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reDollar envelope with Swiss gold ingots and stock pricesBeing in possession of gold ingots is a widely-used method for a money investment. Many private individuals as well as business investors swear by the investment value of gold ingots. The advantage is obvious. Owning gold is like owning real money because gold has a quantifiable value. In comparison to other investments that exist only on the paper, physical gold is palpable. If you are in urgent need of liquidity you can turn ingots into cash immediately what is a great advantage, compared with other investments like an equity stake for example. There are many fans of gold out there who swear by the solid value of gold and also many ones who say that investing in gold is not a good portfolio strategy because the price of gold is very fluctuating. Well, after the financial crisis people are afraid to invest in investment methods they don’t understand or they can’t comprehend. What in fact has happened to investors during the financial crisis starting in 2008. Many private investors have trusted their banks and have invested in nontransparent, risky and vague real estate projects just to name one example. It turned out that their shares are almost worthless. Nowadays the people are investing more conservatively and a conservative way of investing is for sure an invest in gold. If you are in possession of gold ingots and you need liquid money for whatever reason, sell your gold ingots online to Get started now and cash out instantly!

We are prepared for any sales situation

We are prepared for any sales situation. With us you can sell only one 1 gram gold ingot as well as many hundred grams or kilogram of gold ingots, amounting several hundreds of thousands of Dollars. You have the ingots and we have the liquid funds to make the deal possible. The advantage of selling your ingots with us, is that we operate 24 hours, seven days a week. We offer our service to every American, living in the United States. If you are very busy or you don’t want to go from one gold dealer to the next or you live in the countryside and you don’t want to drive to the next city, hundred miles away, then we might be the perfect partner for buying your gold ingots. Sell gold ingots to reDollar and become part of our success story.

reDollar is your reliable gold buyer and the best place to sell gold ingots

gold ingots with USPS truck and safeIn opposite to our competitors, an essential part of our business philosophy is transparency. We publish a gold calculator that offers you the possibility to calculate your payout amount for your ingots. We have tested hundreds of gold buyers and have asked them on the phone for their purchase prices but the majority of gold buyers has not given out this information. We ask ourselves why? Why they don’t answer this simple question? The answer is obvious, because they “create” their prices dependent on the particular situation. But we have another point of view. Gold has a quantifiable value that will be defined daily on the commodity exchange. So 1 gram or 1 dwt. has a determinate value and every gold buyer should be able to give out a price information.

Our actual prices for your fine gold ingots

Our price per oz for 24 karat gold ingots is: $2319.98
Our price per dwt. for 24 karat gold ingots is: $74.60
Our price per gram for 24 karat gold ingots is: $74.60

Sell 1 gram .999 fine gold ingot for: $73.06
Sell 2 grams .999 fine gold ingot for: $146.12
Sell 2.5 grams .999 fine gold ingot for: $182.65
Sell 5 grams .999 fine gold ingot for: $365.30
Sell 10 grams .999 fine gold ingot for: $730.59
Sell 20 grams .999 fine gold ingot for: $1461.19
Sell 50 grams .999 fine gold ingot for: $3652.97
Sell 100 grams .999 fine gold ingot for: $7305.95
Sell 250 grams .999 fine gold ingot for: $18264.86
Sell 500 grams .999 fine gold ingot for: $36529.73
Sell 1000 grams .999 fine gold ingot for: $73059.46

    Valcambi Suisse gold bar gold ingot with reDollar flyerOur competitors want to make the highest possible profit on each client, that’s the reason why they don’t run their businesses transparent and reliable. We have recognized this weak point and we make it better. With us and our gold calculator you have the control and power. Transparency is not only a great sounding word, we take transparency serious. Use our gold calculator and soon you will be convinced of our prices. Sell gold ingots to reDollar or order a free selling kit, you won’t regret it. Sell gold ingots online to us and don’t waste your time with buyers who don’t keep their promises or who don’t pay adequate prices.


    Alex Fordham is the author of this text and our expert for Coins, Ingots and Numismatics. Ask Alex a Question about your gold ingots. He is more than happy to assist you with your questions relating to all kinds of ingots, no matter from what country and origin.

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