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Welcome to reDollar – the best place to sell scrap silver online. We are a very well known Fintech Startup company revolutionizing the silver & gold buying industry with paying highest possible prices for silver. We serve and trade transparent and beneficial like a bank. Order your “Scrap Gold Selling Kit” today: Scrap Silver Selling Kit for any Silver reDollar Scrap Silver Expert AlanAlan is our scarp metal manager and working with his team on your delivered scrap silver. All items arriving in our laboratory will be evaluated and reviewed from a team of experts Alan hired. We treat the tiniest pieces of silver as it was our’s getting the most profit out of it.

It’s worth to sell your scrap silver It’s worth more than you would probably think: a single sterling silver spoon weighing 85 grams is worth $31.67, a silver tray weighing 780 grams is worth $290.63, a pouch of old silver coins weighing 375 grams can sell for $139.73 and a punch of old silver chains and rings weighing 430 grams realizes $160.22, today.

.999 silver per ounce Sell for $13.99
.999 silver per dwt Sell for $0.70
.925 silver per ounce Sell for $11.59
.925 silver per dwt Sell for $0.58
.900 silver per ounce Sell for $11.27
.900 silver per dwt Sell for $0.56

What you can sell & how much we pay

.925 scrap silver jewelry Scrap silver jewelry 552 grams of .925 silver sell for $205.68
Melted scrap silver, 92.5% purity Melted scrap silver 276 grams of .960 silver sell for $106.73
British scrap silver coins Scrap silver coins 477 grams of .925 scrap silver coins sell for $177.73
Scrap sterling silver tray Scrap silver tray A 961 grams weighing silver tray sells for $358.07
.925 European scrap silver spoons Scrap silver spoons 238 grams of .925 silver sell for $88.68

What you can sell & how much we pay

scrap silver lot: jewelry and more Scrap silver lot 881 grams of .925 silver sell for $328.27
.925 scrap silver chain and medal Scrap silver chain and medal 169 grams of .925 silver sell for $62.97
American scrap silver coins various purities American scrap silver coins A 356 grams weighing coin lot sells for $132.65
Heavy and big scrap silver basket Scrap silver basket A 643 grams weighing .925 silver basket sells for $239.59
sterling silver scrap box Scrap silver box A 337 grams weighing silver box sells for $125.57

Alan and Maria checking scrap silverThe metal “silver” is an important part of the American history and the most widespread precious metal in the US. You can find silver almost everywhere: in jewelry, coins, ingots, flatware, silverware, dental gold, artificial joints, electronics, artwork, medals, music instruments and even in special glues or photo paper. Most of those items end up as scrap silver, sooner or later. But what to do with scrap silver? Right, you could sell scrap silver for a very good price. But you need a reliable buyer to sell scrap silver for a high and fair price. If you have done some research, you probably found out that the price, silver buyers are willing to pay, has often nothing to do with the current spot price. We at reDollar think the purchase price should be based close to the silver spot price. reDollar offers the opportunity to sell scrap silver and other precious metals for truly high prices. We run our own refinery and our experts on-board are able to determine scrap silver extremely precisely, on basis of the current silver price. Individuals as well as commercial sellers can sell their scrap silver with us. We buy 3 silver spoons as well as a barrel filled up with scrap silver. The keys to a satisfying selling experience are the offered price and the service. has very high standards of dealing with precious metals. Parts of our company’s philosophy are highest prices, ingenuity and promptness. We are the perfect partner for individuals who wants to sell some scrap silver from their households, for heirs ready to sell inherited scrap silver, liquidators, authorities or even for collectors selling silver remains from recent deals. But even when you sell to get some extra cash, is the ultimate option for you. Our selling process was created to make cash in less than 48 hours, indifferent where you live in the US. A New York based customer gets the cash as fast as a customer from anywhere in Alaska. That’s, that’s what it is!

What kind of scrap silver can you sell? What is considered scrap silver?

