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Cartier gemstone ringYou are in need of a qualified jewelry buyer to sell gemstone jewelry? Awesome, you found the perfect place named Our skilled experts are used to all gemstones – loose gemstones or gemstones mounted in jewelry. Most people own gemstone jewelry and besides diamond jewelry other jewelry gemstone-combinations are very common in the US: sapphire jewelry, emerald jewelry, ruby jewelry, opal jewelry and other more or less valuable gemstones.

It needs appraisers with the ability to run a proper evaluation. So many different gemstones, jewelry epochs, brands and designers are present. So how can it work? It needs a place for all types of gemstone jewelry: antique gemstone jewelry, extremely expensive gemstone jewelry or gemstone jewelry made for the daily use. can perform tasks for all different demands – on the basis of our resources and our outstanding network with appraisers from all over the world. You can sell gemstone jewelry online with us. The selling process is extremely convenient and happens under strict regulations causing full insurance, hassle-free guarantee and payout in less than 48 hours. Our founder and our management set up a gemstone jewelry selling process working for all demands: we are able to serve customers from huge cities as well as from the countryside. Alaska, New York, Hawaii, Oregon, Florida and all other states are support-covered.

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Van Cleef & Arpels gemstone bracelet

Van Cleef & Arpels gemstone bracelet, 18 karat yellow gold, diamonds in total approx. 0.3 carats VVS – VS clarity, rubies in total 2.0 carats, turquise

Sells for up to $10,000 with us

 vintage gemstone ballerina brooch

 Gemstone ballerina brooch, small diamonds and emeralds set, 14 karat yellow gold

Sells for up to $400 with us

 gemstone pearl brooch

 Gemstone pearl brooch, 18 karat white gold, 0.75 carats in diamonds, 9 pearls

Sells for up to $900 with us

 Faberge butterfly brooch

 Faberge – Victor Mayer butterfly gemstone brooch, small brilliant cut diamonds

Sells for up to $1,000 with us

 Edwardian gemstone brooch

 Edwardian gemstone pendant, 16 karat yellow gold, platinum, small diamonds and emeralds

Sells for up to $800 with us

 multi gemstone brooch

 Multi gemstone brooch, emeralds, diamonds and citrine set, 18 karat yellow gold

Sells for up to $450 with us

 floral gemstone brooch

 Floral gemstone brooch, 18 karat yellow gold, rubies, diamonds, sapphires and emeralds

Sells for up to $470 with us

 multi color gemstone ring

 Augustine Paris gemstone cuff-bracelet, design by Thierry Gripoix

Sells for up to $300 with us

 labradorite monkey bracelet

 Monkey bracelet from the 1880s, 18 karat gold, labradorite and diamonds set

Sells for up to $2,000 with us

french gemstone ring

 French gemstone ring, 18 karat gold, 950 platinum, emeralds, diamonds, sapphires

Sells for up to $900 with us

Sevan Bicakci gemstone ring

 Sevan Bicakci gemstone butterfly ring, citrine, sapphires and diamonds

Sells for up to $4,000 with us

emerald ring

 Emerald ring, 3 carat emerald, 0.5 carat site diamonds, platinum

Sells for up to $1,000 with us

vintage gemstone brooch

 Vintage gemstone brooch, 1.8 carats in diamonds, 1 carat in emeralds, gold and platinum setting

Sells for up to $800 with us

Sell gemstone jewelry: daily use jewelry

Very often, customers complain that there is no awesome place to sell gemstone jewelry made for the daily use. So many jewelry buyers are only interested in special pieces. Well they buy gemstone jewelry reflecting a “normal value” too but very often purchase amounts are calculated based only on the material value. To be honest, a lot of circulating gemstone jewelry is not more worth than the material value but nevertheless a very high selling price is the achievement of all sellers.

Don’t get upset if a local gold buyer or a jeweler send you away with your beloved pieces and don’t care if they badmouth your jewelry too. See it as a chance to leave the store for selling with – the better place and the guarantee that you and your beloved pieces are treated respectful and fair. If you sell gemstone jewelry with us, our experts check all your pieces with the maximum of attention. We carefully work on separating the “small treasure” from the pieces trading for the material value.

Keep a piece for your memories

Some pieces of gemstone jewelry belonged originally to your mum, dad, grandparents or other people you love and you’ll never forget. See it as your chance to sell this pieces with the possibility to keep the gem for your memories. Our laboratory removes the gemstones from the mountings to return the gemstones back to you. Isn’t that a happy medium for selling gemstone jewelry while keeping a piece for memories? is well-known for a sensitive selling process. Some of our competitors just crack your pieces to separate the precious metals from worthless gemstones. But that can hurt morally if you see a guy destroying your dad’s ring, right? Therefore we go a better way. Selling gemstone jewelry can be accompanied from decency and respect. Entrust us your gemstone jewelry for selling.

Sell gemstone jewelry: extremely valuable pieces

We have the ability and the capital to buy extremely valuable gemstone jewelry. Antique pieces, art deco pieces, art nouveau pieces, historicism pieces or modern gemstone jewelry can be sold to our company in knowledge that all pieces undergo a careful examination process. At least two experts are present during the evaluation process. If you offer very special items or items with a potential highly interesting provenience for selling, two appraisers show their experience, supported from a nationwide appraiser network. We unlock if your gemstone jewelry originally belonged to a former US president, celebrity or sportsman. Don’t care and sell gemstone jewelry with us: made of gold, silver, platinum or palladium and made from all designers and brands. Your pieces are so welcomed! Get started today and safe your payout amount for the day after tomorrow. Selling online can be done in less than 3 minutes. There is no waste of time with because a registering is not needed. Just tell us more about your gemstone jewelry that you plan to sell and your personal information.

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