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What makes an online gold buyer reliable? Guess what! Yes, it’s the offered and finally paid price. It’s a fact that most Americans are not used to calculate the value of gold, jewelry, coins or watches. That’s not a shame. It’s absolutely normal. You also don’t know how to repair a car if you are not a mechanic. Or you also don’t know where your pain comes from if you are not a doctor. So why should you know how to determine your gold’s value as a normal individual? Selling gold needs qualified support, like repairing a car or finding out where your pain comes from. Each special matter needs an experienced and qualified partner. Selling gold and other very valuable things is such a special matter. That’s why it’s most important for you to sell to a reliable online gold buyer.

In comparison with most other online gold buyers and local gold dealers, our company is the right choice because we really offer high prices. And it’s more than just a spoken or written statement. It’s a fact you can proof, using our gold calculator. We are proud to offer such amazing prices for gold and more than happy to share the facts with the public. Selling gold to an online gold buyer should not be a miracle. It should be a transparent and checkable selling procedure.

Don’t deal with online gold buyers if they are not willing to share their prices.

As you know, the amount you get finally paid is what turns you into a satisfied customer. Beware of unsustainable promises. A tempting $100 bonus can finally turn out as a big mistake. It’s a very bad deal, if you get offered $500 plus a $100 bonus, so in total $600 for gold worth $1,000. never offers special bonus payments because our margin is so small and your payout amount that high that paying an additional bonus is not affordable for us. We don’t promise things we can’t serve.

Shop around and ask for prices. You will find out that selling your gold to an online gold buyer like is the best way to sell your gold. Of course, there are countless online gold buyers fishing for customer’s offering a bonus payment or even an award for selling with them. For individuals it’s hard to find out which online gold buyer has reliable intentions. Just keep in mind that absolutely nobody has something for free. You have to pay for your bonus or your apple iPod award, at the end.

Observe only the hard facts and not some friendly promises. We would be more than happy if you give us your trust. Sell with us, write a review and share your experiences with the public. Each written report qualifies for a $20 gift card of your choice. is the online gold buyer you were looking for.