Gold Refinery & Precious Metal Refinery For Commercial Clients is publicly very well recognized for buying precious metals from retail sellers paying truly the highest possible prices in the United Stated. But reDollar is also an online gold refinery, serving commercial clients  looking for a precious metal refinery to have gold, silver, platinum or palladium processed. Our gold refining department is equipped with a high-tech laboratory that is able to offer all important services: precious metal melting, assaying, and recycling. We also offer stone removal (diamond wash) and diamond cleaning services (frosting).

(!) Retail Customers: please use our gold calculator to proceed as there will be a business license needed to proceed

Precious Metal Refinery Services

  • You get paid the highest possible price
  • Your 1-way assay is always FREE
  • We offer 4-way assays
  • We offer diamond removal (diamond wash)
  • We train your associates in detecting faked merchandise
  • We advise your company in acquiring equipment
  • You receive the opportunity to buy pre-owned jewelry for great prices
  • You receive the opportunity to buy cut or rough gemstones for great prices
  • We test your customer’s merchandise in less than 24h with NO obligation to sell

Precious Metal Refinery For All Needs

Jewelry stores, gold buyers, miners, dentists, watchmakers, bankers, estate sale companies, attorneys, auctioneers, dental labs, crematories, pawn shops, recyclers, antique dealers, liquidators, wholesalers, goldsmiths, silversmiths, and many more! Let us know if we forgot to mention your profession!

Our Transparent Payment Structure

✓ We pay 98% for gold
✓ We pay 94% for silver
✓ We pay 90% for platinum
✓ We pay 90% for palladium

We do NOT charge a fee for a 1-way melt and assay.

Scrap Metals

We melt, assay, refine, and buy gold, silver, platinum, and palladium for industry leading payouts. We buy bench sweeps, jewelry scrap, casting grains, sheets, wires, findings, crowns, bridges, PFMS, inlays, onlays, sprues, floor mats, grindings, fillings, solder, remakes, casting plates, vacuum bags and much more.

Raw Gold

We successfully serve many small claim mining companies. We don’t only melt, assay, and buy their gold – we also stand by with advice about cleaning and processing their precious metals. We also provide free sample melting or nugget XRF testing. We ONLY buy from US domiciled mining companies. We do NOT buy any gold that was mined out of country!


We do buy bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings and any type of jewelry. We also pay a premium for nicer gold and silver jewelry. It’s our daily business to melt and assay your delivered merchandise but we also offer a “buy-without-melt service” for inexperienced sellers to help them refine their buying skills.

reDollar Bullion Buy Back

We always pay at least 98% for tradeable coins and bars. Depending on the market situation and the current gold price, we often pay full spot price or even a premium. Higher quantity = higher price. Qualifying merchandise must be in very good condition and sellers must pay for shipping and insurance. We also buy very rare, antique, and graded coins for very competitive prices!

PCGS Coin Grading Service: Please also ask us about PCGS bulk grading. We can offer PCGS grading for $10 per coin plus shipping and handling.

Gold Refinery For Most Industries

We do value and welcome high-volume businesses but also small-scale operations. Every BIG business started out small so don’t be shy of working with us delivering smaller quantities. We are very flexible by how we process your delivered materials. For small-scale businesses, evaluating items without melting/ destroying is often possible. This can be very important for education purposes as we can remove items without value to have them returned back to you. That will allow you to refine your skills and prevent you from buying worthless items in the future.

You Pay & Handle Shipping

This is the payout structure if you take care of the whole shipping process. You pack, pay, and insure.

With MeltingWithout Melting
Gold98% = $2341.13/oz95% = $2269.46/oz
Silver94% = $29.39/oz90% = $28.14/oz
Platinum90% = $954.12/oz87% = $922.31/oz
Palladium90% = $935.86/oz87% = $904.67/oz

We Pay & Handle Shipping

This is the payout structure if we pay for shipping and insurance. We can also provide you free shipping materials for save packing.

With MeltingWithout Melting
Gold96% = $2293.35/oz94% = $2245.57/oz
Silver90% = $28.14/oz87% = $27.20/oz
Platinum85% = $901.11/oz80%= $848.10/oz
Palladium85% = $883.87/oz80%= $831.88/oz

White Label Laboratory Report

A white-label laboratory report is a report that will NOT contain our company information. This white-paper lab report can be used to explain the value of the items that we have processed for your customer. Estate sale companies, attorneys, and trustees value this service very much!

Estate Sale Companies

We understand the complexibility of estate sales. We can either simply melt-down your items or provide you with a detailed “white-label” report that can be forwarded to your client without melting the delivered merchandise. White-label reports will NOT have our company information visible for your customer.

Pawn Shops & Gold Buyers

Pawn shops and gold buyers are our daily business. We serve customers from all over the US. If you deal with us, we guarantee you the highest possible payout without any dirty games. We pay 100% for what it is. PERIOD. This is how we build our business. Sell to us and get paid 100% right!

Gold Mining Operations

There are hundreds of smaller gold mining operations in the Unites States. We are happy to process your small quantities. We support you with advice of how to better remove black sand or other non-precious parts. XRF sample testing is always free!

Jewelry Stores

We can support your jewelry buying operation by buying and testing your merchandise. We are happy to perform non-destructive testing on consignment items or very valuable pieces. We also test for free without a selling obligation.


Most precious metal workers are cleaning out their workbench once or twice a year. We are happy to accept everything from scrap over findings to dust bags. With us, you have the certainty to get paid the full value of your items.

Attorneys & Liquidators

We do serve attorneys, trustees, estates, and liquidation companies with the needed sensibility. We can avoid melting-down your delivered items as that may be required for the liquidation process. Detailed paperwork for settlement available.

Precious Metals that Our Refinery is Happy to Accept

Here is a list of the most common items that our customers are delivering to our gold refinery.

Semi-Finish Products

Chains, balls, ovals, settings, counter tops and cups, covers, earring components, closures for cufflinks or pins, jewelry closures, castons, cassette latches.

Chains & Wire

Wire, gold and silver sheet, necklaces, bracelets, chains, parts of chains, parts of necklaces, closers, strings, links, caps, clasps and much more.

Watch Parts

We do accept watch parts like cases or bands. Also consider sending gold-filled cases to have them melted. We also do pay a few dollars for movements.

Coins & Bars

We buy fine gold, fine silver, platinum and palladium. We are accepting coins, medals, bars and ingots. We often pay spot and sometimes a premium.

Scrap Metals

We accept gold, silver, platinum, and palladium scrap. For mixed lots, we offer 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way assays. We also process low-purity lots.

Silver Scrap

We do accept any silver scrap. From jewelry over grain to wire or remakes. We also accept (and sort) material from house burns.

Scrap Silver Coins

We accept any scrap silver coins and medals. We also buy 40% Half Dollar coins. We sometimes pay a premium for BIG Half Dollar coin lots.

Raw Gold & Nuggets

We do serve the mining community and especially small-claim miners. We have the ability to melt and assay even smaller lots for free.

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