You own rubies that you would like to sell?

loose rubies examined in the reDollar labYou are looking for a reliable place to sell rubies? is a very professional organized company taking care about customer needs. You can sell ruby jewelry, loose rubies or even natural rubies. We run a gemological department serving the best ruby selling solutions for individuals and commercial clients. We buy a single ruby as well as a whole lot of rubies. Even importers should get in touch with our customer support to talk about awesome selling options. Dealing with our company is the right decision. And keep in mind that your ruby can be more worth than you expect. Don’t make a fatal mistake selling your rubies to an unqualified dealer. You could lose much money if you are not familiar with the value of rubies. Selling rubies is not like selling gold. It’s a very complex topic and much more then weighting stones for a fast evaluation. The appraisers are well trained and work with a worldwide network of buyers, sellers and other appraisers. Our staff is able to recognize the true value of special rubies. You can get started right now, if you are in a hurry.

Unlock the value of your ruby jewelry

Every ruby is an unique piece and beloved for his gorgeous red. Some rubies are dark red like blood, other rubies are lightning red. Rubies from Myanmar a very sought after by collectors and dealers from all over the world. Furthermore Myanmar rubies reach highest selling prices in auctions all over the world because buyers love their special red. But Myanmar is not the only ruby producing country. Vietnam, Sri Lanka, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Finland, Greenland, Norway or East Africa are also very important exporters of rubies. The price range each carat depends on the color grade, the clarity and also on the cut if the ruby is already cut. We can find out how much your ruby is worth if you decide dealing with us. Our geologists are used to all rubies – regardless of the source. Very interesting to know is that it’s possible to determine the geographical source based on the stone’s inclusions. We calculate the very best payout amount for your rubies – that’s for sure. Sell a ruby to our company and benefit from our top dollar guarantee.

Sell ruby jewelry

Ruby jewelry is very common in the US and also all over the world. Rubies are mounted in rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants or bangles. The mystic red color makes every piece of jewelry very unique. Vintage, modern or even broken ruby jewelry can be easily sold to our company. Unlike to many competitors we are able to realize your item’s value. Our purchase offer is based on our findings and very close to the retail value. Sell your rubies or your ruby jewelry to us and be sure to get paid a great price.

Sell natural rubies

Not only trading companies own rubies. Individuals also love to invest in rubies besides to invest in diamonds only. Individuals and also commercial customers are more than welcomed to offer their natural or uncut rubies for sale.

Natural untreated ruby Natural heat treated ruby Natural ruby filled with glass
a natural untreated ruby under a microscope a natural but heat-treated ruby under a microscope a natural but glass filled ruby under a microscope

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