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Welcome at – Your first choice for selling fine gold jewelry. Fine gold jewelry is the premium jewelry what concerns the gold purity. When you own fine gold jewelry than you have hit the jackpot because of its extremely high fineness of 99.9% of pure gold, it’s the gold richest and most valuable jewelry per gram or pennyweight on the market. With us you can sell fine gold jewelry online without using your bank account. If you don’t want to receive a payment into your bank account, we can offer our clients money orders as alternative. There are thousands of stores like Walmart, the USPS and other supermarkets offering hard cash for a money order. So there is no reason not to sell fine gold jewelry online. You can also order a free selling kit, that way you can just lean back and we organize everything for you. If you choose this selling option we send you a well-thought out selling kit that includes everything you need for a fast and safe selling transaction of your fine gold jewelry or other valuables. Furthermore offers the highest prices for your fine jewelry made of gold or platinum. Get started now and proceed with the first steps to cash out. Or use our gold calculator and find out what we pay for your fine gold. Don’t waste your precious time to compare your local dealers. Most of them offer really bad quotes for fine gold jewelry even if they advertise empty promises. The best way to make a fast and good deal is to sell your fine gold jewelry online. You are more than welcome to sell with our company.

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Fine gold bracelet 63.79 grams Fine gold ring 6.89 grams
ladies fine gold bracelet fine gold ring 24 karat
Sell today for $4406.27 Sell today for $475.92
Fine gold necklace 37.71 grams Fine gold chain 15.80 grams
fine necklace 24 karat gold fine gold chain 24 karat
Sell today for $2604.80 Sell today for $1091.38

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Fine gold is the name for almost pure gold, a metal that has an alloy of at least 99.9% gold. This alloy is commercially available as fine gold 999 and is quantified as 24 karat gold. The fine gold content in an alloy is generally indicated per thousands that means 999 parts out of 1000 parts are fine gold.

We accept fine gold jewelry from every brand and in every condition

24 karat fine gold jewelry bazaar We don’t only accept fine gold jewelry made from famous brands. We also accept unbranded gold jewelry or fine gold jewelry from your last vacation in Asia or the Arabic regions. Fine gold jewelry is very popular in Arabic countries and in Asian regions such as Thailand. Maybe you have visited a bazaar or local market where you have bought fine gold jewelry during your last visit. In the United States fine gold jewelry with a gold purity of 99.9% is not very common. Every now and then you will find sellers who offer jewelry like that or you can buy it as a custom-made jewelry but it’s not a wide-spread alloy for gold jewelry in America. Not least because fine gold jewelry is very soft, and not ideal for the jewelry manufacturing. Jewelry with an alloy of 750 parts of 1000 or in other words 18 karat gold jewelry is harder and more suitable for the jewelry production than fine gold because it’s harder and stronger. This is because 18 karat gold gets alloyed with copper, silver or even with palladium, iridium or nickel. is your professional buyer of fine gold jewelry in any condition. We are happy to accept your broken or damaged fine gold jewelry as well as your brand new pieces. Our jewelry experts know how to handle every situation. If the damage is minor we can repair your jewelry in-house and we don´t reduce the purchase price as much as other dealers would do. is very professionally organized because of our well trained and highly skilled employees. We run a self-contained department for fine gold jewelry which is networked to experts from all over the world. For this reason you can also sell fine gold jewelry of all ages to us, antique fine gold jewelry or fine gold jewelry with a historically background is as highly appreciated as fine gold jewelry from a high-volume production.

How does it work to sell fine gold jewelry now?

Our know-how and our professionalism is your benefit. Just get started online to sell your fine gold jewelry. Or alternatively you can also order your free selling kit and we send you a clever kit that includes a detailed selling description, a free shipping label and an air cushion envelope or a shipping box, depending on how many items you will send to us or how big the items are that you are going to send us. Once you have shipped your valuables to us, the selling process has started. As soon as we receive your parcel in our laboratory, we will send you a notification email. Afterwards our experts will open your parcel under a video camera so that we can offer you the full transparency and honesty which is possible during an online selling process. The contents of your parcel get carefully opened and weighed. After a fist inspection our jewelry experts will start the appraisal process. We will send you a detailed laboratory report that lists all the evaluated items with our appraising results and our purchase or pawning offer. You can then decide if you agree to our offer or not. If you agree we guarantee a same day payout, if you reject our offer we return your valuables at latest on the next day. All our services are cost-free for your and you have no obligations, at no point of time, that’s a promise and we take our promises serious!

Did you know that all our great customer services are FREE for you? With us you have zero costs and no obligations, always! Appraisal costs as well as shipping costs no matter how time-consuming or complex will always be paid from us. Beneficial and transparent like a bank –

The gold price of fine gold today and tomorrow

yellow gold nuggets on wallstreet journal1933 when President Theodore Roosevelt increased the gold price this was a major economically act. In 1960 when the US had a kind of gold fever the gold price rose to $41.00-$42.00 per ounce and the authorities began to rang the alarm to found the “gold pool” shortly after that event. The gold pool should later control the market and the market price. Today we have a market price for fine gold of $76.67 per gram. You see times have changed and so the market and the market price for precious gold. The demand for gold is increasing constantly but on the other hand the existing gold deposits are decreasing as well. Today we have a market value for one ounce of fine gold of $2384.52. One ounce equals 31.10 grams. You see, the price difference compared to 1933 is enormous. Use our gold calculator and find our how much we pay you for your 24 karat fine gold jewelry.


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