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You have serious plans to sell a pocket watch or a whole collection of pocket watches? Great, because is the best place to sell any kind of pocket watches. We offer a very fast payment plan and a very high and fair purchase price. Our company is not a shabby “next door buyer” with bad morals and questionable business practices. NO, we are a reliable FinTech company operating in a clean and high-tech equipped laboratory.

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      We know that many buyers promise to pay the highest prices and don’t do so after they got you engaged.

      This is the reason why we publish purchase price examples and binding purchase prices for scrap metals what helps you to compare our service with competitors. Our business philosophy guarantees that we pay you the highest possible price for your pocket watches and that you always get treated fairly and respectful if dealing with us.

      Order a Free Selling Kit – Now is an outstanding expert company for pocket watches. We have the ability to deal with rare and valuable pocket watches as well as with watches classified as scrap. The benefit of dealing with us is that clueless consumers can relax, sit back and wait for a very good purchase offer.

      There is now knowledge needed to sell pocket watches with us. But if you are interested to gain some knowledge, is happy to provide some very helpful information. Our website is more than just a place where you can sell a pocket watch. It’s a place where you get informed to understand how selling works and how the watch trading industry works and acts. When you understand how a reliable watch buyer acts, you get the ability to distinguish between a reliable watch buyer and a dubious person. has a mission: we want to serve America with the best prices and an outstanding service. Over the years our management learned that if consumers have plans to sell a pocket watch or other high-valuable assets, they have to overcome obstacles to achieve a proper payment. This country is so huge that finding a reliable pocket watch buyer is like looking for a needle in a haystack. is the alternative to classic ways of selling in your neighborhood or your hometown. Selling a pocket watch local is a “thing” of past days, selling online is the future. Think about countless inventions which made our live easier or more affordable: Uber, Amazon, Expedia, Priceline, LinkedIn, Groupon or Trip Advisor. All of those companies found a way to turn a classic business into a modern way of dealing and acting. is the place where you can sell a pocket watch without hassle and the guarantee that you will never get ripped-off.

      18K gold vintage gold pocket watch18K VINTAGE OMEGA POCKET WATCH

      This small Omega diamond pocket watch was made for ladies and can sell for up to $1,000 with us.

      antique 14K gold pocket watchANTIQUE 14K GOLD POCKET WATCH

      For this “not-running” antique pocket watch made of 14K gold, we are able to pay you up too $750.

      9K, Au .375 gold Swiss made pocket watch9K GOLD SWISS MADE POCKET WATCH

      We buy pocket watches from all over the world. Expect to get paid up to $500 for this 9K wind pocket watch.


      This extremely rare 18th century “Royal Wellington” pocket watch can sell for up to $7,500 with us.

      18K scrap gold pocket watch case removed movement18K SCRAP GOLD POCKET WATCH

      This heavy 67.50 grams weighing scrap gold watch can sell nevertheless for $2606.59 with us.

      Rare civil war silver pocket watchCIVIL WAR PERIOD POCKET WATCH

      This piece of American history was made of silver and can sell for up to $600 with us.

      Evaluation of a pocket watches classified as scrap

      Two-thirds of all pocket watches in circulation can be classified as scrap, sadly but the demand from collectors dropped massively. Active collectors mostly look for pocket watches in mint condition (extra fine to pristine mint), small output, interesting provenience, outstanding clockwork or special manufacturers. Pocket watches worth to collect are really rare and therefore most watches just sell for the material value. The evaluation of scrap-pocket watches is a very fast and understandable process. The value calculation is solely based on the used precious metals. Gold pocket watches are more value than pocket watches made of silver because the gold price is higher than the silver price. Our experts have to dismantle your pocket watch to calculate the purchase price because parts like the clockwork or the glass are not made of gold or silver. If you sell pocket watches with us, we collect every valuable piece of your watch to calculate a proper payout amount. If you have a disassembled watch and you know the weight, go ahead and use our gold calculator to find out how much it’s worth. It works very well and the calculated amount is final. There are no fees or other deductions hidden in our fine print. You get paid the full amount!

      Current Scrap Gold Purchase prices

      We even offer the highest prices for scrap pocket watches. Do you know our “DO YOU BELIEVE THIS” high purchase prices?

      18K GOLD – $38.62 per gram | $59.85 per dwt
      14K GOLD – $30.12 per gram | $46.69 per dwt
      10K GOLD – $21.42 per gram | $33.20 per dwt
      9K GOLD – $19.31 per gram | $29.93 per dwt

      .925 SILVER  – $0.66 per gram | $1.02 per dwt
      .900 SILVER – $0.64 per gram | $0.99 per dwt
      .835 SILVER – $0.59 per gram | $0.92 per dwt
      .800 SILVER – $0.57 per gram | $0.88 per dwt

      Evaluation of pocket watches worth to collect

      Active collectors look for pocket watches in really good condition. The first step for our experts is to check the general condition of your pocket watch. We check the casing, the glass, the back, the closers, the crown, the hands or the watch chain and of course we check the clockwork too. The second step is that we learn more about the manufacturer. We know the demand of special brands and we exactly know which pocket watches have a good chance for resale. A qualified watch buyer knows the current market situation and the watches collectors hunt. After checking the branding and hallmarks we work on finding out when your pocket watch was produced. The age is also a price-building fact and closely related to the former output because watches made in the 16th, 17th or 18th century were mostly very individual pieces produced for a special buyer. The invention of pocket watches started with the beginning of the 15th century. A German man named Peter Henlein built 1504 a clockwork for the first transportable watch. Over the centuries, the output of watches raised but nevertheless pocket watches made between 1600 and 1900 are very rare and highly sought after from collectors all over the world. But not only very old pocket watches have a market for selling. Pocket watches made in the 19th and 20th century are also very interesting depending on the brand, provenience and rarity. And it’s not only the uniqueness making the prices. It’s also the pocket watch itself. Let’s say you own an outstanding American Railroad Pocket Watch that you plan to sell. The best market for selling such a watch is the US, for sure. You can also sell it in Europe or Asia but the best price you will presumably get paid in America. What we do is that we don’t only check prices in the US, we also keep an eye on markets in Europe or Asia. Some pocket watches can sell in foreign markets by far better than in the US. A very experienced buyer like can offer better prices than a dealer in your neighborhood because we have the network, and our market watchers.

