Please get educated and weigh your precious items! Weighing your jewelry means understanding its value. Understanding the value helps to appreciate reDollar’s fantastic purchase prices. Nobody pays more for gold than - check our promise with a scale.


Digital Scale
$5.00 + $4 shipping


Scale Specifications

  • Min Weighting: 0.01 gm
  • Max Weighting: 500 gm
  • Accuracy: 0.01 gm
  • Multiple Units: gm, oz, tl, ct.

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    Free Digital Scale | $500 Minimum Selling Volume

    We do not make any money on selling you a scale. Our scales are intended to give you the opportunity to (1) calculate how much your items are worth and (2) understand our extreme purchase price philosophy. We want you to be able to calculate the value of your items so you can see that we REALLY do pay the highest possible prices – that’s not just an empty promise. Nobody pays more money to retail sellers than we do. Period.

    Our extreme purchase prices result in very small profit margins for us. For that reason, we can only offer reimbursement for the scale to those with a minimum selling volume of $500. We thank you for your understanding.

    It’s a Digital Scale

    It’s really important to use a digital scale for accurate weighing. Especially when it comes to weighing jewelry, coins, or gemstones, using a very accurate digital scale is essential for getting the correct weight. The digital scale we are selling for only $5.00 has a 0.01 gm-accuracy. With this scale, you can easily weigh your items in grams and even in carats (for gemstones). We did several accuracy-tests comparing this five-dollar-scale with our highly sensitive laboratory scales, confirming that the weight-deviation is minor and the scale works well for private use.

    digital scale with illuminated screen

    reDollar’s Digital Scale Displaying Grams

    Buy Scale for Only $5.00

    You can buy this scale for only five dollars, as we are selling it without making a profit. We order our scales in huge quantities to ensure we can offer it at an unbeatable price. The reason we are doing this is to help people get educated about the items they want to sell. Buying and using a scale to weigh jewelry, gold, or silver is the first step to understanding the value of those items. Most people don’t own a scale, which is why they don’t have a chance to calculate the value of the jewelry they own. Without that information, many people wind up selling their gold for little money to local pawn shows and other gold-buying operations.

    Buy a Scale, Weigh Your Items, and Understand the Value! offers the highest possible purchase prices. We easily beat the local competition. Buy the scale, weigh your items, and use our gold calculator to see for yourself that pays the best prices. Usually, we pay 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, and sometimes even 60% more than other buyers. We encourage you to buy the scale and compare prices before you make a sale.

    It’s a Great Jewelry Scale

    This scale is a great jewelry scale. You can weigh any kind of jewelry and obtain an accurate weight result. Because the scale is so accurate, weighing even lightweight items is possible. You can even weigh a baby ring, weighing just 0.25 grams, pretty accurately. It was our main criterion to provide a scale with the ability to weigh even very lightweight items.

    Great for Weighing Any Kind of Jewelry

    With our digital scale, you can weigh rings, pins, brooches, necklaces, charms, watches, chains, earrings, diamonds, gemstones, pearls, and much more.

    Use Jewelry Scale Before Selling

    As you can see, this 14K gold chain weighs a substantial 10.95 grams, but the person who sold it to was told by a gold buying company in Chicago that the chain weighs 7.50 grams. She ordered our scale to double-check the weight and realized she’d almost been fooled. She sold her chain to our company and got paid twice as much as she was offered locally.

    Chain’s real weight: 10.95 grams
    Weight claimed by local buyer: 7.50 grams

    Value of 10.95 grams: $450.87
    Value of 7.50 grams: $308.82

    jewelry scale used to weigh 14k gold chain

    It’s a Great Gold Scale

    This is a great gold scale for weighing precious metals. Gold, silver, platinum, or even palladium-this scale will handle any kind of item weighing between 0.01 grams and 300.00 grams. Owning an accurate digital scale is a must for everyone buying or selling gold or silver merchandise. While a buyer wants to know if the item he’s buying weighs the promised weight, a seller wants to ensure that he is getting paid properly and according to the item’s true weight. This is why owning a gold scale is a must!

    Great for Weighing Any Kind of Gold

    With this scale, you can weigh coins, bars, ingots, dental gold, crowns, rounds, nuggets, flakes, specimens, and much more.

    Use the Gold Scale to Identify Fakes

    Owners of a gold scale are often able to identify badly counterfeited coins. Dilettantish coin and bar fakes are usually easy to detect, as they simply don’t weigh what they are supposed to weigh. There is certainly something wrong if a one-ounce silver coin (=31.103 grams) weighs only 27 grams.

    Gold Scale Identifying Fake Coin

    A Goofy silver coin marked “1 OZ 999 Fine Silver” but weighing only 29.63 grams is certainly a fake and is easily identified using our  five-dollar scale.

    accurate gold scale used to identify faked silver coin

    Is the Scale Accurate?

    We tested the scale with over 50 different items confirming its accuracy. In over 30% of the tests, the five-dollar-scale displayed exactly the same weight as our laboratory scale. While the manufacturer promised a 0.01 gram accuracy, our tests proved that the scale’s real accuracy reaches up to 0.02 gram, which is still great for the price and works well for normal use.

    Our Test Results

    $5 Scale: 10.95 gm
    Lab Scale: 10.97 gm
    Deviation: -0.02 gm

    jewelry scale displaying 10.95 grams for gold chain

    $5 Scale: 3.51 gm
    Lab Scale: 3.51 gm
    Deviation: -/+0.00 gm

    jewelry scale displaying 3.51 grams for gold ring

    $5 Scale: 1.69 gm
    Lab Scale: 1.68 gm
    Deviation: +0.01 gm

    jewelry scale displaying 1.69 grams for gold pendant

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