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We are happy to announce that watches can easily be sold with our company. If you plan to sell watches, you need an offer, based on a reliable estimation. An offer is the current price someone is willing to pay you for your watches. You, as a smart watch seller, should be interested in getting paid a really high price. You need an experienced watch buyer with the ability to deal with all types of watches – to make a good selling experience. The offer we calculate is based on various factors like the overall condition, the rarity, the ability for collecting, the age, the size, the precious metal content, the provenience, complications, grade, craftsmanship and especially the collector’s demand.

Difference between our offer and an appraisal

Rolex GMT Master made of 18k yellow goldWith us you can be sure that we calculate a very high purchase amount for your offered watches. We would like to introduce you with some price building facts to make clear our way of calculating. First you should know that there is a big difference between an offer and an appraisal. Most independent appraisers use the so-called “insurance replacement costs” as the most important fact for their calculation. This way of finding the appraisal value applies very well to contemporary watches or jewelry but not to vintage, antique or rare watches. Those types of watches are not replaceable because of characteristics like the age, the rarity or even the provenience. If you sell watches, you need an offer based on the current market situation. Our company and its employees have this important and needed market knowledge. We know how much a watch is worth on the market and therefore we know how to offer a proper price for your watches.

Most consumers don’t have any selling experiences and selling a watch without having knowledge can end up in a disaster. Imagine you own a really rare watch worth $5,000 because it belongs to a well-known person or a historical event or because it’s a luxury watch made from a luxury brand like Rolex, Breitling or IWC. Let’s say you offer this watch to your neighborhood watch buyer or a local pawn shop without the ability to recognize the true value. What do you think can happen? Right, these guys will calculate your payout amount probably based on the material value and you can be lucky if they pay you close to the spot price. You could end up in getting paid far too less money. What you really need is a company like to get served with experience, knowledge, reliability and honesty. We determine the value of your watch regarding our guideline of calculating a very high price.

A short guideline to find the value:

  1. Producer, designer and model: first, we always check the producer, the designer or the involved silver- or goldsmith and the model type.
  2. Demand: we check the collector’s demand for the watches you offer.
  3. Rarity: we find out if your watch is rare – we check the casing and also the caliber.
  4. Serial numbers: a low serial number can cause a higher price.
  5. Ingenuity: is the clockwork special? Are the materials unique? What about mounted gemstones?
  6. Provenience: do you probably own an interesting watch belonging to a historical event or a politician? We check all hallmarks and engravings extremely careful.
  7. Precious metals: A watch made of gold is even valuable if it represents only the scrap value. Due to the high gold price, scrap watches also sell for the highest prices.
  8. Grade: watches are classified into six condition grades: scrap, fair, average, extra fine, mint and pristine. A pristine-graded pocket watch can represent a very high value.
  9. Investment: is the watch worth an investment? Not only paintings or artworks are popular investment goods. Even very rare and pristine-graded watches are of the highest interest for investors.
  10. Craftsmanship: is the present watch a low-cost production? Is it probably handmade or machine made?

These are just 10 out of 20 facts we always check if a watch arrives in our laboratory. We find out, if you own a treasure or not.

We have a worldwide network of experts, buyers and collectors

As explained initially, you need a very qualified buyer to sell watches for a high price. There is an existing market for watches in the US and also all over the world but times have changed and a watch which might was classified as worth collectible, 15 years ago, will probably get melted down nowadays. It’s because the people’s taste has changed. Have you ever seen a never ending line of people in front of a watch store? Of course not, but probably you have seen countless people waiting in front of an Apple store, right? A watch has to be very special so that collectors are willing to pay more money than only the material value of gold or silver. But if you know the buyers and collectors you can sell interesting watches as attractive as a decade before. is linked to various networks of experts and collectors. Therefore we are still able to offer good prices for watches. And good news are that we also buy damaged watches or watches which are classified as scrap.

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Sell watches only to trustworthy buyers like us

Breitling Navitimer Montbrillant OlympusMailing watches to a prospective buyer can be a risk for consumers: is the buyer really trustworthy? Is it worth spending time with a buyer? found a risk-free and hassle-free way of selling watches. Besides the guarantee that we are really trustworthy and our pledge in a customer-fair-trade, we also stand for our no-obligation-to-sell program. Reclaim your watches back, if there is any reason that makes you unsatisfied. We send your watches back without charging you for our services made. That’s a matter of course. Sell a watch with us and benefit from a maximum of customer friendliness.

