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We pay 90% for gold jewelry and 95% of your bullion’s real value. We are 5-star rated, recommended by jewelry appraisers and even a police detective.


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Can I sell without using the calculator?

40% of all our sellers use our price calculator, as they know very well what they have and how to use the tool. Selling without our calculator is even easier and very convenient. Simply click SELL NOW to get started. You’ll get paid the SAME high price.

How and when do I get paid?

We offer payments by check, PayPal, direct deposit, Zelle, wire transfer, and money order or cashier’s check. We pay you on the same day your items arrive, as our turnaround time is only 8 business hours.

How do I know I can trust you?

We are top-rated on Google, Trustpilot, and Yelp. The American Institute of Gemological Research and even a former Denver Police detective strongly recommend reDollar. Our company is 100% legitimate, and we operate our business in accordance with our code of ethics, which we take very seriously.

Can I get my items back?

You are under no obligation to sell with us. If you choose to reclaim your items, we will return them carefully packed and insured at latest on the next business day. We won’t even ask you for a reason. We also bear all costs for the return shipment.

Are prices guaranteed?

Calculated prices are 100% guaranteed as long as your stated weight is correct. Even if your stated weight is not correct, we’ll still pay you the promised price per gram.

Do you really pay such high prices?

We pay the highest possible price available to individuals in the US. Our purchase prices are 100% transparent thanks to our gold calculator. You’ll receive an order confirmation testifying that your pre-calculated quote is 100% guaranteed.

Are there really no fees?

Absolutely no fees apply for selling with us. Shipping is free, insurance is free, and even having merchandise returned to you is 100% free.

Stones, Pearls, & Non-Precious Materials

Stones, pearls, and other non-precious parts will be removed and the weight deducted. If possible, we will gladly return those items to you. This service is free for you.


In certain cases we pay a premium for diamonds on top of the gold. You can either agree to the price offered, or reclaim your stones free of charge.

Is shipping really free and insured?

Shipping is 100% free, even if you ultimately decide to reclaim your items. All selling transactions are 100% insured according to your pre-calculated price.

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