Announcing: We are closed for 5 business days

Once a year, we have to close our office and laboratory for five business days to keep up with important maintenance requirements. Sensitive equipment like X-ray fluorescence instruments, security systems, and even our vault management require annual updates. This year, the closure will be from Wednesday, May 4th to Tuesday, May 10th 2022.

How To Communicate During Closure?

The best way to communicate with us during the closure is by email. We’ll make sure that every email is answered on the same business day.

Please contact us at


2022 Updates

Updating our X-ray fluorescence instruments
Installing a new security system
Adding a new melting furnace
Expanding our vault

What does that mean for you?

Incoming Packages

No need to worry if you mail us items while we’re closed. Incoming packages will be safely stored in our vault, and you’ll still receive a delivery notification.

New Shipping Labels

Requests for new shipping labels will be processed same-day and sent to you via email within a few hours. Please do NOT ship before May 6th.

Requested Shipping Kits

We may contact you about your shipping kit order but will not physically mail it out before May 10th. We recommend ordering a shipping label instead.


We can process electronic payments (Zelle, direct deposits, and wire transfers) for packages received any time before May 4th. Check payments will be processed May 11th. We recommend choosing electronic payments like Zelle or direct deposit to receive your money without a delay.

General Selling Assistance

We’ll provide you with general selling assistance as best as we can. During closure, our preferred form of communication is email. Please allow us to respond within a few hours instead of a few minutes.

When Will You Receive Your Offer?

We can ensure that all packages received during the closure will be processed on May 11th. Our laboratory will not close that day until all items are evaluated and reports are written. Our accounting department will be open until midnight Wednesday, May 11th.

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