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You are in good company if you look for a very reliable place to sell silver. And congratulation, if you decided not to sell your silver to the next possible place without knowing how much it’s worth. You can lose a lot of money, if you would. It happens hundreds of times every day: inherited silver or silver bought many times ago should be turned into cash. You could look just for some extra money between your pay checks or you are in financial needs. For whatever reason you plan to sell silver, keep in mind that you have a right to get paid proper. There is no reason why you should get paid less money than the fair value, isn’t it?

You are on the right track, if you nodded your head while you were reading the first paragraph. Good job, now we can start to work on your understanding for the value of silver and on your understanding why you have to be alerted.

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Sell silver to a reliable place

reDollar experts sorting silver forks and spoons ready for sellingEach big city and even each smaller town in the countryside has some spots to sell silver. This can be a pawn broker as well as a jeweler or a typical silver and gold buyer. It makes no difference if you plan to sell in a big city or at the countryside. Nearly all dealers have just one target: making a lot of money. At your expense!

But how can you avoid getting ripped off while selling silver? The best way is to know what you own. You can’t get ripped off when you know what you own and when you know how much it’s worth. It’s very simple to get into your silver’s value. You just need a scale and healthy eyes to spot the silver markings. Presumably it’s .925 silver, also known as sterling silver, most common in the US. This sort of silver contains 92.5% of pure silver. So go ahead, find all silver markings, weight your silver with a scale and calculate your silver’s value with a gold calculator like ours. Then you know how much money you can expect for your silver.

But please keep in mind that individuals are not as trained as experts like the employees. It happens often, that individuals think that they own sellable silver and in the end it turns out that the silver is just plated and nearly worthless.

And now? How to find out which dealer is reliable? Where can you sell silver for a good price?

Reliable companies like publish purchase prices for silver and even for gold or other precious metals. You can compare the quotes, if you know how much someone is willing to pay for your silver. Best, sell your silver to companies that publish their prices. Don’t accept arguments like:

  • We have to see what you have, to give you a price quote
  • We pay more than just the silver price
  • You can qualify for a premium of $100 and more, if you have special items

These arguments are mostly not honest. At the end of the day, you pay for each premium and please keep in mind that 99% of the circulating silver will be traded on basis of the current silver price. There is no premium for silver jewelry or flatware. And you need a very professional company, if you are one of the lucky guys owning something very valuable. A next door dealer will hardly find out how much it’s worth and even if he finds out – are you sure he will let you know?

Why you should sell silver to

First, is not a one-man show or a shabby store. We are extremely professionally organized and we have a big high-tech laboratory where all our appraisal processes take place. We are able to determine each kind of silver. And if you sell silver with us, we also guarantee to find out how much your items are really worth. We sort your items into two different groups:

  1. Silver, traded on the metal price
  2. Silver, more worth than just the metal price.

You get a report, containing all facts and the total amount that we can offer for each price group. You also have the possibility to reclaim back all or just some items, at any time. And the whole process is hassle-free and of course without any obligations.

We depend on your recommendation

Our company philosophy says, that we are working mainly for you and not for our success. Why? Well, we want to become the most reliable place all over the US for selling silver and other assets like jewelry, diamonds, watches and artwork. We need you, your friends and your family to hit this target. We can only grow and become a well known place, if you are satisfied. Also good to know is, that you could get a $25 gift card of your choice, if you share your experience with the public. Just write a yelp review or publish your experience on your Facebook site. It’s that easy.

Sell your silver online to get cash by the day after tomorrow

It’s very simple to sell silver online. You start online. You tell us your basic information and some more about the silver you’d like to sell. Finally, you decide a convenient and free way to ship your items to our labs. Schedule a free pick up at your home or your office to sell silver with less efforts. Or request a prepaid shipping label to drop off your silver by yourself.

It’s really safe and simple to sell silver online. is a highly recommended place for selling silver. Always keep in mind that an ad, promising things which sounds too good to be true, could turn out as a very bad experience. Don’t sell your silver too fast. Shop around to compare and of course compare before you deal with us. We are not in fear of a comparison because we beat them all! Hurry and get your cash by the day after tomorrow, if you start now.

Some further benefits if you sell silver with us:

  • No commissions for an auction
  • No pending money into your PayPal account
  • No fess and no charges
  • No risk for shipping and handling
  • No fear of getting a bad review on your auction account