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You’d like to sell diamond jewelry and you are in need to find a jewelry expert who tells you much your diamond jewelry is worth? Above that you also need a very reliable buyer to get a high price? is such a very reliable an honest diamond jewelry buyer. We have well trained employees, a network of experts and a perfectly organized and equipped laboratory. Selling is convenient, safe and fast. If you start right now, you can get paid by the day after tomorrow.

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Diamond EarringsYou can sell diamond earrings with us. Consider that we can buy vintage earrings as well as modern pieces. Diamond jewelry with additional gemstones mounted are also very welcomed. Here, you see diamond earrings with pigeon blood red rubies made of 14k gold. Almost 5 carat in rubies and 0.5 carat in diamonds equal up to $3,000 if selling with us.
Diamond Ring with RubiesIsn’t that an outstanding piece? It’s a very nice diamond ring with rubies. Not made of gold but made of platinum showing a purity of 95% pure platinum. 12 rubies weighing 0.8 carat and 25 diamonds weighing 0.9 carat make this ring valuable. You can sell a diamond ring like that for up to $2,500.
Diamond Jewelry made from Van Cleef & ArpelsYou can sell diamond jewelry made from popular designers like this pair of earrings made from Van Cleef & Arpels. They are made of 18k gold and the set diamonds weigh almost 2 carat. A VVS1 clarity and an E color are raising the value significantly. You can sell such earrings for up to $7.500 with us.
Diamond BroochYou can sell contemporary, antique, vintage or damaged diamond brooches like this gorgeous 18k gold brooch. Here, we have over 300 diamonds weighing over 26 carat. This heavy brooch made from an unknown designer can sell for up to $7,500 with us.
Diamond WatchYou can sell diamond watches with us. We buy designer watches like this Cartier Pasha Watch or even unbranded diamond watches. You can sell antique or even vintage diamond watches. This Cartier Pasha watch is made of 18k gold and can sell for up to $6,000 with us.
Diamond NecklaceVery valuable diamond necklaces need a reliable expert for a proper estimation. This very nice necklace with diamonds, rubies and pearls is very special. Over 100 diamonds, 100 pearls and a huge centerpiece ruby can sell for up to $8,500 with us.

You can sell diamond jewelry from well-known designers

reDollar experts appraising fine diamond jewelryWomen love diamonds. Nearly every second US household owns at least 1 piece of diamond jewelry. Think about your engagement ring, wasn’t it a diamond ring? Right! Maybe it was a Tiffany ring? But it’s not only Tiffany’s diamond jewelry that is worth a lot of money. Branded and even unbranded pieces can be sold for top dollars to our company. We love diamond rings made from companies like Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Mikimoto, Piaget, Chopard, Graff, Buccelatti, Cartier Harry Winston, David Yurman or Bvlgari and all other famous and also unknown brands.

Consider that selling diamond jewelry is risky if you don’t know a reliable place. You could get paid too less money for very valuable pieces. There is just one way to get sure getting paid properly. You have to unlock your diamond jewelry’s value. Find out how much your diamond jewelry is worth. We present you two ways for a successful deal:

  1. Know how much it’s worth and sell for that price
  2. Shop around to compare offers. If you visit many reliable diamond buyers, you will get a good impression of how much it’s worth. Visit at least 10 local buyers if possible before you finally decide to sell.

Sell diamond jewelry online: fast and for a high price

reDollar kit diamond jewelryGo a straight away to a reliable gold buyer like reDollar. We offer a free evaluation and a guarantee for high prices. We offer a gold calculator and a diamond price list letting you know in advance how much money you will get paid. Selling has never been so easy before. And these days it’s a very good time to sell diamond jewelry. Thanks to an escalating demand for diamonds and diamond jewelry among the middle class in China and India. It seems that diamond prices have risen every year during the last years. Benefit from this high prices and become another satisfied seller of diamond jewelry. is a great place for your inherited jewelry or your divorce jewelry.

No limit to the amount and the value of diamond jewelry you can sell with us

There are only some buyers willing to buy nearly all pieces of diamond jewelry for very high prices. We can afford buying jewelry into the $500,000 range and more. So if you have extremely valuable diamond pieces you will have to speak to companies like us for a satisfying sales result.

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