Guaranteed the best possible deal: sell your Omega watch to reDollar

You own an Omega watch which you plan to sell? Perhaps you have inherited an Omega watch or you’ve bought the watch long time ago. No matter where the Omega watch comes from and no matter why you plan to sell your Omega watch, is a great place to sell your watch for competitive and very high prices. We are not a greedy buyer waiting for uninformed sellers to make a lot of money. Our company is an extremely reliable company buying Omega watches and other luxury watches for highest prices. We determine your watch’s value on basis of many price building  factors. We don’t only discover the brand and the model. We try to find out as much as we can, starting with possible provenience and ending with the total number of produced pieces. All collected facts will be evaluated to calculate a very high purchase offer for your watch. Sell your Omega watch to our company and become a new satisfied customer. Start selling now to get your offer by tomorrow.

Omega Constellation
18K gold, 2000s
Vintage Omega
diamond platinum watch
Omega De Ville Prestige
stainless steel, 1990s
Omega Seamaster
De Ville 18K gold, 1970s
Omega Constellation gold watch Vintage gold and platinum Omega watch Omega De Ville Prestige Omega Seamaster De Ville gold
Sell this Omega for $3,500 Sell this Omega for $1,250 Sell this Omega for $700 Sell this Omega for $3,000


Omega Speedmaster
Omega Speedmaster
Broad Arrow
Vintage Omega
18K gold pocket watch
Omega Speedmaster Moonphase Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow gold watch Omega gold pocket watch
Sell this Omega for $6,000 Sell this Omega for $15,000 Sell this Omega for $2,000

Sell Vintage Omega Watches, Gold Omega Watches, or Damaged Watches

reDollar watch experts examining luxury watchYou can sell any kind of Omega watches with us: vintage Omega watches, Omega watches made of gold or platinum, damaged Omega watches or even brand new Omegas. Our experienced watch experts are familiar with vintage and modern Omega watch models. We are able to determine the very best purchase price for you because of our specialization in luxury watches. We know that there are so many dealers around offering unacceptably low quotes for valuable Omega watches. We know that it also happens regularly that people get offered less money for their solid gold Omega watches than what the actual material value is.

We’ve tested some New York watch buyers, specialized in buying Omega watches and other luxury watches. We’ve dismounted all base metal parts of a vintage Omega watch to find out how much money just the gold parts are worth. At the current time of the test, only the parts were worth $522. We thought that we wouldn’t get offered less than $500 for such a great Omega watch. We were asking ten different dealers in New York and you would never believe what we found out: not even one dealer offered more than $500. The best offer was $430 and the lowest offer was $200. We would have offered at least $750 for this great Omega watch because its market value is about $1,000. You can learn that selling an Omega watch can be very expensive when you make a deal with an unreliable buyer. It’s always better to sell your Omega watch with reDollar. Please keep in mind that the whole process comes without an obligation to sell. If you are not satisfied with the amount offered, you can reclaim your Omega watch anytime and at our expense.

Start Now and Sell your Omega Watch with the Trustworthy Buyer

Selling an Omega watch online is easy like 123.  Tell us some basic information and describe your Omega watch that you’d like to sell. Finalize your sale by choosing a way of shipping. Your Omega watch will be shipped to our laboratory with full insurance, this service is 100% free for you. As an alternative, we can also email or mail you a free shipping label for USPS, FedEx, or UPS. Keep in mind that selling an Omega watch can be done in less than 48 hours. For more information about the selling process read how it works to sell with us. Don’t worry if you don’t want to use a bank account for getting paid. We are prepared for any situation and can offer you various payout options such as direct deposit, check, money order, PayPal, Zelle, cashier’s check, and wire transfer. More information about our payment options you can find on our website under Get Paid.

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