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IWC watches are more American than you may think. Do you know that the famous Swiss watch making brand IWC Schaffhausen (IWC stands for International Watch Company) was founded from a Boston businessman and watchmaker named Florentine Ariosto Jones? No? Not a big deal, only very interested people know that. You can sell IWC watches with our company and trust that we honor the long history of this fabulous brand with the highest payout amounts.Get started right now and sell an IWC watch with us or learn more about the history and the value of these awesome watches.

It was in 1868 when Florentine Ariosto Jones decided to found IWC in Schaffhausen – a city in the North of Switzerland. It was his dream to combine American techniques for production with Swiss craftsmanship. Since decades, there was a long watchmaker tradition in Schaffhausen, and Jones wanted to benefit from that. Luckily his dream paid-off. In 1885 IWC produced a small sensation: a digital pocket watch, the so-called Pallweber, inspired from the famous watch “Torre dell’Orologio” on well-known St. Mark’s Square in Venice. Torre dell’Orologio was the first digital watch made in 1599. Over the decades, IWC got more known and sought after by watch collectors from all over the world. Thanks to its American founder, IWC watches are also common in the US. IWC watches often get inherited to Americans and people who don’t like luxury watches prefer to sell IWC watches rather than to keep them. You need an IWC expert if you plan to sell an IWC watch. An expert brings the ability to distinguish between a real IWC treasure and a normal IWC watch. Some IWC watches are extremely valuable. Especially the earliest ones and some pocket watches. But to be honest, only the minority is really rare. And even most gold watches are just “normal” IWC’s but not outstanding. The company produced fine quality but in contrast to companies like Patek Philipp, they produced watches for the wealthy crowds. brings the love, the historical knowledge, skilled experts and a network of professionals to work with your IWC watches. Selling an IWC with us is a very wise decision. And thanks to our top dollar guarantee, selling comes without obligation.

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IWC Novecento Watch 18k Gold The IWC masterpiece you see here is called Novecento and made of 18k gold.You can sell this IWC watch for $3,500.
IWC pocket watch You can also sell IWC pocket watches like this Art Deco styled watch. It is made of 14k gold and supposedly made in the 1920s. You can sell this IWC watch for up to $500.
IWC Watch Shark Fin IWC Shark Fin, solid 18K rose gold, made in the 1960s, calibre 89. Sell this IWC watch  for $1,000
Vintage IWC 1940s, calibre 83 Vintage IWC watch with calibre 83, made in the 1940s, steel, manual winding movement. Sell this IWC watch for $700.
18k Gold IWC Watch calibre C89 This IWC watch is made of 18k gold and was made in the late 1940s. The calibre C 89 with 17 jewels is a well know movement. Sell this IWC watch for up to $750.
IWC IW3910 Portofino This modern IWC watch is a steel chronograph with an IW3910 automatic movement.  Sell this IWC watch for up to $2,000.
IWC Portuguese Chronograph Rattrapante This IWC Portuguese Chronograph Rattrapante is a piece of ingenuity and precision: made of 18k gold in the late 1990s, calibre 76240, manual wind, sapphire glass and 27 rubies. You can sell this IWC watch for up to $5,000.
IC Calibre 96 1950s series This vintage IWC was made in the earliest 1950s: calibre 96, steel, manual wind, acrylic glass. You can sell this IWC watch for up to $1,000.
IWC Watch Da Vinci This calssic IWC watch was made in the 1970s and is called Da Vinci. It is made of 18k gold and equipped with a really rare 21B calibre. You can sell this IWC watch for up to $4,000.

Sell modern IWC watches, pocket watches or vintage watches

An expert like is interested in buying modern IWC watches as well as pocket watches, vintage watches or watches stopped running. Nowadays, IWC is accepted as a premium watch brand and known for innovation and ingenuity. Over 30 company-lead stores and thousands of selling points guarantee presence all over the world. No matter if you plan to sell a modern IWC or a pocket watch, we are more than happy to work with your watch. If you sell with us, your watch undergoes a “treasure hunting-process” what means that we examine all incoming watches for interesting proveniences. For example, in 1948 IWC built a pilot watch named Mark 11, for the Royal Air Force. Thanks to its robustness and precision the watch was selected by a committee and was in service for 30 years. This IWC became a cult object, extremely sought after by collectors. Owning a Mark 11 watch with special engravings honoring special merits or belonging to remarkable military commanders is like hitting the jackpot. Sometimes it’s just the initials revealing an outstanding provenience. It’s very questionable if your neighborhood watch buyer is able to identify such a treasure. Well, we know that besides many experienced guys are present in the US but the majority of watch dealers is not very experienced.

But also other IWC series like the IWC Portuguese watches, the IWC Da Vinci watches, the IWC Portofino watches or also the IWC Aquatimer watches are very fascinating watches. Almost 700 employees work on developing, manufacturing and selling IWC master pieces all over the world. Look around and you will ascertain that sportsman, scientist, politicians, individualists as well as millionaires wear IWC watches. Selling an IWC watch means achieving a high price. You can sell your IWC watch with us getting paid in less than 48 hours. is certainly one of the best places to sell a IWC watch.

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Bradley from Seattle in Washington asked our appraiser how much is an IWC watch worth? Bradley got an IWC watch from his grandpa and was excited to learn more about the watch he got. Contact our experts even when you don’t think about selling. It’s a pleasure for us to assist.

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