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US Gold Buyers – find a gold buyer in your state

US FlagHow much money do gold buyers pay? We’ve compared the US gold buyers and we’ve investigated your selling options. Do you already know our list of buyers? If you own gold, jewelry, diamonds, watches, silverware, dental gold, coins or bars, you may look for a reliable gold buyer. But how much do gold buyers pay and is the majority of them honest and reliable? What about the odds to get ripped-off? Should you take care while shopping around? And is selling online a serious option for you? There are dozens of questions if you plan to sell gold or other assets and therefore it’s very helpful to read the guideline we provide you.

Types of gold buyers and ways to get the most cash for gold: Many Americans only think about gold buyers, pawn shops and eBay when they investigate their selling options. But there are also other ways to sell gold, jewelry and other assets. We share a list of all options for selling your unwanted stuff:

Gold buyers in your neighborhood

As the gold price began to rise, more and more gold buyers popped up. These days you can find gold buyers almost everywhere: in your neighborhood, in malls, on flea markets, and in almost every city center. We have seen gold buyers located in a gas station as well as in containers on the highway. You find gold buyers nearly everywhere in the US, even in the countryside or in smallest towns. But this oversupply on gold buyers is not a benefit for you. The harsh competition makes it difficult for gold buyers to cover their running costs. For this reason they are not seldom tempted to offer you too little money for your gold. Don’t have sympathy for their self-made situation. It’s you coming first and it’s your right to get paid the best price for your gold. Believe in us, we know gold buyers offering $200, for gold worth $800. It surely cannot be the case that customers have to stand for gold buyer’s financial situation. Therefore it’s a must to compare the gold buyers and the prices they offer. Shop around and never sell too hasty. Compare local gold buyers with online gold buyers to find out where you get paid the most cash.

Online gold buyers offer instant cash

gold buyers on the internetAlso online gold buyers face a hard competition with their competitors but you may get paid more cash for your gold if you know a reliable online buyer like Online gold buyers like us have an advantage against their local competitors. We don’t have to afford an expensive lease in malls or fancy neighborhood areas. We as online gold buyers can run our business at lower costs besides serving customers all over the US and not only regionally. Therefore it’s easier for us to offer high prices for gold. Tools like our online gold calculator makes comparison easy for consumers. But take care, some other online gold buyers run their operations to exploit unsuspecting sellers to make a fortune with your gold. If you ponder to sell gold and you don’t know much about the value, ask an expert to avoid a ripoff. Read more information about online gold buyers.

Pawn shops also buy gold

pawn shop gold buyersPawn shops pawn gold and mostly buy gold. Generally, they are in the same competition like local gold buyers. But because their major business is lending money for collaterals, they have a small advantage against gold buyers. They pay for their running costs not only by buying gold. Their major income will be generated by borrowing money. This makes it easier to offer more cash for gold. But don’t trust pawn shops more than gold buyers just because of our explanation. You can find very reliable gold buyers as well as very honest pawn shops. Moreover we know that pawn shops want to make a safe deal because they usually pawn and pawning is strongly connected with a bigger risk. The risk that a pawner fails to redeem the pawn loan. The resulting deduction can cause an unsatisfying selling amount. Always ask how much they pay for a pennyweight of a special alloy. If they decline to tell a price, rush out of the store – this place may act unreliable.

Local auction house: auction your gold

auction in actionSome local auction houses also buy gold. Generally, they auction your gold and jewelry but some of them offer also instant cash. Keep commissions and fees in mind if you consider an auction to sell your gold. Commissions for sellers usually range from 10 percent to 25 percent. Some auction houses also charge you other fees such as a photography fee, a storage fee, or even an insurance fee. If they don’t achieve a very high price in the auction, the selling experience can turn into a disaster for you. Take this into consideration before you hand over your possessions to an auctioneer. Also bear in mind that many auctions start without a limit price. If there are not enough bidders active at the auction, the winning bid can be much lower than expected. Even if you don’t sell with them, they can support you with advice about the value of your items that you own.

Antique dealers are cash for gold places

antique dealers are also gold buyersAntique dealers are specialized in everything and nothing an old adage says. Most of this places also offer a gold buying service. They aren’t classic gold buyers but even though offer to buy gold, silver, jewelry, and sometimes dental gold. It’s very questionable if selling with an antique dealer is a good choice because just a minority is willing and able to offer a great deal for your gold. An offered price between 30 percent and 60 percent under the current gold price isn’t really surprisingly in this industry. Please consider that an antique dealer doesn’t buy considerable quantities of gold every day, week or month. He has to keep the gold until he can get more to process it with a gold refinery thus he has to be safe with his pricing. Nobody knows how the metal prices evolves and therefore a higher deduction has to be considered and calculated. If you have a nice looking college ring, maybe with a gem, an antique dealer can be a possibly option. But if a selling transaction with a significant quantity of gold, coins or jewelry takes place, a bigger and more professional organized company is much more recommended.

Second hand dealers buy gold

You can also sell gold to second hand dealers. Normally they trade with almost all goods worth more than a fiver. But our experience is that second hand dealers very often don’t count to the top dollar locations for gold. Check their profession in advance, because many dealers without the needed skills and knowledge to buy gold are active in this market. If a dealer strives to provide a second to non service, a laboratory with very expensive equipment is needed. Most of the second hand dealers perform only a scratching test with acid to determine the alloy. Generally, this test works but can leave many, many questions unanswered. An acid test can result in an unknown alloy something between 14 karat gold and 18 karat gold. The value between 14K gold and 18K gold is really significant and should get determined precisely. Only a very expensive XRF testing machine is able to deliver an exact result.

How much money gold buyers pay?

We share a gold buyer comparison for the entire of the US with you. Just look for your state and your city to find out more.

StateTop CitiesTop Cities
Gold Buyers IllinoisSell gold in ChicagoGold buyers in Rockford
Gold Buyers FloridaSell gold in MiamiSell gold in Tallahassee
Gold Buyers ColoradoSell gold in DenverGold buyers Aurora
Gold Buyers KansasSell gold in Topeka
Gold Buyers GeorgiaSell gold in Atlanta
Gold Buyers OregonSell gold in Portland
Gold Buyers TexasSell gold in HoustonCash for gold in Dallas
Gold Buyers CaliforniaSell gold in Los AngelesCash for Gold San Francisco
Gold Buyers OhioSell gold in Columbus
Gold Buyers TennesseeSell gold in Memphis
Gold Buyers WashingtonSell gold in SeattleGold Buyers in Kent
Gold Buyers MassachusettsSell gold in Boston
Gold Buyers MichiganCash for Gold in Detroit
Gold Buyers NevadaGold Buyers Las Vegas
Gold Buyers ArizonaSell gold in Phoenix
Gold Buyers State of New YorkSell gold in New York CityGold Buyers Buffalo
Gold Buyers WisconsinGold Buyers in Milwaukee
Gold Buyers IndianaGold Buyers in Indianapolis
Gold Buyers in PennsylvaniaSell gold in Philadelphia
Gold Buyers North CarolinaSell gold in Charlotte
Gold Buyers UtahGold Buyers Salt Lake City
Gold Buyers IdahoGold Buyers Boise
Gold Buyers MinnesotaGold Buyers Minneapolis
Gold buyers NebraskaGold buyers OmahaGold buyers Lincoln
Gold Buyers IowaGold buyers Des Moines
Gold Buyers WyomingGold buyers Cheyenne
Gold Buyers MontanaGold buyers Helena
Gold Buyers MissouriGold buyers Kansas City
Gold Buyers South DakotaGold buyers Sioux Falls
Gold Buyers Alabama Sell gold in Birmingham

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