How to find a good online diamond buyer?

Selling diamonds to an online diamond buyer can be very attractive but there are some important tips that you should consider before you sell your diamonds to the first online diamond buyer that you can find on Google or any other search engine. Many online diamond buyers don’t act very transparent. Normally an online diamond buyer should be able to give you an information about his current purchase prices. Unfortunately the majority of online diamond buyers don’t act so transparent, many of them don’t give out any price information, also if you give them precise detail information of your owned diamonds. What’s the reason why they act that way? The answer is simple, because they would like to make the highest possible profit with your diamond sale. When they meet you in person, they can better justify their price offers, then they can better argue why it’s plausible to buy only a low price. This tactics they cannot apply when they tell you a price on the phone for example. In general it can be said that a reliable place where you can sell diamonds online is a place where you get a reliable and transparent price information. is such a place. We offer you a diamond calculator where you can calculate our prices for your precious diamonds. We update our prices two times a day so you can follow up when the price is raising or falling. With us you have a 100% control, we have nothing to hide and it’s not our philosophy to rip our clients off, our aim is to gain millions of satisfied clients who recommend us to their family and friends, that’s why we offer you the highest possible prices for your diamonds.

What factors influence the value of my diamond?

There are three main characteristics that influence the value of your diamond. The clarity, the weight better said the number of carats and the cut are the most important characteristics that define the value of your diamond. See also our information relating to the diamond grading. If you have a diamond with two carats for example, that has many inclusions it can have a lower value than a 1.5 carat diamond that has a clarity grading grade of FL (flawless) although the 2 carat diamond is heavier and bigger. So you can see, the determination and grading of diamonds is very complex and an online diamond buyer should have a consolidate knowledge and expertise. If you don’t be a professional then you won’t be able to determine the value of your diamond exactly because to do that you need to know all the characteristics, but nevertheless you can get a first impression of our prices. Using our diamond calculator is very easy: you specify the basics and within seconds you get a price information relating to your diamond(s). brought the process of selling diamonds to an online diamond buyer to perfection. Don’t waste your time with intransparent online diamond buyers, sell with us and benefit from our great services!

How does it work to sell to an online diamond buyer?

The process of selling your diamonds to the best online diamond buyer reDollar, is very simple and secure. When you have decided to sell your diamonds with us, please wrap them very well and choose a convenient method for shipping. We offer you two shipping methods: You can ship your items with a free pickup from FedEx or if you would like to organize the shipping by yourself, then you can use our prepaid shipping labels from USPS. With both shipping methods you have the full flexibility. reDollar is your right partner if you want to cash up instantly. We offer payments by PayPal, as money order, by check or direct debit. With us, you have the choice because we make the choice!

Let’s make a deal today, get started now and sell your diamonds to reDollar – YOUR online diamond buyer.

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