Cold Feet About Selling With Us?

We understand that some people get cold feet when it comes to mailing in valuables to an unknown company. Sometimes, people tell us our services sound too good to be true, which is why they might not sell to our company. Those customers miss out on truly getting the highest purchase prices and a flawless selling experience. There is no reason to have COLD FEET, and here’s why.

Great reviews can be faked!?


reDollar is top-rated on Trustpilot

We use Trustpilot’s platform to collect reviews from our customers. Trustpilot uses a strong combination of dedicated people and technology to protect their platform. Their customized fraud detection software automatically detects suspicious reviews and removes fakes. They spent years developing and fine-tuning the advanced algorithms and AI that form its foundation, and continue to invest heavily in this area. (Source: Trustpilot compliance)

Our proof: In 2019, our company received a negative review from a person who tried to extort money from our company. Although a police report was filed and evidence provided, the negative review was not removed from the platform. It’s NOT possible for us to influence our TrustScore, nor is it possible for us to remove negative feedback or add positive reviews.

I can’t find you on the BBB! Why?

no results for redollar LLC on BBB available

You can’t find us on the Better Business Bureau website for two reasons. First, no one has ever filed a dispute/claim against our company. No dispute or claim = no entry in their records. Second, we have not joined their service because of this:

In 2010, ABC’s 20/20 did a segment titled “The Best Ratings Money Can Buy,” which examined the irregularities in BBB ratings. They reported that a man created two dummy companies that received A+ ratings as soon as he paid the membership fee. They also reported that business owners were told that the only way to improve their rating was to pay the fee. In one case, a C was turned to an A immediately after a payment was made, and in another case, a C‑ became an A+. The chef Wolfgang Puck said that some of his businesses receive F’s because he refuses to pay a fee. (Source:

Too good to be true?

reDollar, best company I have ever dealt with...

Customers often ask us, “You offer free services and at the same time you promise to pay the highest possible prices. How can you do both? You promise to pay between 90% and 95% of the market value for gold, while other buyers offer 50% or even less. How can you make money?”

Well, let us answer that question with some counter questions. Would you sell foreign currency from your last international trip to your bank for 50% of its value, or even less? Would you consider it fair to get paid 95% of your currency’s value? How can a bank make money by making a profit of just 5–10% on your currency? The answer is pretty simple. It’s the volume and the fact that banks are buying something substantial, like we do. But while they buy currency, we buy gold, jewelry, watches, and diamonds. This type of merchandise is considered almost risk-free—a secure investment for big crises.

It’s not like buying cars or smartphones, where the value is declining almost every month. The items we buy are low-risk items, which is why we’re able to operate on a small profit. Believe us, we make money with a small profit and with the added benefit of creating a flawless reputation.

I’m still not sure I can trust you with my high-value items!

Use a single ring to test the service

Well, why don’t you try selling just one ring or another small item with little value and give us the chance to prove what we promise? Some HIGH-VOLUME customers have done so in the past, and we highly encourage new sellers to do the same so we can build trust with little risk to them. We have nothing to hide but a lot to win—your trust.

High-volume clients often start selling with something of little value and increase the sales volume each transaction. We DO NOT force you to mail in everything you own at once. You can split one big transaction into 10 smaller transactions, and you’ll still receive the same great service and the same high purchase price.

How do I get my offer?

reDollar sample report, laboratory report

Sending us your valuables for a purchase evaluation means receiving a detailed analysis report explaining how your offer was created. We list the items you delivered with breakdowns for different merchandise. If you used our gold calculator for a pre-calculation, we will double-check your stated information and confirm your pre-calculated payout amount. The whole process is 100% transparent from start to finish, with a clear explanation of how your purchase offer was calculated.

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