You ask yourself “Where can I sell a diamond ring?” we have the answer for you!

So many people are in possession of a diamond ring, maybe an unwanted diamond ring or a diamond ring from a former love or maybe an inherited diamond ring form Granny and all those people look for a convenient place where to sell this diamond ring to great conditions.
There are some places where you can sell a diamond ring we have evaluated the pros and cons of the most common places where people can sell diamond rings.

Where can I sell my diamond ring? Of course to reDollar your trustworthy gold buyer!

You could sell your diamond ring with us. Get started now and learn why we are the best choice! We offer high prices (see our gold calculator), a transparent and safe process and we don’t charge any great services we offer. Also if you change your mind, you have no obligation to sell. We offer our client’s the full transparency-package. With our gold calculator you can calculate your payout by yourself and by checking our useful information concerning diamond grading, you can gain more knowledge about the definition of value of diamonds. Our proud experts and customer service representatives are there for you 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. We make no holidays so that you can enjoy yours. The analysis of your valuables and the appraisals take place in our high tech laboratories where all our knowledge is bundled and where your assets are 100% safe. The handling time takes only 2 days and your payment can be payed off as check, money order, direct transfer or by PayPal. All our services are free for you, we don’t burden you with hidden costs, to no point of time. We are by far, the best place where you can sell a diamond ring. When you ask yourself, where can I sell a diamond ring, then the answer is clear, to reDollar because selling with us is super convenient, you have not even to leave your home when you sell your diamond ring because FedEx picks it up, fully insured of course. Our con? We simply don’t have a con. Selling with a Dotcom Company means that you don’t have the cash in hands right now, but you have much more cash 1-2 days later. So decide by yourself what’s the best for you!

Local gold buyers, close but very often not transparent and fair.

When your friend asks you “where can I sell a diamond ring?” Would you recommend to sell it to a local buyer? Maybe, because it’s obvious to sell jewelry to a local buyer to get cash for diamonds. But very often the obvious decisions are not the best. The pros of local buyers are that the locals are close to your home so you can finish the transaction very quick and you can leave the store with cash in hands. The disadvantages is the price policy. Very often local gold buyer pay inacceptable low prices. Their profits can be huge and they don’t take care about your personal situation. We also found out that many local gold buyers are not experts in the field of buying gold. When the gold price increased rapidly, numberless little gold buying stores have popped up like mushrooms. The people smelt the money and it was like a little gold (buying) rush. The price for gold is still high, many people sell their gold and the little stores can make much money. But not all of the guys who run a gold buying store are experts, some are not able to determine the true value of a piece of jewelry like a diamond ring and above that they have no clue how the grading of diamonds works. Selling to a local gold buyer can be an option but only to a reliable buyer, start a comparison and find a good spot but please consider that this is very time consuming.

Jewelers a good option but be aware

Sell a diamond ring to jewelers can be a good option. The jeweler is close and you leave the store with cash but also here we recommend you to be careful. The prices are very often not the best and the tactics of the buyers to get your jewelry can be very tricky. The best is to know what you own before you consult a buyer in person. Sell you diamond ring to us and we make a free appraisal for you. With an independent appraisal you can confront the buyers and discuss the prices. When you already know the value of your diamond ring, it makes it much easier to sell it for a good price otherwise buyers would take unfair advantage on your lack of knowledge. The pro: the closeness, the con: the nebulous price policy.

Where can I sell my diamond ring? To an auction house?

When you ask yourself “where can I sell my diamond ring?” would you consider to sell you diamond ring via an auction house? Yes maybe, the idea is not bad. But you have to differ carefully between an auction houses like Christie’s or an online auction market place like eBay. Christie’s for example has a huge department of experts in-house. Here the advantage is obvious. The experts there will be able to determine the market value of your diamond ring exactly on point. The disadvantages are the long processing times and the high commission fees that you have to pay when you bring your diamond ring to auction. You may get a brilliant service at a famous auction house but this service has its price. When you would like to sell your item on eBay you must be able to describe your diamond ring properly, otherwise you won’t get a satisfying price for it. But a detailed description of a diamond ring can be a tricky thing for people who are not familiar with
diamond grading and the determination of the value of jewelry. The fees are not that high when you sell your diamond ring via such an online auction platform but the con is that a basic knowledge is assumed before you get started. Summarized in can be said that selling a diamond rings to auction houses is a good option for but only with some reservations.

We hope we could answer your question “where can I sell my diamond ring” properly. If you would like to sell with us, please fill in our sales form or get in touch with our customer service representatives by email, chat or phone. It’s our pleasure to accompany you with your sales process.

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