The term scrap silver refers to merchandises losing their original purpose of use. A silver vase turns into scrap silver if it’s damaged or out of fashion and not worth to display anymore. A silver tray turns into scrap silver if it got scratched and using it as a tray brings no joy anymore. Or, removed bone screws used for surgical implants are considered scrap silver because due to hygienically standards a reuse is prohibited in most states and depending on the circumstances removed silver bone screws are the patient’s property. With reDollar, you can sell any kind of scrap silver with us. Ranging from damaged silver jewelry to scratched silver decoration or even silver bone screws. Only hazardous materials are excluded of sending to our laboratory. As you learned before, scrap silver is a wide-spread term. Scrap silver are also items made of silver without an interesting resale value. A nice looking silver medal can be classified as scrap silver when there is no demand from buyers. Every day, we receive nice looking silver items which dealers tried to sell for more than the just the material value. After a while they get frustrated of keeping silver items worth hundreds of dollars. Sometimes it’s better to sell an item as scrap silver for an immediately cash return instead of waiting months or years to make a bit more. It’s all about cash flow, right? Selling a pretty looking silver item for more cash than its material value is generating marketing and selling costs. You have to properly store the item, you have to take photos of it, you have to enhance those photos using software, you have to provide an item description and finally you have to wrap it carefully ensuring safe shipping. And it can come worse – your silver gets tarnished and you have to put more working hours into the item before ready for selling. In most circumstances, the time and the hassle isn’t worth to wait for the extra buck.

Attention! Cost Trap! Selling a silver item worth $500 costs up to $175 with your local auctioneer and around $75 with online auctions. Safe time and money not auctioning your scrap silver.

Scrap silver we accept

You still learned that you can sell any scarp silver with us only excluding hazardous items. We have listed an overview about the most common scrap silver items we are receiving in our laboratory. Don’t worry if the silver item you plan to sell is not listed, we accept it for sure paying you the highest possible price.

Sell scrap silver jewelry

You can sell any scrap silver jewelry to our company. There is no need to clean the items you plan to deliver. We remove gemstone, artificial stones, pearls and all non-precious parts for you at no costs to get a clean scrap silver lot. If wanted we return all removed items to you. rings, bangles, chains, cuffs, necklaces made of sterling silver

Sell scrap silver coins

You can sell any scrap silver coins with us. We accept any silver alloys ranging from .500 silver to .999 fine silver. Relax, because we double-check all delivered coins and rounds for special values. It’s up to you if you prefer to exclude and claim back the special coin from the rest of the scrap silver. American, British, French and Indian silver coins

Sell scrap silver cutlery

You can sell any scrap silver cutlery like forks, knifes or spoons to us. Most blades aren’t made of silver to receive a better hardness and many knife handles are filled with sand or cement to provide the user a better cutting experience. We remove those non-precious parts at no costs. .925 big sterling silver spoons

Sell silver cutoffs, filings, granules etc.

Silversmith’s, jewelers and jewelry designers are invited to sell their scrap silver like cutoffs, filings, granules, wires or sheets to us. You can either receive a high payment or depending on availability .925 sterling silver or .999 fine silver for your work back. sterling silver compound: copper and pure silver

Sell decorative scrap silver

You can sell any decorative scrap silver items to us. Vases, trays, cups, bowls, boxes, frames, mirrors, candlesticks, jars, figures and much more is accepted for selling. A free expert-double-check for finding items worth more than the silver price is included. spoons, mugs, candlestick, bowl, sugar tongs, cake lifter made of sterling silver

Sell scrap silver watches

You can sell any scrap silver watches to our company: pocket watches, wristwatches, table watches or other watches. We cautiously remove the crystal, the clockwork and other parts containing no silver for returning to you if wanted. You receive a separated offer for watches worth more than the silver price. scrap silver pocket watches and wristwatches

How much is scrap silver worth?

It depends on the point of time when you sell scrap silver. The amount a reliable silver buyer can pay for your scrap silver is indispensable associated to the current silver price and the silver price fluctuates permanently. In fact, times are good to sell scrap silver. In 1995 the average value of one ounce fine silver was $5.20, in 2000 the average price per troy ounce was $4.95 and in 2005, silver was worth $7.22. Between 2008 and 2016, we have seen a crazy silver market with rapidly rising prices and extremely fast dropping prices. Nothing was certain the last years. Today, one ounce is worth $14.72 (.999 silver) what is by far more than the average silver price we have experienced in the last centuries. If we compare the today’s silver price situation with 2011 ($35.11 per ounce) the price could be higher, yes, but what is the perfect time for selling? If you wait too long and the silver market drops again, you lose more money than you could have won. Individuals and also not commercial sellers should put too much attention to the current silver market price because if a plan to sell silver is made, there is a reason for it. Don’t put the current price over your reason of selling. If you have made a serious plan to sell scrap silver, we ensure that you get paid the highest possible price receiving the desired money as soon as possible. Finally, remember that knowing a silver buyer who is able and willing to pay really high prices is more important than the current silver price itself. There is no financial benefit if the silver price is exceptional high but a prospective buyer only offers 50% of the spot price. Makes sense, right?

