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reDollar is your Cartier jewelry expertYou have a beautiful Cartier Love Bracelet and you plan to sell it? Regardless of the reasons why you want to sell your Cartier Love Bracelet, reDollar is your first buyer for fine jewelry like your Cartier bracelet. The Love Bracelet from Cartier is an undeniable elegant piece of fine jewelry and it stands for love and commitment. The Love Bracelet was created in the 1970s and has become an iconic symbol of inseparable love. Cartier has created four types of its Love series. Cartier Love rings, Cartier Love Necklaces, Cartier Love Earrings and Cartier Love Bracelets. The bracelets are unisex pieces which both, men and women can wear. The Cartier Love Bracelet exists in many different variations. There are white gold bracelets, pink gold bracelets, and yellow gold bracelets. All pieces are available with diamonds and or sapphires. The Cartier Love Bracelets have a purity of 18 karat gold. Sell your Cartier love Bracelet when you’re in need of cash or when you want to get rid of old memories. Nothing is more dolorously than being reminded of a lost love. Prices for Cartier Love Bracelets vary strongly. If your Cartier Love Bracelet is set with diamonds you can expect a much higher price than for Cartier love bracelets 750 gold Cartier Love Braceletwithout diamonds or sapphires. Sell your Cartier Love bracelet with us and get paid the highest prices. reDollar is well-known for its high purchase prices because we combine financial power with know-how and transparency. We are the trusted buyer on the internet, give us a try and sell your Cartier love bracelet with us, we are sure you won’t regret it. Also if you want to sell Cartier watches or sell Cartier rings, then we are your first address for a fancy transaction like that.

Your Securities with reDollar

reDollar fine jewelry experts at workSafe and secure shipping solutions: If you plan to sell your Cartier jewelry with us, we offer you insured shipping solutions with UPS Parcel Pro, the high-value shipping division that renowned auction houses, diamond dealers, and high-end fine jewelry brands use for their everyday shipping needs. We can insure your Cartier Love jewelry -mailings up to $150,000 per package. Customers are often afraid to mail -in their precious items, but our highly secure and insured shipping solutions allow your jewelry to arrive in our office safely.

Video opening: When we receive your mailing or when we return  your items, we carefully open or close your package under a video camera. This process does not only protect you, but it’s also an essential security measure for us. Transparency is our most important trait. On request, we will gladly share the video recordings with you.

Payment: We offer you various payment methods, including PayPal, check, direct deposit, wire transfer, Zelle, cashier’s check, or money order. Speed is our strength. Count on an instant payment on the day of receipt.

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reDollar fine jewelry experts appraising Cartier jewelryIt’s no secret that people who buy Cartier Love Bracelets are well-off. Cartier Love bracelets are expensive pieces of luxury jewelry that can be bought only from people who dispose of a certain amount of wealth. It’s therefore not astonishing that our clients who sell their Cartier love bracelets attach value on a discreet and anonymous selling transaction. We offer our appreciated clients such a discreet transaction. We don’t ask importunate and indiscreet questions like “Why do you want to sell your Cartier bracelet”? The reasons why a client wants to sell his jewelry is not from interest for us. We offer our valued clients a noble reticence. We don’t share our client’s details with any third person or party. Our selling process is very discreet because with us you can sell Cartier love bracelets anonymously. We know about the value of your jewelry, that’s why we have perfected our shipping options. We can arrange a free and discreet pick up of your jewelry or alternatively you can send us your Love bracelet by yourself, while using a pre-paid shipping label. Nobody can watch you while walking into a local jeweler or gold buyer. That’s a big advantage to avoid curious gazes. As payment options we can offer money order, check, direct deposit, Zelle, PayPal or bank transfer. You decide which payment option suits you best to make the deal perfect.

Sell Cartier Jewelry with reDollar and benefit from our professionalism and high price philosophy

Cartier Love Ring with diamondsSell your Cartier Love Bracelet with us and see what differs us strongly from our competitors. Our main company principles are accuracy and transparency paired with the principle to offer the highest prices. Get in touch with our fine jewelry experts and get an instant quote for your Cartier Love Bracelet. Our “meet our appraisers”-program offers free appraisals for jewelry, watches, diamonds, and other gemstones. Use this great opportunity to get a free appraisal for your valuables. If you plan to sell Cartier jewelry of any other kind or you want to sell Cartier watches, then give us a call or contact us by email or chat. We are more than happy to accompany your sale from the very beginning. Also if you prefer to sell to local buyers, please consider one important advice: Please make a price comparison before you finally sell to a local buyer. We heard alarming stories about local gold dealers who paid incredibly low prices for fine jewelry. Get started with reDollar and sell your Cartier Love bracelet with us. Luxury jewelry makes a difference, we make a difference too.

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