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Sell fine gold jewelry online: just 3 steps

You can sell fine gold jewelry online without using your bank account. If you don’t like to receive a payment into your bank account we can offer our clients money orders. There are thousands of stores like Walmart or Publix offering hard cash for a money order. So there is no reason not to sell fine gold jewelry online. Furthermore offers the highest prices for your fine jewelry made of gold or platinum. Get started now and proceed with the first steps to cash out. Don’t waste your precious time to compare your local dealers. Most of them offer really bad quotes for fine gold jewelry. The best way to make a fast and good deal is to sell your fine gold jewelry online. You are more than welcomed to deal with our company.

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We accept fine gold jewelry from every brand

We don’t only accept fine gold jewelry made from famous brands like Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels or Chopard. We also accept every other brand and of course also unbranded jewelry. You can sell 1 carat diamond jewelry as well as jewelry with 10 carat diamonds. It’s a matter of course that you can also sell fine gold jewelry without diamonds.

Don´t worry if your fine gold jewelry is damaged. Our experts know how to handle this situation. If the damage is minor we can repair your jewelry in-house and we don´t reduce the purchase price as much as other dealers would do. is very professional organized because of our well trained employees. We run a self-contained department for fine gold jewelry which is networked to experts from all over the world. For this reason you can also sell fine gold jewelry of all ages to us.

How does it work if I ‘d like to sell my fine gold jewelry now?

Our know-how is your benefit. Just get started online to sell your fine gold jewelry. In total there are just 3 steps to get paid. Firstly you fill in our online form. This step is done in less than 3 minutes. Secondly, you have to decide how you would like to ship your fine gold jewelry to our labs. You can schedule a free pick up at your home or your office or as an alternative you can also receive a prepaid shipping label for USPS or FedEx. Both shipping methods are fully insured. Please bear in mind that very valuable items in the range of $100,000 can only be shipped with a free pick up. For shipments like that we have to send out an armored car service that is specialized in shipping extremely valuable items. But don´t worry, also this way of shipping is absolutely free for you.