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Get your dental gold ready to sell with reDollarDental gold is extremely present in the US but very often underestimated. It’s well-known that new dental work is expensive, and consumers don’t want to be stuck with high bills to pay. But what happens if you have to get your current dental gold replaced? What happens to pulled gold teeth or useless bridges or inlays? They all get recycled, because it’s worthwhile to do so. You as a lawful owner of dental gold should benefit from the value of these pieces. A reliable dentist should be happy to give you a bag with the remains of your previous dental work. The contents of this bag are valuable and can be easily sold with our company. You can sell any type of dental gold or any dental gold compositions with us. We have a high-tech laboratory available to determine every kind of precious metal hidden in your dental gold. Most remains are not only called dental gold-they are really made of gold. In the US, most premium dental work is made of 18K gold, 14K, gold or a gold-platinum-palladium alloy with a gold content between 50% and 80%. That’s a truly precious item, and depending on the quantity returned to you, the amount it is worth can make your day. Even a single gold tooth can be worth between $50 and $150, if crafted as a premium work. Sell your dental gold with us, even if you just have a single tooth. It’s only a three-step process. Get started right now to make some fast and easy cash.

reDollar dental gold prices:

$53.44 per gram of gold-colored dental gold
$17.02 per gram of silver-colored dental gold



reDollar form to sell assets onlineIt’s so easy to sell your dental gold. Get started online and ship your dental gold as soon as you can to get paid as fast as possible. If you know your dental gold’s weight, use our calculator to get an idea of how much money you’ll get paid.  We offer the highest purchase prices, making reDollar the best way to turn dental gold into money- in your pocket.


sell dental gold with reDollar kitFor your convenience, we created an easy -to-use selling kit for dental gold. The kit comes with a bubble envelope and an extra-thick plastic bag for safe shipping. This way, your dental gold’s sharp edges and potentially bad smell will be contained. Don’t wait any longer – order your reDollar selling kit now!

These are our current purchase prices for dental gold/ gram. Sell high-graded dental gold for $47.26 (17K to 18K), medium-graded dental gold for $39.49 and low-graded dental gold for $25.32 (9K to 10K). We check every single tooth and pay you the exact amount for the determined purity. Assuming that we detect 62% gold and 17% palladium you’ll get paid for 62% gold and 17% palladium.

Dental gold selling examples

premium graded dental gold nice yellow clean crownsHere you can see some very clean dental gold we would classify as premium quality. The purity of the pictured dental gold lies between 73% and 84% pure gold. As you can see, there are no organic remains, ceramic remains, or adhesions left.

Weight: 11.97 pennyweights (18.63 grams)
Value: $831.46

dental bridges made of gold and palladiumHere you see a dental bridge and some other dentures. The color is silver-gray, and there is no reference to the precious metals used. An XRF test has shown that the material contains approximately 72% palladium and approximately 18% silver.

Weight: 8.70 pennyweights (13.54 grams) after removing the base metals
Value: $247.36

low grad dental gold showing between 9K and 10K goldIn this photo, you can see some good-looking dental gold. At first, you might think that this is premium dental gold. But the appearance is deceiving: the majority of these remains contain only between 38% and 46% pure gold.

Weight: 9.60 pennyweights (14.94 grams)
Value: $438.17

clean high graded dental gold range 18K goldThis is outstanding dental gold. The purity in these dentures shows us approximately 86% pure gold, which is considered premium quality. Furthermore, this is a very heavy piece, weighing 5.81 pennyweights.

Weight: 5.81 pennyweights (9.04 grams)
Value: $495.68

Not only golden-colored dental work can be valuable. Grey or silver-looking dental remains can be very valuable too, especially if you have a platinum -alloy. You probably know that platinum is one of the most valuable and rarest metals on Earth, and depending on the current market situation, it’s almost always more worth than gold, or is at least equally valuable. Many people don’t know what they own because their dentist decided which composition to use for their dental work. Your personal taste may help your dentist make this decision (some people prefer to have a silver-colored tooth instead of a gold-colored tooth), but it also depends on how well you body tolerates different metals and their potential impact on your health. Generally, it doesn’t matter which kind of dental gold you sell with us. All compositions are sellable but at different prices. Gold- or platinum-based teeth, bridges, or inlays are most valuable. Palladium alloys are also valuable but reflect a lower value than gold or platinum alloys. When you sell dental gold with us, you’ll get a detailed report for your records indicating the metals we determined comprise your dental works, including the percentage of each precious metal.

