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Sell gold nuggets with reDollar

Gold nuggets are valuable and perfect to sell. Our company is the best place if you need some cash or if you just like to get rid of your nuggets. Perhaps you inherited your gold nuggets from the grandparents? Perhaps you found the gold nuggets by yourself? Perhaps you bought them because you have seen too much Gold Rush on discovery channel? For whatever reason, sell your nuggets to our company and become another satisfied customer.

How much money can you expect if selling gold nuggets with us?

Well, it depends on the weight of your nuggets because the value of gold will be calculated by its weight and on basis of the current stock price. Nearly almost all circulating gold nuggets are small and of little weight. This gold nuggets are not rare and therefore they are treated like scrap gold. Gold nuggets of that size have to undergo the reDollar refining process. The value will be calculated by the weight and the nugget’s carat. Bigger nuggets are sought by collectors and can be treated as they are. You can also sell big gold nuggets with us. We offer more than just the current material value for your big gold nuggets. This natural gold nuggets are outstanding for their beauty. Melting them down would be irresponsible.

Some examples of gold nuggets that you can sell

I’d like to sell my gold nuggets now. How to proceed?

Selling gold nuggets to our company is very simple and convenient. Get started online and tell use more about your nuggets. The first steps are done in less than 3 minutes. Finally, you have to ship your gold nuggets to our labs because is an online based company. We are able to offer the best prices for your nuggets because we don’t have countless branches and hundreds of employees all over the US. This fact let us safe a lot of money and this savings can be added to your payout calculations and makes our offers nearly unbeatable.

Furthermore we are running a natural gold and stones department managed by a geologist. Our employees are used to any kind of natural gold. We separate your gold nuggets into different price groups. First group is priced and based by the current material value. The second price group contains gold nuggets that can be retailed. We can offer more money for the second type of nuggets. You will be very amazed how much we pay you.

Offer for local gold miners buys your mined gold. We can increase your earnings because we separate the nuggets with the collector’s value before your gold will be melted and analyzed. We don’t only pay you the gold value. And of course you get paid for the silver content too.