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You are considering to sell rings online? Great! is exactly the buyer you need because we offer the reliable and honest way to sell any rings for highest prices. We don’t only buy  gold rings, silver rings, designer rings, class rigs, engagement rings, wedding rings and many other rings. NO! We also educate you about rings and their value to get an idea how much they are worth.

Sell any rings with a free reDollar selling kit

We know that finding a buyer and selling your rings is a hassle. We also know that most people even don’t like online auctions because of the time and risks involved. We created the perfect way of selling and it’s just one click away: the reDollar Ring Selling Kit – order now for free to get the most cash for your rings. You’ll love this way of selling.

Are there any persons out there owning no ring made of gold, silver or platinum? Hard to imagine when you consider that there are approximately 2.5 million weddings in the US every year. Not to mention how many rings are given for engagement, as gifts, in love or for thousands of other reasons. Rings sold in malls, on the internet, on the flea market, on TV, at jewelers or goldsmiths. When you sum that up it must be millions of rings, reDollar expert checks gold class ring delivered to sellsold every year in the US. This might be the reasons why you are searching for selling rings. Now you are more than happy to learn that you found one of the best places to sell your rings. is not only a dealer like all the other ones – is the perfect place to realize a fast selling result. No fees for selling, no money pending for days into your PayPal account, no walking from one dealer store to the other dealer store spending precious time and wasting your Dollars for parking and gas. employs jewelry experts to appraise your rings’ value. At the end we offer you the most competitive offer that you can imagine. Get started online to get amazing prices for your rings that you would like to sell. Become another satisfied customer. Share your experience, write a review and you can get a $20 gift card from a store that you like. We have nothing to hide. Your recommendation to your family or friends is more valuable for us than any other way of advertising.


yellow gold ring with sapphires

Sell Gold Rings


men's silver ring with engravings

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damaged, broken 22K British gold ring

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white gold engagement ring with pink diamond

Sell Engagement Rings

Tip! Don’t underestimate your rings’ value, it can be worth more that you may think. The damaged 22K gold ring (image 03) we display weighs 5.67 grams and can sell for $359.65 with us.


pair of yellow gold wedding rings

Sell Wedding Rings


white gold pearl ring

Sell Pearl Rings


yellow gold designer ring with emerald eyes

Sell Designer Rings


14K white gold ring loaded with rubies

Sell Gemstone Rings

TIP! Glass, zirconia or diamonds? The difference matters a lot. You need a buyer who honestly tells you the truth about mounted gemstones. Unfortunately, it became a common practice to badmouth your values. Not so with reDollar, we really get out the highest price for your ring.


14K white gold diamond ring

Sell Diamond Rings


10K gold ring with amethyst and diamonds

Sell Antique Rings


.950 platinum ring with solitaire

Sell Platinum Rings


yellow gold class ring with green gemstone

Sell Class Rings

Go ahead and sell rings online

reDollar experts discuss the value of a white gold ring with a diamondYou would like to sell your rings right now? Well, that’s a very good decision and fast to realize. Get started online, tell us your basic contact information and describe the rings that you would like to sell. Finalize your order by selecting a way of shipping. We offer three convenient ways to ship your rings: ship by yourself, using the shipping company you like, ship with a prepaid shipping label from USPS, FedEx or UPS that we provide for your or alternatively you can schedule a free pick-up at the location you prefer, to ship your rings to our labs. Thanks to the fast and professional shipping companies we welcome your rings in our labs the very next day or latest 48 hours after shipping. Your rings will be unpacked by hand. This is an extensively automated process – certainly under strict security. Now you learn that selling your rings is not only convenient – it’s also very safe. We give you a call or we text you after determining your ring’s value. We immediately proceed with the payout as you agree to our offer. At this point we should let you know that it’s not needed to use a bank account to get paid. We can also mail you a money order instead of making a direct deposit into your bank account.

Sell a ring but know the value building facts before

A ring is not just a piece of metal reflecting only the material value. A ring can be a very valuable and desired object if it was created from a special designer or made from a special brand. Brands like Graff, Piaget, Buccellati, Tiffany New York, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, de Grisogono or Harry Winston are every jewelers of every women’s dream and the ratio between the value of the materials (metal and gems) involved for creating, and the market value is not comparable. It’s doubtless a great benefit to know as much as possible about the ring you plan to sell or to know a reliable buyer willing to share the secrets hidden in your ring.