We discover the treasure in your scrap silver!

Silver treasure still exists but is hard to discover without a widespread knowledge, even for a single working reDollar expert. But why? You need a team of experts because the indicators telling you “that’s a piece of interest” are often barely visible and hidden in unclear hallmarks. Valuable silver often comes from the “Old Europe” and countries like Italy, England, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Scotland and of course Russia. Silver from Asia and South America is also sophisticated to refer to a provenience what makes a punch of experts needed to involve in the evaluation-process. Hallmarks, engravings, serial numbers, inventory numbers, sticker, monograms, crests or statements can help to find a worthy sleeper in your lot. Yes, that’s a seldom scenario but existing and we don’t want you, as a silver seller, to miss the chance for recovering a piece of high-value and we also don’t want to destroy a historical piece we inherited from our forefathers. reDollar’s solution for the problem of discovery is group work. All scrap silver arriving in our laboratory undergoes a so-called “reveal-process” fulfilled by several reDollar experts. Four, six or even eight eyes see and know more than just two eyes. Sell your scrap silver with us – there is no risk to miss a silver-jackpot-chance.

Sell scrap silver online

Order your reDollar scrap silver selling set for a hassle-free mail in service. Remember, you can sell scrap silver items like: jewelry, watches, pocket watches, flatware, table accessories, forks, spoons, knifes, tea spoons, bowls, coins, bars, bullion, art bars, food pushers, letter openers, cocktail server, servers, placeholders, pocket knifes, chains, tea pots, fish knifes, ladle spoons, goblets, brooches, snuff boxes, dinner forks, figurines, photo frames, card cases, cigarette cases, trays, candelabras, centerpieces, plates, vases and much more. Items made from American silversmiths are also welcomed to be sold: Gorham, International Silver Co, Kirk Stieff, Meriden Britannia Co, Reed & Barton, Rogers, Tiffany & Co, Towle, Wallace, William Adams Inc, Allan Adler Inc, Valerio Albarello, Alvin Corporation, American Emblem Corporation, American Metalcraft, AMS MFG, Amston Silver.

Individuals and Commercials can sell scrap silver

Folks, it’s simple to sell scrap silver online. Individuals and commercial clients are welcomed to start the selling process. Commercial sellers: please ensure you checked our special conditions.

And this is our scrap silver selling kit

reDollar selling kit for scrap coins and ingots

Silver Questions we answered

Silver Fact Check

Term Silver, Argentum, Ag
Value One troy ounce of pure silver is worth $14.72, today. Silver’s scarcity makes it valuable.
Precious (noble) metals Silver is considered a precious metal although it does not belong to the platinum group elements platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, osmium, and ruthenium. Silver’s abundance in Earth’s crust is very low what unites it with precious metals as the fact that silver shows similar abilities to remain unaltered under conditions affecting base metals.
4500 BC Silver was used in Babylon as a monetary instrument.
380 AD Silver hallmarks were firstly used in Rom/ Italy.
1238 In 1238, the England emperor already set fineness-standards for silver.
Tarnishing Silver tarnishes under certain conditions.
Silver Alloy The most important silver alloy in the United States is so-called sterling silver. 75/1000 parts of copper an 925/1000 parts of silver create sterling silver.
Melting Point .999 fine silver melts at 1762 °F (961 degrees Celsius) while .925 silver melts at 1645 °F (896 degrees Celsius).
Diamagnetism Silver is diamagnetic what makes it possible to test it against base metals.

Beware of “Highest Prices Paid” without stating the price

An average gold buyer, pawn shop or scrap dealer in your neighborhood is not able to pay the highest prices because they don’t have the huge turnover to pay close to the spot price. You need to mine a lot of scrap silver from the folks out there, so that costs for trading and refining can be covered. gets a lot of scrap silver and therefore we are able to pay truly high prices. With help of our melting department, we can even melt small quantities of scrap silver, without burden our customers with any costs. Theoretically, we could melt 5 spoons without generating costs. Our target is to provide the best imaginable assay-result for your scrap silver. That’s guaranteed by our satisfaction guarantee.

Where can you find some scrap silver to make some extra cash?

We know some people making a living with collecting scrap silver and other scrap metals. These guys provide free pick-up of unwanted household goods in hope that sellable metals hide. Other spots where scrap silver can hide are flea markets, garage sales, storage auctions, heritages or beaches and parks where visitors lost their jewelry. Our regular customers get advice where scrap metals hide in their region. Just ask our sales team for more information.