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We are very thankful for our customers’ video reviews as they are all unique, different, and created with joy and care. They help you understand how dealing with us works and what to expect if you decide to sell with us. Please bear in mind that all videos are self-made without any professional help or influence, so video and sound quality issues may occur.

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Tamper, Florida
“I used reDollar twice; I was really happy with the quote.”

Boulder, Colorado
“Their customer service is excellent and covers the costs of shipping.”

Portsmouth, Virginia
“I was skeptical working with a company and mail something as precious as 15,000 dollars worth of gold but I took the plunge and I am so happy! They gave such a better rate.”

New York City, New York
“It went so smoothly and easily I can’t recommend them more fully!”

North Dakota
“Being paid took less than 2 hours.”

“I highly recommend checking out; they are dependable, trustworthy, and 100% honest.”

New Jersey
“It’s great when things work the way people say it’s supposed to work. Everything was perfect. I would deal with reDollar again, tomorrow.”

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