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  • Drawbacks of selling gold local
  • Sell gold in online auctions
  • It’s time to sell gold online
  • Analysis report specimen


  • What’s important for selling
  • Gold selling FAQs
  • Online versus local
  • Scrap gold photos

Sell your gold online with – the modern way to turn any kind of gold into dollars. With us, you can expect to get paid highest prices. We pledge that no money will be left on the table. reDollar expert checks the clasp for gold markingsHow can this work? reDollar is a company specialized in precious metal trading. We are proud to own an outstanding gold lab operated by – we use to say – gold geniuses. Plus, we have latest technology like fluorescence measuring systems and ultrasonic machines in use, allowing us to determine your gold’s purity with the highest possible accuracy. We determine and pay even for the tiniest pieces you deliver. Transparent and Beneficial Like a Bank is our slogan and because there is no risk for us to buy your gold, we can offer you almost the spot price. Our equipment is worth tens of thousands of dollars and reflects the most important difference between our company and so called “next door gold buyers”. Almost no local gold dealer is able to afford this machines and without an equipment like that precision is not achievable. To sum up and to give you an example: for gold worth 10 dollars we are able to pay you up to 9.50 dollars. Isn’t that a great deal?

How much we pay for your gold

We pay for 10K: $16.14/g
We pay for 14K: $22.70/g
We pay for 18K: $29.10/g
We pay for 24K:  $40.92/g



Our gold calculator is a great tool top precalculate your payout amount for gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Click here to calculate the money you will get paid from us and to get started with the selling process. It’s so easy and convenient.


You can sell your gold easy like 1-2-3 without using our gold calculator and without knowing much about the gold you own. Click Start Now, fill in our simple selling form, mail in your assets and agree to our payout offer to get your money instantly.


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Faberge butterfly brooch


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IWC pocket watch


vintage gemstone brooch

Better don’t sell gold local

Hunting from one local store to another local store can be very frustrating and exhausting. From the city mall to a pawnshop or a jeweler: rude staff, bad quotes and dubious ways of validation might be the experiences at the end of your day. Your only real profit after a long comparison-day is the knowledge that you can´t trust one of those dealers so far. But how to sell gold if local stores are no option for you? And why are they offering such low quotes and a nontransparent process? First you have to learn that reliable gold dealers like are existing and not all buyers are bad or untrustworthy! It really depends on where you go. Our company for example offers highest prices for your gold, is still making money on it. But how can we offer more cash than most local dealers? It´s a simple explanation: we don´t run a store in a rent-expensive mall serving only a few customers a day. We are an online based company like Amazon or eBay running a centralized gold buying headquarter in charge for the entire US. We serve thousands of customers allowing us to run our operation on small margins. All the gold and other assets we are buying are getting processed in our headquarter laboratory no matter if it comes from New York, Hawaii or Alaska. Our company was not created to run countless gold buying or pawn stores paying expensive rents and employing hundreds of customer service representatives. All this costs would cut the amount of money we are able to offer you for your gold. For that reason reDollar can pay you more cash for your gold than a local gold buying store. Sell gold to us and become another very satisfied customer spreading the message of Don’t wait any longer. That’s the deal you were looking for. Click here to sell your gold online for the highest prices available.

Good choice to sell gold via an online auction?

Many folks assume taking a photo and providing a brief item description leads to a selling success in an online auction. The truth is, very likely you lose money if you auction your gold and we can proof our statement because we have done an extensive investigation. Most scrap gold sells for almost the spot price in an online auction BUT you get charged a 10% selling fee and if PayPal is involved you can take off another 2.9 percent from the amount you see at the end of your action. And those fees are only the part you can budget. Now, imagine that you don’t achieve the spot price in your auction. This is what happens very often! We tried it and our expert’s mission was to watch out for gold and silver auctions on eBay. And guess what – we were winning some gold auctions where sellers lost money. Here are the results of our study about selling gold in an auction:

