We offer the highest possible prices!

We pay 90% for gold jewelry and 95% of your bullion’s real value. We are 5-star rated, recommended by jewelry appraisers and even a police detective.


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Can I sell without using the calculator?

40% of all our sellers use our price calculator, as they know very well what they have and how to use the tool. Selling without our calculator is even easier and very convenient. Simply click SELL NOW to get started. You’ll get paid the SAME high price.

How and when do I get paid?

We offer payments by check, PayPal, direct deposit, Zelle, wire transfer, and money order or cashier’s check. We pay you on the same day your items arrive, as our turnaround time is only 8 business hours.

How do I know I can trust you?

We are top-rated on Google, Trustpilot, and Yelp. The American Institute of Gemological Research and even a former Denver Police detective strongly recommend reDollar. Our company is 100% legitimate, and we operate our business in accordance with our code of ethics, which we take very seriously.

Can I get my items back?

You are under no obligation to sell with us. If you choose to reclaim your items, we will return them carefully packed and insured at latest on the next business day. We won’t even ask you for a reason. We also bear all costs for the return shipment.

Are prices guaranteed?

Calculated prices are 100% guaranteed as long as your stated weight is correct. Even if your stated weight is not correct, we’ll still pay you the promised price per gram.

Do you really pay such high prices?

We pay the highest possible price available to individuals in the US. Our purchase prices are 100% transparent thanks to our gold calculator. You’ll receive an order confirmation testifying that your pre-calculated quote is 100% guaranteed.

Are there really no fees?

Absolutely no fees apply for selling with us. Shipping is free, insurance is free, and even having merchandise returned to you is 100% free.

Stones, Pearls, & Non-Precious Materials

Stones, pearls, and other non-precious parts will be removed and the weight deducted. If possible, we will gladly return those items to you. This service is free for you.


In certain cases we pay a premium for diamonds on top of the gold. You can either agree to the price offered, or reclaim your stones free of charge.

Is shipping really free and insured?

Shipping is 100% free, even if you ultimately decide to reclaim your items. All selling transactions are 100% insured according to your pre-calculated price.

How Does the Gold Calculator Work?

The value of gold coins, jewelry, and other items made of solid gold is based on the current gold price. Gold is a commodity that’s traded on stock exchanges in New York, London, Hong Kong, and Sydney. Our gold calculator constantly imports the prices from different stock exchanges to provide you the latest price situation. reDollar offers between 90% and 95% of the current gold price depending on the item-one of the highest possible rates in the whole industry. Our calculator includes a seven-day price guarantee, which means that we agree to pay the amount calculated for the next seven days even if the gold price drops.

Over $1 Billion Calculated Annually

People from all over the world are using our calculator – private individuals, dealers, and even investors. We even know of gold miners from South Africa, Colombia, and the Philippines using the calculator for a daily update. Our gold calculator is one of the most trusted tools, as we really guarantee the latest prices taken directly from the stock exchange. We update our prices every millisecond!

You can calculate the value of jewelry, coins, bars, dental gold, flatware, and other merchandise with just three clicks.

No scale available for weighing  your merchandise?
No problem! We offer a good basic scale for $5.

  • We have the best working calculator!
  • We offer the most money for precious metals!
  • Even dealers trust the calculator for selling to us!
  • Appraisers testify to reDollar having the highest trust factor!

How to Use the Calculator

Using our gold calculator is very easy-even for beginners. Our development team focused on creating a pretty much self-explanatory tool. Using the calculator tool requires only knowing the metal with its associated purity and weight. If the weight is unknown and no accurate scale is present, ordering our $5 scale is a great way to get a basic weighing instrument to weigh your items for little money. Knowing the gold’s weight is a tremendous advantage and will prevent you from selling for less money to greedy pawn shops. Always use our gold calculator before you sell to reDollar’s competition-we beat them all.

Hint: Calculate the value per gram or pennyweight if you don’t know your total weight.

Step 1 | Select Metal

The value of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium can be calculated with our calculator. The calculated results are 100% accurate. We promise: no renegotiation! You really get paid what you calculated as long as your stated weight is correct.

Our calculator calculates gold, silver, platinum and palladium

Step 2 | Select Purity

Most items made of gold, silver, platinum, or palladium are clearly marked, making it easy to determine the purity. Use a magnifying glass to look for the marking, as the stamp can be very small or nearly worn out. Don’t panic if you can’t find the marking to know for sure it’s precious. Some items (<1%) were not marked at all, or their stamps have been worn out completely.

Calculate the value from 9k gold to 24k gold

Step 3 | Select Merchandise

We pay 95% for gold bullion, 91% for gold jewelry, and 90% for scrap gold. Our gold calculator makes calculating different types of merchandise super easy. Just select the type of merchandise, and our gold calculator will do the math.

Select the type of merchandise to be calculated

Optional | Select Weight Unit

In most parts of the US, the gram is a very common weight unit. But millions of people are using pennyweights as their weight unit of comfort. Our calculator works for both units, grams and pennyweights. Just select the unit you prefer to receive the most understandable result.

The gold calculator supports grams and pennyweight

Start Selling | Add to Sell

Just click “ADD TO SELL” after using our calculator to add the calculated merchandise to your selling summary. You can adjust the selling summary anytime.

select "add to sell" for selling trough gold calculator

Understanding Gold Calculator Results

The gold calculator results are very easy to understand. We offer a clear report listing every part of our calculation. It includes the metal, the purity, the weight, the type of merchandise, and the value calculated. We always include the report in the selling summary that is sent to your email. You can also download the selling summary as a PDF report.

The calculator selling summary contains all positions calculated

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