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You, a family member or a friend plans to sell coins? Great, times are good to sell coins for high prices. And you already did the first and most important step: looking for a good place to sell your coins. In, you found a reliable dealer, paying the most cash for your coins. Trust us, it’s not as normal as you think, that all coin buyers pay really high prices. Of course, there are many who promise best prices but at the end it often turns out, that it was a bad deal to sell. What makes the difference between and other coin buyers? Well, it is the price that we are TRUELY paying out. We have a transparent price list for coins made of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. You can check our prices, if you know what coins you own. And that makes the most important difference: you know for sure how much money you can get. We don’t negotiate because we pay the high prices that we publish. Trust your reliable service and start right now to sell your coins online. It’s that easy, simple and convenient to sell coins with us.

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Sell inherited coins or coins, bought many years before

A coin is not only a piece of metal. A coin is also a piece of history, if it’s vintage. Coins could tell us adventurous stories that we are not able to imagine. And some of these coins are not only vintage. They might be rare and valuable. If you are not a coin collector, it’s nearly impossible to pick out the valuable ones from your lot. You need an expert, doing that job for you. is such an expert. We explore your coins you like to sell and we separate them into two groups:

  • Coins with a value, based on the metal price
  • Coins with a value, based on the rarity and demand

Our employees work on each coin to find out what it is and how much it’s worth. And it’s not only one employee. It’s always a two-man extermination to avoid human mistakes. At the end of the process, we compile a report for you. In contrast to most of our competitors, we offer a very reliable and comprehensible process.

If you were shopping around to compare prices, you know that coin dealers are often not willing to share knowledge with you. Most are working only self orientated. It’s because of the profit. If you really own a valuable coin, they don’t let you know. They want to make that cash. You get just some bucks and that’s it. To be honest, it’s not everywhere like this but it’s very often like this. We want to protect you from such bad experiences. That’s why exists. We provide the best and most reliable service if you or a loved one plans to sell coins.

Unlock the value of inherited coins

Especially in case of an unexpected inheritance it’s really good if you know a qualified expert for coins. We know that many people underestimate their coin’s value. Sometimes it’s because they are tarnished and sometimes it’s because they look very unattractive or shabby. Watch out, sometimes it’s the underestimated coin which is most valuable.

But to be honest again, 99% of all existing coins are traded by the metal value. Gold coins for the gold value and silver coins for the silver value. It happens only every now and then, that you will find a hidden treasure in a lot of inherited coins. But it happens. will find out, if you guys are the lucky guys with the hidden treasure in the lot. Don’t deal with the incompetence. Start right now, with reDollar.

Sell vintage coins, antique coins, gold coins, silver coins, platinum coins and palladium coins.

You can sell coins of nearly every origin. US coins, coins from Canada or South America and of course coins from Europe or Asia. We are happy to accept modern coins as well as vintage pieces or antique coins. You can sell gold coins, silver coins, platinum coins and palladium coins. No problem, if your coins have a damage or if they come with scratches. At least, you can expect the material value for your pieces.

Sorry, you can’t sell this coins

We cannot buy coins from your last vacation. But don’t worry, you can send your entire lot of coins. We filter out the vacation coins, and if you want, we send them back to you for free.

You decided to sell your coins to us? Sell them online – it’s a 3 step process

It’s very simple and convenient to sell coins to reDollar. The selling process takes between 2 and 3 days, depending on the way of shipping that you choose. The first step is starting online. Besides your personal information, you just describe the coins that you would like to sell. Just tell us the amount or the total weight, if it’s a lot. Don’t worry, there is no need to describe each coin in detail. Finally, you have to ship your coins to our head office. Shipping is free and also very convenient. If you schedule a free pick up, it’s possible to sell your coins without ever leaving your home or your office. That’s the perfect way for very busy people and also for handicapped persons. But you can also request a free shipping label from USPS or UPS, if you would like to ship self organized. You can get the label by email or you receive it by mailing. It’s up to you, what you prefer.

Depending on the day of your shipping, you can expect your evaluation report on the next day or latest on the day after the next day. If you agree to our offered amount, you get paid instantly. We offer various forms of payment including direct deposit, check, money order, PayPal and Western Union. There is a solution for every need. You learn, it’s very easy to sell coins online. And with, you found the best place for your plan. Your coins are in best hands.

Finally, it’s good to know: there is no obligation to sell coins

reDollar folks talk gold price chartWe are convinced that our offered price make you satisfied. If you ponder, we can also talk about market trends with you if you want. Our team of experts gather every day in our meeting room to discuss the current metal prices. This knowledge is available for sharing with our customers.

But nevertheless, you can reclaim your shipped coins back. At any time! There is absolutely no obligation to sell your coins to us. We send your coins back for free, if you or a loved one changed mind.

Our recommendation: get started right now to sell your coins with / Transparent and Beneficial Like a Bank.

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