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The Online Estimator

“The Estimator” is an online program for finding the value of an item you probably plan to sell.

1 Gram Gold Bars

1 gram gold bars are attractive to sell why we provide helpful information about their value.

Selling Value: $40.92

Estimator Article: Sell 1 Gram Gold Bar

Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coin

The Austrian gold coin “Vienna Philharmonic” is highly respected all over the world. Let’s get into its value.

Selling Value: $1272.46

Estimator Article: Sell Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coin

Broken Gold Chain

Broken gold chains still have a decent value. Let’s see how much you can expect to get paid.

Selling Value for 18K Gold: $29.10 per gram

Estimator Article: Sell Broken Gold Chain

Is it worth to sell Grandma’s silver

Grandma and grandpa probably owned valuable silver. Let’s find out together if it’s worth to sell.

Selling Value Pure Silver: $16.45 per oz

Estimator Article: Sell Grandma’s Silver

Is Family Silver Valuable?

Some families collected very valuable American sterling silver. Let’s talk selling for a great price.

Selling Value Per Kilo .925 Silver: $464.11

Estimator Article: Sell Family Silver

PAMP Gold Bars

PAMP gold bars are Swiss made bars and available in many different sizes. Let us provide more information about PAMP gold bars.

Selling Value: $1272.46 per ounce

Estimator Article: Sell PAMP Gold Bars

Arabic & Oriental Gold

Gold jewelry made in countries like India, Thailand, Saudi Arabia or Turkey is usually made of 22 karat gold.

22K Gold Value: $35.54 per gram

Estimator Article: How much is 22 karat gold worth?

Sterling Silver Scrap & Value

Sterling silver scrap is valuable and thanks to to its 92.5% pure silver content great to sell.

Sterling Silver Value: $14.43 per oz

Estimator Article: Sell Sterling Silver Scrap

Is it worth to sell a Roosevelt Dime/?

A Roosevelt dime is obviously not a big heavy silver coin but still made of 90% silver and great to sell

Roosevelt Dime Value: $1.13

Estimator Article: Value of a Roosevelt Dime

What’s the Value of a Mercury Dime/?

Mercury dimes are small silver coins made of .900 silver weighing 2.50 grams

Mercury Dime Value: $1.13

Estimator Article: Value of a Mercury Dime