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We offer money for gold. We buy scrap gold, jewelry gold, inherited gold, antique gold, vintage gold, natural gold, melted gold, white gold, yellow gold, dental gold, pure gold, gold of any alloys, designer gold, estate gold and much, much more. There is no gold that we are not able to buy. has the knowledge and ability to authenticate and purchase any kind of gold in any amount from individuals as well as from commercial clients.

Do you know our almost unbelievable purchase prices? No? Then please use our gold calculator to become acquainted with them. You will find out that we can outbid almost all competitors, no matter if you just sell a thin chain or a huge amount of gold. Plus, we run a “Meet our Appraiser” program for asking questions concerning the value of gold, jewelry and other precious metals. It’s like “oh my gosh, that’s amazing” if selling gold to us. We are the good guys of the gold buying industry. We are more than just a next door gold buyer. We offer money for gold with the guarantee getting the best advice you can imagine.

Money for gold: scrap gold, old-fashioned gold, melted gold

We have a very modern laboratory with gold testing machines and even a gold melting oven. We are able to determine the purity of any gold alloys and in any amounts, just in minutes. We are able and we can afford to buy hundreds of ounces as well as just an inherited chain. Our mission is serving private individuals with the best possible service, orientated on our fabulous-working commercial department. We can buy your scrap gold, your old-fashioned gold and even pre-melted gold. Our prices are up-to-the-minute and just a few percentage below the stock market price. One ring, a necklace, a jar of dental gold, some bars – this all is no problem.

Plus, selling with us comes with our “Fine Jewelry Rescue Program.” What is it? Well, very often people see in their gold just old-fashioned scrap gold jewelry. That happens to individuals as well as to commercial clients. We have the resources to browse your provided gold for rarities. That’s the best money for gold-service you can get, nationwide. What happens if we find a treasure in your gold junk? We give you a hooray-call. And then it’s up to you to decide between selling the discovery for a higher price and getting back the discovery. That’s our understanding of a great customer service.

Money for gold: estate jewelry, diamond jewelry, jewelry from the highest value

It’s not only a matter of financial power to buy high priced jewelry. It needs a lot more. You need a very experienced and professional organized money for gold-company. Our company has the ability to authenticate finest jewelry. We are used to well known brands like Tiffany & Co. or Van Cleef & Arpels as well as to rarest pieces of special proveniences. Our experts work in groups to ensure the best customer service experience. In case of doubt, we are able to set up a workgroup within an hour to work on exclusivist pieces from all over the world. We get in touch with further appraisers from all over the world using our “jewelry-situation-room” with latest equipment to run real-time video conferences with experts from all over the world. Money for gold is not done with acid or X-ray. The best money for gold service begins with X-ray but ends with a report of all your pieces for your records.

Money for gold: a network from the US to Europe and Asia

Fine jewelry needs geniuses. We do our best to hire the best experts from all over the world. Besides in-house appraisers we also work with an international team of jewelry professionals from all over the world: a diamond pendant from 1930s worth $40,000 – no problem, a Tiffany emerald ring from the early 20th century worth $35,000 – no problem, a diamond bracelet from the 1930s worth $60,000 – no problem. No problem at all. Money for gold and finest jewelry needs a special address:

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