      In addition to that we check the historical value, the craftsmanship, parts, jewels, glass, grade, potential in the future and the overall condition. If you provide a very special pocket watch, we often work for hours to determine the price. And if you plan to sell a pocket watch reputedly belonging to a historical event or to a famous person, we ask you for a second day to speak with our network. But don’t worry, 95% of all pocket watches provided for selling get evaluated on the same day, followed by an immediate payment.

      Examination and inspection of pocket watches you plan to sell

      Our experts go through a sophisticated examination and inspection process. Generally, it’s a simple task for experts with experience. To give you an idea how our experts work, we listed some tasks involved in the process:

      • Our experts listen to the pocket watch how it sounds. An experienced ear can hear irregularities. Each pocket watch sounds different but irregularities can be picked out quickly.
      • Our experts check the bow to see if the pocket watch can securely be fastened to the case. The case should close properly.
      • We spot scratches, dents and other signs of use. What about the overall appearance?
      • Our experts remove the bezel to check the dial for cracks, chips or hairline cracks.
      • We check the proper function of the hands.
      • We check the crown and its function.
      • Is a winder needed, present, fitting and working?
      • We check the movement and all information stated on its parts. A low serial number makes your pocket watch more valuable. We spot repair marks and missing screws.
      • We compare the color of the movement’s parts. Different colors of parts might be a sign of replacement.
      • We check if the train is made of solid gold. Some watches have trains made of 14K or 18K gold.
      • Are any jewels present?
      • Finally, we check the provenience. Helpful are engravings and other stated information. We work with an expert for paleography to reveal all interesting information.

      How we perform the grading if you offer a pocket watch

      Experts have 10 grading categories to classify a watch: pristine mint condition, mint plus condition, mint condition, nearly mint condition, extra fine condition, fine condition, average condition, fair condition, poor condition and scrap condition.

      Nowadays, pocket watches are graded by fair condition or poor condition and are often treated like scrap because collectors are very picky.

      pristine mint+/-0%very good for resale
      mint plus-1%very good for resale
      mint-3%very good for resale
      nearly mint-7%good for resale
      extra fine-13%OK for resale
      fine-20%OK for resale
      average-25%acceptable for resale
      fair-40%complex for resale, tend to be scrap
      poor-70%very complex for resale, tend to be scrap
      scrap-85%no resale market, scrap

      Sell pocket watches online

      It’s modern to sell a pocket watch online. By the way it’s also convenient and straight to deal online. is an online company with lots of benefits if you plan to sell your pocket watches online. We offer an outstanding customer service and direct communication with our experts. We run a program called “meet our appraiser” where you can ask for advice in advance. The pocket watch-selling process is very simple and done just with some clicks. You start online by sharing some information with us. We ask you for your contact information and some facts about the pocket watches you plan to sell. We also ask for the estimated insurance value to provide you with full coverage for shipping. Don’t care if you have no clue about the value. Just tell us the amount of watches you plan to sell online and we are able to find the perfect insurance for you. Dealers are also welcomed for selling with us. Our service is very popular to gold buyers, jewelers, pawn shops and other folks dealing with pocket watches. We don’t only buy from commercial customers – we also support them with our knowledge. Try to discover the new way of selling assets in America.


      Start online to sell pocket watches. It’s a simple form and done in 2 minutes.

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      Pocket watch brands we honor and love

      We can’t wait to get one of those pocket watches on our laboratory table

      • Willard Richards Joseph Smith Jr.
      • Breguet & Fils
      • Patek Philippe
      • Jules Jurgensen
      • Girod & Fontanez
      • Cartier
      • Haas Neveux & Cie
      • Audemars Piguet
      • G.A.Huguenin
      • Ottoman Verge
      • Jules Jurgensen
      • A. Lange & Sohne Glashutte
      • Nicolas Plantart
      • IWC Schaffhausen
      • Vacheron & Constantin
      • Marc Delamare
      • William Brow
      • Albert H. Potter
      • Paul Ditisheim
      • Longines
      • Golay Fils
      • Pierre Gaudron
      • E.Howard
      • Constantin J. Hartmann
      • Girard Perregaux
      • L.U.C.
      • Thomas Russell & Son
      • Dent London
      • Beesley Richard & George

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      silver pocket watches and Omega watch in shopping cart

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      Whats in my pocket watch?

      .925 silver pocket watch compound of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper

      This pocket watch was made of .925 silver and weighs exactly 76.20 grams (without movement an base metal parts). On this photo, you can see exactly whats in your pocket watch case: 92.5% pure silver (70.48 grams) and 7.5% copper (5.71 grams).


      antique silver and gold pocket watch movements


      UPS and USPS Truck with silver pocket watch for shipping

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