The Value of Gold

Gold is a very special metal and not only any metal – it’s a very rare and valuable precious metal. Loved and prospected since thousands of years by humans risking their lives to catch a piece of this magical material. Processed in jewelry, coins, bars, artifacts or other status symbols and traded all over the world independently of various cultures or religions. The gold value was determined by the demand since the 6. century before Christ. Also nowadays the gold value is determined by the demand and published as a stock price on the stock exchanges in New York, London or Hong Kong.

The actual gold value each ounce pure gold: §1,230.44
The actual gold value each pennyweight pure gold: $36.44

The value of gold – listed by alloy

Each gold alloy has a different gold value. The most expensive gold is named pure gold or fine gold marked as 24k. Typical jewelry alloys are 22k, 18k or 14k gold and in some regions also 10k gold. Coins mostly come in 24k gold or 22k gold while gold bars almost entirely come in 24k gold. While 10k gold is less valuable than 14k gold or 18k gold, 24k gold is the most expensive sort of gold. There is no other kind of gold having more value than
24k gold.

Overview about the gold value of common alloys:

  • 24k
  • 22k
  • 18k
  • 14k
  • 10k

The value of gold – jewelry and scrap gold

Nearly almost all US households own some gold. It begins with the engagement ring, the wedding band or with pulled gold teeth and it ends with the inherited gold pieces from grandma or grandpa. Most of this widespread gold is jewelry and because it goes from generation to generation very often also scrap gold. Nevertheless gold is very valuable – also in condition as scrap gold. The gold value is generally based on the raw material and only secondly based on it’s condition. Only very exclusively jewelry, handmade jewelry or jewelry made from famous jewelry artists or jewelry brands can be sold for more cash than the value of the raw material. The gold value of 18k gold each pennyweight is currently $36.45 – independently if talking about usable jewelry or broken jewelry.

Very special pieces of jewelry for example made from Tiffany or Van Cleef & Arpels bring in a lot more cash than only the value of their gold content. Reliable experts can tell you exactly what your items are worth and if you have an undiscovered treasure or just a raw material price based item. Fell free to use our cost-free evaluation if you are unsure what you own. Just
get started online to proceed.

The value of gold – coins

It’s hard to think of anything more tangible that will reach more people and put more history into their hands than a coin. Finding an unsuspected treasure is very uncommon because of the mass of produced coins. Buying or trading really rare coins for collecting purposes can be very expensive and dangerous for amateurs, because you can lose a lot of money buying wrong coins. This belongs also to gold coins. But gold coins have a good advantage against base metal coins: they have an intrinsic value – the gold value. And this value can never be destroyed completely. But when you look for the value of a gold coin you should consider that nearly almost every coin come in a huge edition. The famous Krugerrand gold coin has been minted nearly 50 million times since 1967. All this Krugerrand coins are very valuable because of their gold content but nearly no coin has a special collector’s value except of very rare error coins. This applies to nearly almost every common gold coins from all over the world.

  1. Value of gold coins each troy ounce: $1,230.44
  2. Value of gold coins each half troy ounce: $615.22
  3. Value of gold coins each quarter ounce: $307.61
  4. Value of gold coins each one-tenth ounce: $123.04


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