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It’s a cozy Sunday afternoon and you clean up your home. Suddenly you hit a forgotten box in a drawer. What’s in, you ask yourself. You haven’t seen this box for a very long time. You open it and between some photos, a key chain, old souvenirs and other memories you find GOLD. Probably some broken earrings, a mismatched ring, some coins from the grandparents or dental gold from a treatment. This is not an unusual experience – Americans hoard tremendously huge amounts of gold at home and they are unaware about it because this gold was tucked away since years or decades – hidden in drawers, chests, attics, cellars or old storage furniture. Probably you hit such an old treasure in your home? And now, you look for gold buyers in Idaho? Great, times are good to cash in but be alerted! So many gold buyers in Idaho offer too little money for gold, silver and other precious metals.

Sadly, it became a common practice in the US to rip-off consumers. Consumer affair departments from coast to coast continuously report fraudulent activities from gold buyers and second hand dealers. Since 2012, authorities try to clean up the industry. They have set new standards what reliable gold buyers like we appreciate. We know Idaho’s precious metals market and we can serve you with very helpful tips to choose one of the gold buyers. Search our list and find your city to read more about local options to sell gold. Highly recommended is also the option to sell gold online.

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