Sell & Get Paid In 60 Minutes

Sell & Get Paid In 60 Minutes!

All you need is a PayPal account to use our “Sell & Get Paid in 60 Minutes” service. When using this service, you are responsible for shipping your items within 2 business days. It’s your obligation to provide us the tracking information.

$1,000 limit for first-time sellers!

How It Works

It’s super easy to get your cash in less than 60 minutes. Check how much we pay and send us a money request. Once you send money request to, we’ll send your cash instantly.

Important! Clearly describe what you plan to sell and add this information to the PayPal memo field.

For example

Memo note to get cash in 60 minutes

How much we pay

We pay the highest possible price for gold and jewelry. We pay 90% for jewelry and scrap and 95% for coins.

We do NOT pay for pearls, colored stones, and other non-precious materials. Please estimate the weight of your non-precious parts and deduct it from your total weight. If you deduct too much, of course we will send you an additional payment. We will ask for a partial refund if you do not deduct any weight or if the deducted weight does not match.

Selling price per gramSelling price per pennyweight
10K Gold$28.50$44.17
14K Gold$39.93$61.90
18K Gold$32.54$50.43
22K Gold$62.74$97.25
24K Gold$72.27$112.02

Create a PayPal Money Request

  1. Create a PayPal money request and add the information of your sales transaction to the PayPal memo field.
  2. Send your PayPal money request to
  3. We pay you in less than 60 minutes.
  4. Ship your items within two business days and provide us the tracking information.

PayPal Money request to get cash in 60 minutes

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Search the web for and you’ll see for yourself that we have never received any negative or even neutral feedback. is always Top Rated and receive 5-star-reviews. Every past customer has had a positive experience with us and we even convinced a former police detective that is the best way to sell valuables.

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Independent jewelry appraisers recommend, as they know that we pay MUCH, MUCH more money than local pawn shops, jewelers, or other buyers. The American Institute of Gemological Research, for example, highly recommends reDollar as a 100% trustworthy selling partner.

Dealing with reDollar is safe & secure

You Deal With Good Guys!

reDollar is 100% secure, 100% free, 100% risk-free, and 100% convenient, with free return shipments and no obligations.

Our Pledge to You

We pledge, to never share your personal information with unauthorized parties. We classify every selling -transaction and all correspondence with you as confidential.

Police detective trusts reDollar

“I am hard to please as a police detective.”

A former Denver police detective sold two one- ounce gold Krugerrand coins, a 50 Pesos gold coin, gold jewelry, silverware, and some silver coins to reDollar. He got paid $6,077.55, a price that he was very happy with.

The Police Detective’s Conclusions

  • Great doing business with reDollar
  • A very trustworthy business
  • I would go to reDollar over any similar local business

See How We Work is not an ordinary gold-buying operation.

We are outstanding in the way we treat our customers and operate our company. We are organized like a bank and equipped like a refinery, with the mission to become America’s biggest gold-trading company.

Highly Skilled Experts

We employ only the most-skilled experts with extensive work -experience. We particularly appreciate our expert’s enthusiasm for the pieces they are working with. We believe that having a passion for your work is the key to doing the best job possible.

reDollar experts at work


We firmly believe in teamwork. While we do have supervisors for each individual department, the company philosophy “We lead and decide together,” always comes first. Working together, especially on very valuable items, produces the best possible results – for you as the seller.

reDollar experts appraising jewelry

Latest Equipment

Knowledge and experience are important – that’s for sure. But having great equipment to work with is just as important as employing only the best of the best. Our laboratory is equipped with latest technologies and high-tech equipment worth a small fortune. In addition, our experts have access to our own library of literature that allows them to conduct more productive in-depth research.

reDollar gemologist at work

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