Test case 1 case 2 case 3 case 4
Item gold ring gold cross gold ring pendant
Purity 10K gold 10K gold 14K gold 14K gold
Weight 4.26 grams 3.55 grams 6.88 grams 2.11 grams
Winning Bid $60.99 $49.00 $140.00 $39.00
Payout after fees $53.13 $42.68 $121.94 $33.97
reDollar payout $66.03 $54.79 $149.71 $43.85
Sellers Loss/ $ $12.90 $12.11 $27.77 $9.88
Sellers Loss/ % 19.53% 22.10% 18.54% 22.53%

Scenario 1: We’ve bought a 10 karat gold ring on eBay. We paid $60.99 what was still less than the ring’s real material value. The ring’s real value was $66.03 (April 2017). The total $7.86 selling fee and the fact that the gold ring was sold for less than the real value was leading to this bad deal. The seller lost $12.90 what equals a 19.53% deduction from the amount we would have paid.

Now, it’s time to sell gold online is designed to fit everyone’s selling needs. We are happy to process gold worth a quarter as well as gold worth a brand new truck. We offer an easy to use selling kit for gold worth up to $2,500 or free pick-up at any location of your convenience. The entire selling process is fully insured and hassle-free. To get started, you can use our gold calculator if you know your gold’s weight and purity (karat) to find out how much you can get paid. If you know the weight exactly, you get paid exactly what you have pre-calculated. We never ever renegotiate what we have promised you to pay. is the gold standard for selling any kind of precious metals or jewelry. Today, we pay $29.10 per gram for 18K gold and $22.70 per gram for 14K gold. For tradeable bullion coins made of pure gold, we can pay $1272.46 per ounce. Please consider that our purchase prices are changing constantly because the value of your gold is related to the stock market prices. If the gold price is rising, our purchase prices are rising as well. If the gold price drops, we also reduce our prices that we are able to pay. It’s very beneficial to sell gold online because you can check the current purchase price situation anytime without getting in pressure of a local buyer’s aim to get your gold for a bargain. And furthermore, you get full privacy and discretion if you sell gold online.

Expect a detailed analysis report when you sell gold online

Unfortunately, it’s a common practice to get no more information than “I can pay you $500 for your gold” if you sell gold local. You will not get a written report with details about the gold you have delivered. Not so with! We provide you with a detailed analysis report showing exactly what you have delivered. We list every single position for you, including item, weight, purity, and value. It’s up to you if you agree to our offer or not. We also include information about the way how we have performed the testing of your assets. If you take a look on the draft report to the left, you will notice that we really go in detail. In that specific report, we state that acid testing, fluorescence measuring testing, density determination and an ultrasonic test were performed. The report shows the quantity of every position delivered and also the total weight. Of course you see the purchase offer for every single position listed and also the total amount you can agree or decline. It’s a very convenient, safe, reliable and of course fully insured way to sell gold online. Follow our recommendation and pre-calculate your payout amount if you know your gold’s purity and weight and mail in your gold today.

Finally, know your partner if you sell gold online

It’s okay to shop around to find a gold buying company you are feeling comfortable with. We also recommend running an extensive comparison to pick the perfect deal for you. We know that is one of the best places to sell gold online but we want you to investigate your possibilities for selling on the internet. Finally, we provide you a brief checklist making you sensitive for selling gold online:

  • Do you know how much money you can get paid per gram or pennyweight before you mail in your gold? [extremely important]
  • Can you claim your property back without questions asked? [extremely important]
  • Are fees involved for selling? [extremely important]
  • Can you expect a detailed report showing exactly what you have delivered? [very important]
  • Is the buyer offering a payout option fitting your needs? [very important]
  • Do you get paid for gemstones as well or is the buyer offering a free return service for stones? [very important]
  • What happens with designer jewelry? [important]
  • What happens with items a buyer is not willing to buy? [important]
  • Do you have to pay for shipping? [important]
  • Is shipping insured? [important]

We think that this is a very important list of selling-relevant questions you should be aware of. A reliable buyer will be very happy to answer all your questions with patience. We’ve also answered the questions for you to understand more about their importance:

Do you know how much money you can get paid per gram or pennyweight before you mail in your gold?

With you know absolute exactly how much money you can get paid for your gold before you mail it in. We publish our purchase prices for coins, bullion, scrap gold, dental gold, scrap silver, platinum and palladium. The prices are final prices and no deductions apply. You get exactly paid what we promise you to pay.

