’t know any other online gold buyers doing it that way. The next step is that your gold undergoes an evaluation. Our gold experts inspect every single piece and write everything down for you. That same day, we email you the report and the amount we can offer you for your item(s). Every single step is designed to ensure you have a positive experience with your new online gold buyer. By the end of the process, you’ll have experienced a transparent selling transaction that got you the highest possible payment for your gold. We know that the gold industry suffers from a bad reputation and image, but reDollar – your new online gold buyer – is an outstanding exception.

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If you plan to sell gold locally, pawn shops or other buyers usually don’t want you to compare prices. They just want you to agree to a deal. We’ve even heard about buyers getting very aggressive and rude if they realize a customer plans to compare prices before selling. We strongly recommend that you know your gold and don’t set out to sell it immediately. Basically, you only need to know two things about your gold: the purity and the weight. If you know both, you can use our gold calculator to find out how much it’s worth. Other online gold buyers hate our gold calculator because it shows we can offer our customers something they can’t: a reliable way of selling, really high prices, and the opportunity to compare offers. Try it: use our gold calculator

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What gold buyers accept for selling

sell it flyerMany folks assume just jewelry, coins, and scrap gold are accepted for selling. In fact, the list of items eligible for selling is much longer and interesting to know. In the United States, so many different types of merchandise have been made of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, and the jewelry industry is just one hungry precious-metal consumer. The automotive industry, the healthcare industry, and countless mints are using huge amounts of gold every year to create products like dental gold, catalysts, medical screws or joints, bars, ingots, bullion, computer chips, and electronic plugs and processors. Other metals like silver have been used to produce or craft cutlery, candlesticks, plates, bowls, pots, and even musical instruments, guns, and other decorative items. The list of items made of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium is very long. Almost every person living in the US has one of the items listed. Mining gold and other metals takes a lot of effort and very heavy machinery, which has a serious impact on the environment. So selling gold to an online gold buyer is not only beneficial for your bank statement, but it also ensures that unused or unwanted gold gets recycled and reused, causing much less impact on mother nature.

Scrap gold Scrap gold is broken, damaged, unwanted, or mismatched gold like jewelry, coins, accessories, dental gold, or even ingots and bullion. Scrap gold is perfect for selling.
Jewelry Jewelry is accepted for selling as long as it is made of solid gold. In the US, 10K, 14K, and 18K gold are very common. Of course you can sell gold jewelry of any purity as well. Typical types of merchandise for selling are rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, charms, watches, wedding rings, engagement rings, class rings, cuff links, and much, much more.
Coins Gold coins, silver coins, palladium coins, or platinum coins are almost like cash and are easy to flip with every gold buyer. But use caution; we know that some gold buyers are NOT familiar with the weight and purity of international gold coins. Test other buyers: we had an experience with a gold buyer who assumed that a 33.93 gram Krugerrand coin contains 1 international avoirdupois ounce, which equals 28.34 grams and not 31.1 grams. We would have faced a 2.76 gram loss, which equals at least $200.61.
Ingots & Bars Ingots and bars are also great items for selling. They are so easy to handle, and you can get paid a really good price if you know the right gold buyer like reDollar. Unfortunately, we know that some gold buyers handle gold bars and gold ingots like scrap gold, deducting a decent amount of money to their benefit. That’s neither fair nor necessary, because ingots and bars can also be handled and exchanged like real money.
Watches It’s not just luxury watches like Rolex, Cartier, or IWC that can be very valuable. Watches made of gold from unknown manufacturers can also sell for a fortune. Recently, we received a damaged watch made of 18K gold from an unimportant watch brand reflecting 97.63 grams of solid gold worth $4943.09. We made the seller of this watch really happy, because it was an inherited piece and he was only looking for one or two hundred dollars. This is also a great example of why you need a reliable gold buyer who won’t exploit your ignorance.
Dental Gold Dental gold?! These often malodorous and disgusting-looking little golden pieces can make your day. Even a single tooth can be worth up to a hundred dollars. Bridges or a small row of golden teeth can bring you in even more money. A reDollar dental record was a single gold bridge we received from Miami last year that sold for almost $1,000 to our company. Sell your dental gold and never, ever dump it, like we hear people doing every now and then.
Nuggets & Granules reDollar works with lots of metal-detecting folks and commercial clients selling nuggets or granules with us. Nuggets mostly show a purity in the range of 90% to 95% of pure gold. Granules are often used by goldsmiths or jewelers and are available as 10K gold, 14K gold, 18K gold, and 24K gold. We accept any nuggets (from Klondike nuggets to Australian nuggets) and granules made of any alloys.
Melted Gold Melted gold in small and large amounts is accepted for selling. You get paid for “side metals” as well if your melted gold contains other precious metals like silver, platinum, and palladium, reflecting a portion of at least 10%. Most other online gold buyers don’t offer payments for side metals. Commercial sellers, please consider this to get paid a higher quote. Check our information for commercial sellers to find out more.
Gold Wire & Rod Gold wire, gold rods, gold foil, gold strips, or gold ribbons are very characteristic for a goldsmith’s or jeweler’s precious metal remains. We collect your wire, rods, and other metals. Deliver all your workshop or studio gold you don’t need anymore and get a great payment from us.


Some online gold buyers try to lure you! Beware of bad deals!

As you know, the amount you get paid is ultimately what turns you into a satisfied customer. Beware of unsustainable promises. A tempting $100 bonus can turn out to be a big mistake. If you get offered $500 plus a $100 bonus, so $600 in total, for gold worth $1,000, it’s a very bad deal. never offers special bonus payments because our margin is so small and your payout amount so high that it is not affordable for us. We don’t promise things we can’t deliver. We believe and know that a promised bonus related to gold is not worth anything. Usually, bonuses are just a way to lure you in and make you believe you’re getting a GREAT deal. But reliable gold buyers don’t offer bonuses or gifts because their margins are in the range of 3% to 10%. Ultimately, a trustworthy online gold buyer offering a very high price for your gold without throwing in a gift is the better choice for you.


reDollar employee Alan

reDollar employee and author Maria

Maria and Alan are the authors of this “online gold buyer” article. Both work for the reDollar laboratory. While Alan is working with scrap gold, coins, and dental gold, Maria is estimating the value of your jewelry. If you have questions about items you plan to sell, please feel free to contact Maria or Alan.

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