How it works to sell your watch

Well, you could sell your watch for instant cash to a buyer in your neighborhood. But listen, it pays to sell your watch online. Probably you get paid $1,000 instead of $500, or $3,000 instead of $1,000. That’s a really huge difference. Mailing your watch to is absolutely convenient and safe. Thanks to our mail-in-program you are fully insured when you schedule a pick-up or you use our shipping labels. The US jewelry industry mails watches, jewelry and other assets from one place to the other, every day, all over the world. Just get sure that your watches are well wrapped and everything is fine. We support you with useful packing advices and our customer support can send you a free mailing-kit to guarantee a hassle-free experience with us. Get started now and sell your watches like thousands of other Americans.

Guideline to sell watches

First, a short information:

We’ve made a test and we offered an 18k gold Omega watch to some local watch dealers. The retail price for this type of watch is about $2,000. The condition of our test watch was very good and ready for resale. We wanted to find out if there are watch dealers out there, offering even less than the scrap gold price for this amazing piece. Therefore our watch experts have separated all base metals like the glass, clockwork or watchband to find out how much are just the gold parts worth. Guess what has happened! Wait before you continue reading.

Some facts for you:

  • Retail price for this used Omega watch: $2,000
  • Just the scrap gold parts were worth at that date: $465
  • A competitive offer for this watch would be between $1,300 and 1,500 Dollars

Don’t get us wrong but what we have experienced was a nightmare. We thought that such a wonderful and well-known watch should be easy to sell. But no way! The first dealer whom we offered the watch was a store for vintage watches and jewelry. The man characterized himself as a watch expert with many years of experience. He took the watch and turned it a few times before he directly casted the watch on his gold scale. Such a watch is scrap gold, there is no market to sell it. After typing for a long while on his calculator, he offered us $350. WOW! Absolutely no place to sell watches.

You don’t know what scrap gold is? It’s junk gold for recycling. This Omega watch is absolutely no junk gold. It would amount to an act of crime to melt down a vintage Omega.

Ok, we have to admit that this first experience was also the worst experience but it also became more ridiculous. The next store was a specialized watch dealer. Only watches in his store, no jewelry or other items. The man examined the watch for a long time and admitted having an “interesting” watch in hand. Then he tried to find out how much money we would expect. No way, that’s a test sale. We wanted to find out how much he is willing to pay. Finally he offered $750 commentating that there is no way to negotiate his offer. We were not sure if he really understood the value of the watch. No place to sell watches.

The next store also offered a bad quote. The first offer was $500 and after declining the offer, the lady went up to $550 and $600. While leaving her store she said there is no way to get more money for this watch. Really?

After we visited 5 more stores we were offered amounts between $450 and $900. The dealer who offered $900 to us, was friendly and helpful. He also said that maybe there is a way to get more money for the watch but he can’t offer more because he is just running a small store without online support. An honest word. But again, no place to sell watches.

Where to sell watches like that and how to find out more about the value?

Gold or silver? Watches facing just the metal price: Before you sell a watch you should find out if your watch contains solid gold or solid silver. Solid gold is better than silver but also silver is not bad. Please understand that there are so many watches made of solid gold but just the scrap gold price worth. Our example with the Omega watch is different because Omega is a very well-known brand and beloved from thousands of collectors, all over the world. We would estimate that 9 out of 10 watches are just the scrap gold price worth. You have to separate the base metal parts if you would like to find out how much your “scrap gold watch” is worth.

And it works like that:

  1. Separate all base metal parts like the watch-glass, the clockwork and if not made of gold, also the watchband.
  2. Use a letter scale or any digital scale to determine the weight.
  3. Look for the gold mark to find out the karat.
  4. Take a look on the scrap gold price per pennyweight or preferably per grams to calculate the current value. Use our gold calculator for this computation. Sell your watches based on this calculation but never sell them for less!

Look at the brand:

The brand is a helpful indication to find out more about the value. Well-known brands, exclusive brands, or even handmade watches from famous watchmakers can be very interesting for the resale. Watches like that are very popular and easy to sell for a high price.

List of international watch makers we appreciate

Patek Philippe, Rolex, Omega, Audemars Piguet, Zenith, Cartier, Richard Mille, Harry Winston, Jorg Hysek, Breitling, Ulysse Nardin, Jaeger, Chopard, Hublot, Breguet, Ulysse Nardin, IWC, Panerai, Jules Jurgensen, Frank Muller, H. Moser & Cie., Vacheron Constantin, Chronoswiss, A. Lange & Sohne, de Grisogono, Hunt & Roskell, Ulysse Nardin, Panerai, Glashutte, Blancpain, Rebellion, Gerald Genta, Delma, Maurice Lacroix, Harry Winston, Carl F Bucherer, L. LeRoy, Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda, Roger Dubuis, Girard-Perregaux, or Hautlence are a couple of examples for valuable watchmakers and watch making brands.

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