Can you claim your property back without questions asked?

We think it’s very important to have the right to claim your property back at anytime. We know that our purchase prices are not beatable and that we have nothing to hide. There is no reason to not allow you claiming your assets back. Every now and then sellers become sad about selling an item related with memories. We think getting back a personal item if desired is the fundamental base for a reliable business relationship.

Are fees involved for selling?

We think that a reliable gold buyer is responsible for providing a “fee-free” transaction. If it comes to sell gold online, honesty and consumer protection is the base for a satisfying sale. We dislike fees and we would never ever charge you for our services.

Can you expect a detailed report showing exactly what you have delivered?

A detailed report makes you feel good and safe about a transaction. You have a proof about what you have sold and about the analysis procedures that were involved. No reDollar transaction will be handled without a detailed analysis report.

Is the buyer offering a payout option that fits your needs?

You may don’t mind about the payout method when you sell gold locally because in the majority of cases you will get paid in cash. But you want to know how to get your money if you sell gold online. In times of online fraud you may want to find a buyer offering a payout option that fits your needs and ensuring your safety. While some are concerned about their data, others may be unbanked. Around 7% of the American households are unbanked what equals approx. 9 million families. If you are unbanked, you want to know your options to get the cash for your gold. We at are prepared for people’s concerns whether they are about data issues as well about banking issues. Besides direct deposits, wire transfers or a PayPal transfers we also offer check payments and even money orders. And the good thing about money orders is that they can be cashed without a holding period.

Do you get paid for gemstones as well or is the buyer offering a free return service for stones?

Don’t underestimate what’s mounted in your jewelry. Normally you will get paid only for the metal if you are selling gold online. Ensure that the buyer you are ready to sending your gold is either paying for gemstones or willing to remove your stones for returning. We at reDollar let you decide if you prefer to get the stones back or accept our additional purchase offer for your mounted gemstones.

What happens with designer jewelry?

Be careful with designer jewelry. We’ve tried to sell a nice Tiffany necklace made of sterling silver locally. 9 out of 10 buyers we have compared, have offered only the scrap silver price. Only one buyer has mentioned that the jewelry we have offered was made from Tiffany and is more precious than just scrap silver. We at let you know if we detect designer jewelry in your selling lot and how much we can offer you for that in addition. You can sell designer jewelry with us no matter if you own Tiffany jewelry, Chopard jewelry, Cartier jewelry, Bvlagri jewelry, Piaget jewelry, Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry or designer jewelry made from other famous high-end brands.

What happens with items not eligible for selling?

A beautifully looking item can be precious to you but not from interest for the market. Make sure that items not eligible for selling find their way back to you, if you offer or sell gold online. Jewelry made of brass or copper may look pretty and exclusive but are reflecting no real value. Request those merchandises back if they bring joy to you.

Do you have to pay for shipping?

We think that a reliable gold buyer is responsible for providing a smooth and risk-free selling transaction without burdening you with costs. Ensure that you can mail in your gold for free if you sell gold online. We at know that it’s important to assist you throughout the entire selling process no matter if you sell only some silver quarters or gold worth a small fortune.

Is shipping insured?

Speak with the customer service about insurance if you can’t find the company’s insurance policy. There are some gold buying companies only offering a limited liability in case of a lost. We at always ask for your insurance estimation to provide you with the shipping solution that fits your needs best. While gold and assets worth $500, $1,500 or even $2,500 can be fulfilled by USPS, gold worth $10,000 or more needs a special delivery solution. Get yourself clear about how an online gold buyer handles insurance cases.

Sell Gold Online Versus Sell Gold Local

If you know the right place like, selling gold online is for sure the best way to turn your gold into cash. It’s not only easy like 1-2-3, it’s also the most transparent way to sell. Our customers usually like our reports best because they show in detail how we have calculated our offers and why.

Sell Gold Online Sell Gold Local
Privacy full privacy limited privacy
Reviews reviews available reviews available
Advice phone, chat, email in person
Selling pressure no pressure probably
Convenience easy like 1-2-3 time involved
Cash in hand money order, Paypal or check available
Fingerprints no fingerprints often required
Analysis report yes sometimes
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