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High jewelry such as wonderful pieces from Cartier need to be sold to a reliable buyer who knows and esteems the value of this unique and royal jewelry. Sell your Cartier Royal, Cartier Antique or Cartier classics gorgeous jewelry pieces to We are able to appraise the current value of your Cartier jewelry because we work together with notable experts in the field of luxury fine jewelry who have a long lasting experience and consolidated knowledge. Selling Cartier jewelry online is very safe because for delicate shipments as for luxury Cartier jewelry, we offer special shipping methods which guarantee a full coverage. Sell your Cartier jewelry with and benefit from our high standards and our best prices. Your unique Cartier jewelry is it worth.

Photo Selling Information and Value
Cartier Panthère ring

Cartier Panthère ring, total diamond weight almost 7 carats, 298 diamonds, 2 emeralds, 18 karat gold

Sell it for up to $20,000

 Cartier Santos

 Cartier Santos watch, stainless steel, XL dial, 2000s edition

Sell it for up to $5,000

 Cartier diamond brooch

 Cartier diamond brooch, approx. 4 carat in diamonds in total, white gold

Sell it for up to $2,500

 Cartier Love bracelet

 Cartier love bracelet, 18 karat pink and white gold, 69 diamonds in total

Sell it for up to $2,000

 Cartier lighter

 Cartier Paris lighter, 18 karat solid gold, 1940s created, rare in solid gold

Sell it for up to $1,200

 Cartier 14 karat children's tankard cup

 Cartier Children’s Tankard Cup, 14 karat gold, 1940s created, Art Deco design

Sell it for up to $1,200

 Cartier Art Deco case

 Cartier Art Deco case, 1930s design, enamel, jadeite

Sell it for up to $700

 Cartier hoop earrings

 Cartier hoop earrings, 18 karat gold

Sell it for up to $700

 Cartier Art  Deco gold case

 Cartier Art Deco case, 18 karat gold, 2 set diamonds, approx. 200 grams

Sell it for up to $3,000

 Cartier Trinity pendant

 Cartier Trinity pendant, 18 karat gold, yellow gold, white gold, red gold, small diamonds

Sell it for up to $1,000

Cartier cufflinks

Cartier cuff-links, 18 karat gold, contemporary design

Sell it for up to $700

Cartier ladybug brooch

Cartier ladybug brooch, 18 karat gold, 1990s created

Sell it for up to $600

Cartier pen

Cartier pen Pasha, 1990s design, 18k gold 

Sell it for up to $250

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Why Is the selling process of fine Cartier jewelry safe?

This are questions that we often are faced with and it’s good that attentive clients ask this questions. is positioned as online platform only. This way of buying jewelry allows us to waive high costs for renting spaces and additional staff. The money that we can save while offering our services online only we can give back to our clients. So this is the simple answer and reason why we can offer our clients more money for selling their highest fine jewelry from Cartier than our competitors. Part of our business philosophy is also to give something back what we get from our clients, so your trust is our responsibility to pay you the highest prices for your Cartier jewelry and your other assets. Don’t wait any longer, get started now and start selling your Cartier jewelry to, your something different gold buyer in the US. But it’s the difference that makes us successful.

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