Gold is not gold

reDollar expert evaluates the value of dental goldAs you learned before, most common dental work is made of gold based on an alloy that includes 50% to 80% pure gold. But due to low-cost productions and fraud, dental gold can also contain only 40%, 30%, or 20% pure gold. Dental gold with such a low purity of gold is produced to reduce material costs and often comes from outside the US. Dental gold- based treatments are hard to afford for the majority of people in countries like Venezuela, Mexico, and Cuba. In these countries, it’s not the dentist’s workmanship that makes treatment so expensive. It’s mostly the material costs. This is why some dentists and laboratories offer dental gold of lower quality. Another reason is fraud. From time to time, we hear stories about fraudulent laboratories. Consider how much money can be made by reducing the gold amount! Imagine a lab bills you for dental work made with 70% pure gold when in fact it contains only 30% pure gold, and they do the same to thousands of customers. These labs believe that risks are low, and in the majority of cases, they’re right, because they get away with it. There is no way for consumers to prove the composition of their dental work. Only X-ray machines can reveal the truth. When you sell dental gold with us, we use X-ray machines to determine the composition of your precious metal. And we don’t just measure the surface of your dental work remains. We file down the surface to learn what’s underneath. Only through filing and taking X-rays can the materials used be effectively determined.

Sell dental gold online

How much is dental gold worth?Get cash for dental gold This is one of the most-asked questions we answer every day. To give you a better idea of how much your dental gold might be worth, we’ve included some photos of dental works with descriptions of their compositions. It’s very easy to sell dental gold online. Our management has found the simplest and most convenient ways for you to sell your items. Get started online to tell us what you plan to sell. Help us with a short description of your dental gold, including the amount or weight of your dental gold. Then, simply choose your shipping method. You can request a free shipping label, or you can schedule a free pick-up. There is absolutely no hassle when you sell with us. Plus, you have the guarantee of a no-obligation selling process. Please use our calculator to calculate your approximate cash-out amount. Most dental gold items can be calculated online. Don´t have a scale handy to determine the scrap-metal weight? Don´t worry-we offer full service for all our clients. We don´t differentiate between private individuals and commercial clients. Whether you have one crown, one bridge, or a bag full of dental scrap, it can be sold for top dollars to

Gold Crown weighing 2.5 grams 80% gold, 16% platinum Sells for: $127.51 GET $
Gold Crown weighing 2.5 grams 85% gold, 10% platinum Sells for: $135.48 GET $
Gold Crown weighing 2.5 grams 50% gold, 30% palladium, 18% silver Sells for: $79.70 GET $
Gold Crown weighing 2.5 grams 70% palladium, 32% silver Sells for: $44.40 GET $

Tip: You can sell crowns, inlays, bridges, onlays, polishings, PFGs, PFMs, caps, dental sweeps, palladium and platinum crowns, casting grain, gold partials, and dental scrap of any quantity or alloy.

Who can sell dental gold or dental scrap with us?

reDollar dental gold expertsIt is our company philosophy that individuals as well as commercial clients like dentists, laboratories, or scrap-metal dealers should be able to sell dental gold with us. has a mission to provide the best way to turn dental works into cash-and we really do an awesome job, if we do say so ourselves! Just recently, we ran a comparison of dental gold buyers in various cities of the US. We wanted to find out how our competitors treat individuals as well as commercial sellers while selling dental gold. The results speak for our service. Most of the tested dealers offered very low prices, and some would only pay for the main metal. For example, imagine you own a gold tooth composite of 40% pure gold and 30% pure palladium. Most dental-gold buyers are only willing to pay you for the gold and not for the palladium. But we’ll pay you for all relevant precious metals contained in your dental gold.

Composition reDollar Competitors
40% gold Pays for gold Pay for the gold only
38% palladium Pays for palladium Don’t pay for palladium
12% silver Pays for silver Don’t pay for silver

If you look at the table above, you’ll understand why selling dental gold with us is a great option. We are endeavored to serve you with the best prices possible. Besides private individuals, commercial clients also benefit from our melting program. We melt your dental gold for free, assay accurately, and pay you instantly. Commercial clients should call and ask for our special quotes. Learn more at the reDollar asking center: view sell your Rolex watch online and sell 1 carat diamonds.


reDollar author and expert Alan JensenAlan Jensen is the author of this article and the current reDollar head of laboratory. He also leads our dental gold and gold refinery division. So if you have questions about dental gold, ask Alan a question. It’s free, and he is always excited to receive new questions about precious metals. Commercial sellers may also contact Alan to discuss the delivery of large amounts of dental gold.

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