What makes a ring valuable?

  • Was your ring made of a precious metal like gold or platinum or is it “only” a silver ring?
  • Gemstones – especially – diamonds, rubies, sapphires or emeralds make a ring more valuable.
  • Is your ring hand-crafted or machine-made?
  • Do you own maybe a very rare ring?
  • Your ring could be very old what can boost its value significantly. The oldest known ring was made about 21,000 years ago.
  • A ring made from a very sought after designer or brand can be decisive for the value.

If a Ring could Talk

What is so fascinating about rings? Answering this question is more philosophic than talking about facts and probably also a matter of taste and worldview. The fact that almost any love will be crowned by a ring and some rings accompany us a whole life make rings very special and mystic. You can sort rings after their age, their purpose, their materials, their craftsman, their source, their optical appearance or even after their value. However you would sort your rings, superficially important is only what you believe is important and makes your ring special and irreplaceable. Take a look at your ring you plan to sell – what do you feel? For us as a company is the motif of selling not important but of course from interest because in our laboratory are working human beings with feelings, sensations and emotions wondering why a special ring finds its way on the reDollar evaluation table. Some rings we get delivered are brand new with engraved names about a new and probably just lost love while other rings show dates letting us assume it was used for centuries. So, what makes people selling rings? Is it only the money they get out or is selling a ring much more than we would ever imagine? We tried to work us trough this highly interesting topic for months, examining our ring selling transactions and listening to our customers. The deplorable result of our efforts is the conclusion that even just a little event brings people to sell a ring. Centuries of love crowned by a ring proudly worn can end suddenly with the result that the ring got an object of hate or deep sorrow. Some people feel better to get rid of memories while others desire just the money they can get out of a ring. Morals, emotions and intents make you sell a ring. Period. Look at the ring you plan to sell – did you finally make the decision to sell it or do you have doubts? Well in some rings is no emotion hidden, no memory left but it was still your property you now give away forever. It can feel good to sell an unwanted or unused piece for sure and if it is exactly that feeling you are looking for, don’t wait any longer and do it. Sell your ring to our company knowing that a reDollar expert will look at it perhaps wondering about YOUR inducement to sell it with us.

Sentimentalities left behind – let’s talk rings you can sell with us

We welcome your rings made from all brands and coming in any condition. We accept gold, silver and of course also platinum. Tiffany & Co. rings are just as welcomed than unbranded rings. Damaged rings, also named scrap gold, can be easily sold too. There is no ring-selling-case we can’t proceed for you. After selling your rings to us you get a personalized selling certification, summing up your case and your total amount paid, sent to your email account. We operate solely fully transparent and to your benefits. Make the deal and deliver whatever you want: extremely valuable rings, vintage rings, modern rings, 9K gold rings, 10K gold rings, 14K gold rings, 18K gold rings, 22K gold rings, .925 sterling silver rings, men’s rings, Ladies rings, platinum rings, palladium rings, Cameo rings, branded rings, unbranded rings, damaged rings, scrap gold rings, diamond rings, ruby rings, wedding bands, engagement rings, sapphire rings, pearl rings, garnet rings, emerald rings, opal rings, moonstone rings, amethyst rings, baby rings, college rings, class rings and really every ring you can imagine.

Finally some value-examples of recently delivered rings to reDollar. Many of our customers sell a Tiffany ring to us. Do you own one? Get in touch with us to sell.

 $375  $425  $934.83
 $165  $725  $1,850
$1,250 $480.40 $850

Gold is an amazing material and very precious. reDollar values every gold ring arriving in our laboratory. Did you know that you can sell really any kind of gold rings with us? Remember that, it’s important.

antique gold seal ring for man

Did you also know that often gold rings are something special and even rare? We pay you even more than only the gold price if you sell rarities to us.

mixture of modern and vintage gold rings on US dollars


reDollar's ring expert Maria Maria is reDollar’s expert for rings and jewelry. She put a lot of love and time into this article reviewing interesting points about selling rings. Don’t hesitate contact us if you have a general question for Maria or if you would like to discuss the value of your rings.

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